Global Sea Ice Area Highest In 25 Years, 6th Highest On Record

By: - Climate DepotNovember 29, 2013 4:30 PM with 14 comments

  • The_Chilling_Curmudgeon

    Evil Deniers of AGW secreted away vast stores of heat within arctic ice… inspired by Superman’s Fortress of Solitude built entirely with a frozen mass. [sarc off]

  • Brawndo2

    40 year trend line of ice accumulation does “NOT” indicate global warming. What it indicates is a global government scam. So what is the real reason for chemtrails?

  • upcountrywater

    Climate tax, with ice…How do you like that!!

  • Snarkasterous1

    Doggone it! How can those brilliant elitist libbies – like those that brought us the ObozoCare Website – take over our lives, and “fix” everything for us, if the climate doesn’t cooperate in helping convince the ignorant that greater government control of our lives is a good thing?

    Rats! Ah, well – pretty soon the ignorant, credulous, young, naive, and chronically dependent upon the government – that is to say, liberal voters – will be ready to believe that an ice age is coming any moment. And, of course, we all know that only the goobermint can save us from that.

    It’s a crisis! We’ll all FREEZE! Help us, goobermint! Create a new website! Write more regulations! Cripple our economy further with unsustainable rules! Help!


    – Snark

  • miame

    I think we should start worrying about how to replace the sun once it burns out. It will burn out just like every flame eventually burns out…lol.

    • carl6352

      what we should worry about is not the collapse but the sun moving into a cooler phase where less activity ( sun spots ) occur. that means the core is not as active and all the planets get cooler and cooler. ice ages happens then. look at this way if you are a realtor you will be able to sell more land as the oceans shrink in size! but we will be long gone before we see it because it takes thousands of years to build up the arctic miles thick glaciers!

    • Bo Jiden

      In the last 40 years enviromorons have told us the earth is on the brink of collapse due to household trash filling up the whole world, oil that was supposed to run out decades ago, overpopulation that had most of the world starving to death, an ozone hole that nobody’d previously noticed or understood, blah blah etc. Smart folks would be predicting and gambling on how to profit from the next phony crisis and coming out filthy stinking rich, just like Algore. What’s it gonna be? Any bets?
      I’m guessing we’re going to have to employ sheep’s bladders to prevent earthquakes.

  • carl6352

    that is just so prophetic those poor polar bears are going to have a place to walk now. kind of funny since i was just in theater and saw a ad to save the polar bear showed 2 adults and a cub on a floating piece of ice all alone. lol

  • Opsguy

    Uhmm, if you average out the variability in the graph above, the trend shows a downward trend….just thought I’d point that out.

    • Bo Jiden

      Yeah, but only since the mid-70’s, which science claimed back then ice was at all-time highs. You know, the ‘global cooling’ scare and all that.

  • Kevin H

    I know this is incredibly naïve…but can’t we find some mid point between the economically infeasible plans to reduce manmade production of “greenhouse” gases and doing nothing? If each side could be just a little less devoted to ideology…maybe we could accomplish something.

    • Bill Powell

      Why? What’s the point? There is no real warming and, the CO2 levels are nowhere near dangerous levels and, in fact, are probably helping to green-up the earth.

    • Strangerinastangeland

      If there were warming, the only solution is to buildout sufficient coal fired electrical production facilities to run the air conditioners that will be needed. I might add, we could do that at a fraction of the cost of deindustrialization. I don’t think there can be any negotiation. It’s as if one party to a negotiation wants me to help pay for Santa’s Toy Factory. I won’t do it since I don’t believe there is a Santa’ s Toy Factory and believe the party across the table is guilty of bad faith. You know, like they made up some hockey stick graph that was intended to fool the foolish. Bad faith, you see. Can’t be forgiven.

  • Jim Beranis

    Does anyone check these articles for accuracy?