In wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Actor George Clooney declares global warming skeptics to be ‘stupid’ and ‘ridiculous’ – Watch Video

By: - Climate DepotNovember 10, 2013 7:48 PM with 2729 comments

Actor George Clooney declared the arguments of global warming skeptics to be “stupid” and “ridiculous.” Clooney made the remarks to reporters on the eve of Typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines. He was attending the BAFTA Britannia Awards in Beverly Hills on Saturday night November 9.

“Well it’s just a stupid argument,” Clooney said on the red carpet, referring to the dissenters of man-made global warming.

“If you have 99 percent of doctors who tell you ‘you are sick’ and 1 percent that says ‘you’re fine,’ you probably want to hang out with, check it up for the 99. You know what I mean? The idea that we ignore that we are in some way involved in climate change is ridiculous. What’s the worst thing that happens? We clean up the earth a little bit?”

“I find this to be the most ridiculous argument ever,” Clooney explained.

Clooney added that he was unsure whether global warming was responsible for the Typhoon that devastated the Philippines.

A Climate Depot special report has found scientists have rejected any link to man-made global warming. See: Media/Climate Activists ‘Hype False Claims’ About Typhoon Haiyan As Scientists Reject Climate Link – Claim of ‘strongest storm ever’ refuted

Clooney’s claim of “99 percent” of scientists agreeing about man-made global warming has been challenged in peer-reviewed studies and other analyses. See: Contrary to reports, global warming studies don’t show 97% of scientists fear global warming: ‘The 97% figure represented just 75 individuals’ – – Another study’s ‘results add up to little more than ‘carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas’ and ‘mankind affects the climate.’

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Contrary to reports, global warming studies don’t show 97% of scientists fear global warming: ‘The 97% figure represented just 75 individuals’ – – Another study’s ‘results add up to little more than ‘carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas’ and ‘mankind affects the climate.’

SPECIAL REPORT: More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims – Challenge UN IPCC & Gore

CONSENSUS? WHAT 97% CONSENSUS? — ‘The consensus revealed by the paper by Cook et al. is so broad that it incorporates the views of most prominent climate skeptics’

Storm expert Brian McNoldy of U. of Miami: ‘We don’t get to pick and choose which storms are enhanced by a warmer climate and which ones aren’t’

Prof. Roger Pielke Jr.:  ‘Philippine Met Service predicted max 18 ft surge from Typhoon Haiyan. So Anderson Cooper’s [show] of CNN ‘off by 22-32 ft’ 

Philippine Met Service: ‘Some of the reports of wind speeds were exaggerated’

Real Science website: Media incorrect to claim The Most ‘Powerful Hurricane Ever’ — Haiyan Was Only A Category 4 at Landfall — ‘Weather officials said Haiyan had sustained winds of 147 mph…By those measurements, Haiyan would be comparable to a strong Category 4 hurricane in the U.S., nearly in the top category, a 5.’

Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue: ‘Over past 1,000 years, Philippines have been hit by 10-20 thousand tropical cyclones. Don’t be so arrogant to believe man caused Haiyan.’ 

Maue: ‘Amazing how bad media/news information is on Haiyan: ‘strongest storm ever recorded’ — No independent fact checking. Just rely on a blog’


  • Level999

    Call me stupid and ridiculous.

    • 0bamasnought

      Might as well toss me in there, as well.

      • John McGee

        Just because your a “Jar Head” doesn’t mean you get to jump to the front of the line, others of us are in front of you.

        • smelltest

          Let’s take a look at Clooney’s hero, and the democrat achievements (short list):

          Fast & Furious
          SEAL Team 6
          Obamacare would save the avg family $2500 per year
          Forcing businesses and healthcare institutions to violate their religious beliefs
          Violating the rights and sanctity of our Churches
          Obamacare web site-cronyism, bribery, and fraud
          NSA acting as Obama Gestapo
          17 Trillion in debt and climbing (nearly $60,000) per person
          Lies about Benghazi
          Voter fraud
          Intentionally trying to hurt Americans during the sequester
          Intentionally trying to hurt Americans during govt shutdown
          Blocking veterans from a national memorial while allowing illegals access
          Shutting down ‘The Peoples House’ tours
          We can keep our insurance if we like it
          We can keep our doctors if we like them
          Military not getting their votes counted
          Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood with arms and money
          DOJ spying on the free press
          Not securing our borders
          Spying on Americans on American soil with drones
          Picking winners and losers in interstate commerce
          Illegally using IRS to target conservatives for punishment based on politics
          Illegally using IRS to target the Tea Party for punishment based on politics
          Millions losing health care coverage due to obamacare requirements
          Increasing welfare rolls
          Increasing disability rolls for able bodied
          Countless extravagant party’s at the height of nationwide recession
          Countless exorbitant vacations at the height of nationwide recession
          Releasing illegal’s from prison
          Unconstitutional recess appointment
          NO budget for 5 years
          Clapper lying to congress
          Holder lying to congress
          Failing to prosecute the New Black Panther
          Reading our e-mail
          War on women
          Promoting race war
          War between makers and takers
          A123 Systems
          Cash for clunkers failure

        • 0bamasnought

          Well, allow me to hold the door open for you.
          People aren’t going to run out of stupid before it gets to the end of the line.

  • malcom

    as if his opinion matters. This guy gets paid to play make believe. Just another traitorous white liberal.

    • Patten_Pete

      Here’s what we think about George Clooney, climate and Obama in the great state of Maine.

    • flork

      Just when you think Clooney might be a different kind of liberal, he opens his mouth and confirms that he’s just another small-minded, lock-step liberal.

      • Al D

        I hate it when people call Marxists “liberals.”

        • Walker

          You’re right, the word liberal means against government control, the exact opposite of these Marxist, morally decadent, frauds.

          • Phillep Harding

            Yeah, Left and Right are backwards to reality.

          • Walker

            Not exactly; the word conservative means to conserve the status quotient or to want things to remain the same in the traditional manner. Since in the US, the tradition is freedom from government tyranny, true conservatives ARE liberal.

          • Phillep Harding

            All true, but I was going with “Left/Right”.

            Most of today’s conservatives wish to keep a moderately left tradition with personal liberties, while today’s “Liberals” are pushing for a tyrannical government. Highly centralized, much like a strong king or emperor, or a country ruled by a bureaucracy, like Imperial China. I count that as being, in reality, an extreme right wing goal.

            #### chain kissers.

        • Hominid

          Thanx, Al – I also try yo make this point as often as possible. I think most real Americans are in denial – they can’t bring themselves to face this reality because it’s too dissonant for them.

    • HK78

      He is no different then a clown who entertains people at a circus.

      • Walker

        Clowns don’t pretend they know something about anything.

        • Hominid

          And. clowns PRETEND to be fools – George ISN’T pretending!

      • Hominid

        And, we’ve let the court jesters have the throne!

    • mamzer1trollhunter

      Maybe we should come up with an entertainment tax on all movies to pay for all Climate Change research……$100/movie ticket or DVD?

      • John McGee

        Actually the entertainment tax is a great idea. When you consider the executive jets, limos, motor yachts, and on and on. It is time the entertainment industry step and pay for their enormous, “Carbon Foot Print ” I first thought $100 was a little excessive, but the more I think about it $100 is a little on the cheap side.

        • mamzer1trollhunter

          These celebrities maybe 95% support the demonrats that espouse high taxes as a solution for everything. Lets start out at $1000 per DVD/ movie ticket. Next year we can raise it to $1,000,000 per DVD/movie ticket, music CD, Broadway musical show, Professional sports ticket and use all the “Trillions (libbitard math) to pay for universal healthcare. Oprah and bunch can sleep each night knowing they are directly responsible for caring for America’s health. Plus with the added income from all these trillions generated, we should be able to get them to promote it saying they can keep 10% of every sale for themselves……Write your congressman to get this passed in Congress. I know what I say sounds crazy but watch these low IQ celebrities start clamming up when it might impact their business…….We can scream, “what do you not now care about the poor?”

    • Gretchen801

      Ooh…I don’t think you can say “white” any more.

  • migtex1234


  • Jeffrey2099

    He can kiss my A$$!

  • Jim McCormack

    The earth is 25 Billion years old. compare that to a year and man has been on it 3 minutes. I don’t think we make one dimes worth of difference in that short span.

    • sunnyvaleken

      Actually the earth is 4.2 billion years old and the universe – since the big bang – is about 13.7 billion years old. However, you are right on the mark saying human history is a very small piece of the 4.2 billion years.

      • 907land

        The universe is somewhere around 70 billion years old. This from a Nobel prize winner who graduated from Bartlett High school, Anchorage, Alaska in 1985.

        • Chad Burke

          13.7b is the consensus at the moment. True consensus, not like the AGW variety. You won’t find much support for your friend’s estimate.

          • Hank Seiter

            Gee, Chad, when I was going to high school back in the 70s scientists were swearing on a stack of the Wiccan Bible that Earth was no more 4.5 billion years old. And in the early 1900s scientists were again quite authoritative in asserting Earth was about 2.5 billion years old. The bunk about science being “self-correcting” is so much bunk. Scientists today have no more clue about the true age of the Earth or the Cosmos itself than the ancient Egyptians … give or take a couple of billion years. BTW, true science isn’t about “consensus” it’s about actually applying the scientific method and not in the half-ass way most “scientists” do today.

          • jim shirreffs

            Since the universe is expanding at a known rate it is not to difficult to determine it’s age. Only a couple of very reasonable assumptions need be made. But if those assumptions (big bang, speed of light) are ever proven false then it’s a new ball game.

          • NoNeedforNamecalling

            Agreed. I really started laughing after the second comment. How do you know it’s 13.7 billion years old? I don’t really care because I don’t think anyone knows. But we do know the earth is old, and Mr. Clooney is a moron for thinking that we can have such a huge impact on its climate.

          • Phillep Harding

            Them’s ain’t stars up thar. Them’s birthday candles.

          • model94

            “consensus” is just a group opinion. and you know the saying about opinions.

          • Hominid

            That’s in politics, law, & everyday discourse. In science, consensus is a widely agreed upon OBSERVATION or cause and effect PRINCIPLE. Consensus is the foundation of science. That’s it’s strength – unreproducible claims are rejected. That’s why there is NO scientific consensus on either GW or AGW – that so-called ‘consensus’ is NOT among scientists – it’s a marxist LIE!

          • model94

            I have no idea what you are trying to say. The word’s definition is it’s definition. You don’t need a consensus to validate C&E or evidence. Neither of which, btw, exists for GW. And, capitalizing words will not make a weak argument strong.

        • sunnyvaleken

          You didn’t indicate the field in which the Nobel prize was given. See these links for the age of the universe: They are remarkably consistent with very different methods.

  • joe

    How much carbon was produced by he and his friends ho all flew to these awards and the cost of it all?

    • attackslack

      I think you are correct. Furthermore, I think more carbon comes out of Clooney’s mouth than comes out of my biden. He should feel compelled to “do his part” and make the ultimate sacrifice so as to end his carbon emissions. For me, I would consider this impossible. The consumption of beer and Cheetos will continue as I can’t afford better due to the confiscation of my income for obominationcare.

    • Tom1689

      a Gulf Stream or Learjet no doubt–private of course.

  • einstein

    Wait…I thought Joe Biden had the copyright for “stupid” and “ridiculous”.

    • Lee Bishop

      You forget. Joe Biden is a plagiarist.

      • einstein

        ….and he claimed he graduated top of the class (he didn’t realize climbing on the college roof didn’t count).

    • Lee Bishop

      Don’t forget “buffoon.”

  • attackslack

    I have to wonder if Mr. Clooney can do sixth grade math, no matter what level of accomplishment attained by this brilliant scholar?

    I never saw his like in a college physics class, let alone a high school earth science class, yet I’m sure he is quite brilliant and stupid little me must be compelled to do as he says.

    • Perry

      I was in the 6th grade with him at St. Sussana school in Mason, OH, and the answer to your question is , no he couldn’t do sixth grade math. ( he was not a very good student )

      • attackslack

        I know where Mason is. I went to school to the NW, MU. I know his family is from northern Kentucky. I don’t mean to disparage KY.

        • Perry

          Yeah, originally. He moved back there after 7th grade.

  • William Lund

    Why don’t you Mr. Clooney just admit your gay and quit using a women as prop.

    • tmanosaurus

      In that case they are called “beards”; proof of manliness and all. Hey, maybe Clooney is Obamas beard… Naw, something doesnt add up in that case

  • malcom

    and he is qualified to say this why? what’s his background in science and weather? This guy thinks some black in DC is a god to him and his white friends. can you say useful idiot.

  • MaineRep

    Just what we need — another Hollywood liberal lecturing us on science. Where did he get his PhD?

    • malcom

      exactly. I’m so tired of white liberals especially thinking they are smarter than everyone else.

    • IhateLiberals

      He didn’t get any degree at all. He’s a college dropout that majored in journalism – probably because it was an “easy” degree.

    • Zach Martin

      For people who claim to be so smart, they sure do suck at Celebrity Jeopardy.

  • Peter Bell

    The sky is falling The sky is falling The sky is falling

  • Brian Pipes

    I love his movies but Clooney is a loony! (environmental patient, like al gore)

  • Peter Bell

    This why I don’t go to the movies.

  • goodone2

    Well, I declare Clooney is a bad actor with greasy hair.

    This is all part of the church of GW agenda. Sensationalise any and all bad weather stories by trying to link them to global warming, then get some celebrity or politician to spot is as truth. The typhoon that just hit the PI was a powerful storm but it was not the worlds largest or the worlds most powerful, it was a catagory 4, it just hit a very poor area with real bad infrastructure. Doesnt take much to blow away a shack.

  • bobthemoron

    Clooney is a certifiable idiot. Us morons have measurable IQs and Idiots don’t.

  • Tiger Tom

    And, what exactly are Mr. Clooney’s qualifications to weigh in on this subject and to insult those who dispute either the concept of global warming generally, or that global warming is not caused by man? A high school diploma? What we have here is yet another actor with a huge ego, and who thinks merely because he is rich and famous, that he is also qualified and has the gravitas to weigh in on scientific matters–which is classic behavior for limousine Hollywood liberals to engage in. He is no different than Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, and all the other idiots who live in the reality free zone of Hollywood and think they are experts on political science, economics, metereology and climatology, finance and business, etc. Fools all.

    • John McGee

      He does have an internet home weather station

  • 1NonPermissive

    Loony is gullible and completely overrated.

  • Rich

    Is George Clooney stupid and ridiculous?

    Yes↑ No↓

    • Captain Barack Schettino

      I think that anyone who pays to see one of his movies is stupid.

      • Robert Govan

        Get this, this is no joke. Al Gore is aka actor Bruce Willis in a fat suite and face latex. And Clooney KNOWS it. So F you George…

        • Captain Barack Schettino

          You forgot to take your meds today Robert.

          • Robert Govan

            Hollywood has taken over the media and part of your government. Pelosi is JANE F#CKING FONDA. . Patriots your day has finally arrived. They are now bread for you. Eat them alive.

          • Klaus

            Aren’t all these global warming, er, coming ice age, er, climate change, er, carbon tax for everybody but the royal families zealots the same person anyway?

          • Robert Govan

            Yes, same families. We have identified them right here.

          • Klaus

            I thought they were all Reptilians. David Icke is an OK joe.

          • Robert Govan

            Icke is Sir Richard Branson. And reptilians are a HOAX

          • billyboi57

            And I can’t say on here what YOU are. It’s not fit for public consumption.

          • Robert Govan

            I’m not sorry if the truth hurts bub.

          • Barry Leeper

            I am not fonda Hanoi Jane!!

          • One

            Robert is a troll. His gig is sounding looney and pretending to be conservative.

          • Robert Govan

            Joshua Christ is looney ? Watch out cowboy. You are lucky He is slow to anger and full of mercy. Why don’t you just join the winning side. We will let you keep some of your loot so you wont be a burden in your old age.

        • ClinkinKY

          Please don’t feed this troll.

          • Robert Govan

            OK boss.

          • ali_Shabazz_Kingfish_Stevens

            I got something hanging here you can feed on, Bobbie Boy.

        • doug1961

          Only could be considered remotely as fact if you ignore the long, documented history of the Gore family.
          Seriously, get a life. This whole “a few run the world” is tiresome and idiotic.

          • Robert Govan

            Documented by who ? The whole family are frauds and the people covering them.

          • doug1961

            The federal register for starters. You do know his daddy had a long political career?
            What’s a fraud are people such as you who think everything is some kind of f**king conspiracy.

          • Robert Govan

            You’re a sucker that believes everything they tell you. If their lips are moving they are lying.

          • MY REAL NAME

            Robert, you’re clearly unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy. I looked at your website. Your problem is that you think that EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.

            Keep in mind, that occasionally, there are some REAL conspiracies. but not everything is.

          • Robert Govan

            Like the Sandy Hook hoax and the Gabby Gifford’s hoax ?

          • doug1961

            Right! Not nearly as real as…let’s see…Al Gore Jr is really Bruce Willis in a fat suit. LOL Or that Morgan Freeman is really Jimi Hendrix.
            Do you even listen to yourself?

        • PeterGrfx

          You are joking, right? You’re riffing on right-wing conspiracy loons, right?

          • Robert Govan

            You have read through all these posts and you haven’t been to the sight I’m talking about and you still think that I’m joking ?

      • Sari Thackner

        I don’t. If I go I get in free.

      • Kirby

        Looks like that one person who voted you down, was probably the only person who “paid”.

      • BobofKy

        I was* a big Clooney fan until… That ended abruptly. Haven’t kept up with Clooney, haven’t seen a Clooney movie etc. since. Clooney turns out to be a moron.

        • MY REAL NAME

          until *what*?

          • Robert Govan

            When he supports friends that are traitors.

          • Jack McCarthy

            He left Mason Ohio and went to the land of the crazy’s.

          • Dickn52

            He’s an actor who by luck and fortune is given an opportunity to preach from his Hollywood pulpit. What makes Geo Clooney smarter than the rest of us? Well Geo took it upon himself to anoint himself.

          • jackejack

            For me, it’s when Clooney and most of his colleagues try to rely on their own words, rather than the ones someone’s put down on paper for them to read.

          • Garromond

            His birth.

        • Robert Govan

          Clooney knows the score. All his Hollywood friends are frauds and he knows it.

          • ongelofelijk

            What makes you think that “he knows it” and sets him apart from the majority of these uneducated overrated star power hungry Hollywood people with nothing to show for? They are all cut from the same piece of leather

          • Robert Govan

            See my post below. Clooney and his actor friends are traitors to our country. We have the proof and expose their modus operandi

          • ongelofelijk

            You know Mr. Govan, I could care less and wish people (the low information voters) would pay more attention to more important matters regarding the well being of our country and the same rule applies to these professional sport “actors” athletes.

          • Joe P. Fritzbocker

            However, ongelofelijk, this administration has given up on the important matters, and Zero is now attempting to pave his legacy with Executive Orders aimed at controlling our economy through global change regulations with the EPA. Looney Clooney is just one of his mouthpieces.

          • wvmtneer

            He’s a liberal troll, he’s sitting back laughing at people’s responses to him, as always, it is best not to feed the troll.

          • kenpuck

            Leather? I think you mean fecal matter.

          • Truepatriot

            I should have read your post before making mine. Lol my thoughts exactly.

          • Morris65


          • john cummins

            yes, since they are “organic”

          • ImBackBishes

            One consolation, all the movies in 10 years (or less), will be cgi, no more overpaid, over opinionated actors to put up with. Clooney, you better save your money.

          • Truepatriot

            They are all moulded from the same pile of shit.

          • Morris65

            It may be brown but I doubt it’s leather.

          • interventor

            Not all, check out Friends of Abraham (as in Lincoln).

          • sweptarea

            I think Clooney doesn’t know the score and all his Hollywood friends are frauds.

          • crabby

            So you fight fraud with fraud, eh Robert?

        • Toondrawer*35

          George Clooney needs to start studying the planets in our Solar System that are ALL brightening , having additional storms, or as in Pluto’s case expanding it’s ATMOSPHERE. It is all cyclical since our Solar System is twirling about our galaxy & entering a galactic cloud.

          • ongelofelijk

            You are much too scientific for him!

          • ali_Shabazz_Kingfish_Stevens

            Georgie Clooney is all about studying the planets. He is especially interested in Uranus.

          • DrColostomy

            He is especially interested in the rings around uranus.

          • Demhate

            That’s probably why he can’t keep steady with a woman.

          • stablepar

            He’ll get to the bottom of things and get right to the core

          • PATSNYC

            Ohhhh, Toondrawer. Don’t go interjecting science and upsetting the GW theory.

        • ruralcounsel

          Even morons make ok actors. But he sure is a piss poor scientist.

        • ali_Shabazz_Kingfish_Stevens

          And a closet gay, anti-war, anti-violence freak who makes all his money acting in violent war and action movies.

          Hey, Georgie. Hear the one about the “humming homo”, hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

        • interventor

          Enjoy his movies on non-pay TV, Otherwise , no!

          • libsarescum

            “Enjoy”? More like “endure” his movies.

        • PATSNYC

          Clooney is the poster child of the Hollywood mentality– Demonstrate how much of a liberal you are and you will get work. Oppose liberal mentality and remain unemployed. And the Liberals claim to condemn the McCarthy Witch Hunts, they do not hesitate to practice it.

        • Guest

          Man, if I refused to go see a movie because of a looney lefty starring in it, I wouldn’t get to see many movies.

        • Maus

          If he sings, would we call that, “Clooney Tunes”!?

      • Gracie66

        I always said that. We haven’t seen any of his movies in years.

        • Gabby Johnson

          I make a point of never paying to see any movie. Somehow I always get to see them for free…

          Sinful. I know. Me a capitalist and a Christian. But, hey, I ain’t perfect.

          • Robert Govan

            Don’t forget to tell your Christian friends that Joshua (Yahoshua) Christ saves EVERYONE. K ?

      • Candace Spencer

        I think he did see the poll. See that “1” down vote?

        • Robert Govan

          It wasn’t me.

          • eyesareopen

            You only had a year to run your ridiculous ‘feds made sarahpalindoitclickhereforproof’ so now your on to ridiculous experiment # 2? Take your meds.

          • Red47

            That’s the same guy? He needs a productive hobby.

          • crabby

            He probably gets paid per click when people go visit that crappy website.

          • Red47

            It is a fairly visual demonstration of what “psychotic” looks like.

          • matism

            If only The Won would have the Richard Pryor experience and get “all fired up”.

            But there is no way Pelosi could be Fonda. Didn’t you ever watch Jane’s best movie, “Barbarella“?

          • interventor

            She was enhanced, very enhanced.

          • MrThroatpunch

            “Barbarella” now that was a sexy TnA skin bad it had to be Hanoi Jane’s body though d@mn her rotten hide.

          • Thor Bonham

            Dude what is it with your SPAM crap ? Kick rocks you loser ..

          • wvmtneer

            Trolling along , singing a song……………..blah blah blah.

          • TheBitterClinger1

            Pelosi is JANE F#CKING FONDA? Damn, this IS getting serious. Dingy Harry?

          • Just flag Robert and move on.

          • whynot1336

            Now that you mention Pryor and Fonda, I took a closer look at K. Sebelius and turns out that’s actually James Carville with a wig.

          • crabby

            ha ha ha

            Would that be like John Goodman playing the part of the Sandy Hook medical examiner?

            ha ha ha


          he was joined by the other two idiots….one of them being AlGore

          • dupkaman

            Perhaps he will join Al in Al’s heated indoor pool in Tennesee where they can both scratch their heads on why global temperatures haven’t risen in the last 16 years despite their predictions of Armageddon.

          • Sicofprogressives

            You’re exactly right. You notice they all say climate change now instead of global warming. They have such convenient rules for their religion

          • dupkaman

            Yes! Have you noticed affirmative action is not called diversity or inclusion? It’s designed that way to fool the simple minded.

          • Robert Govan

            Hollywood has taken over the media and part of your government.

          • jewhader

            Hitler was Right about the “jews”

          • Robert Govan

            I’m not taking that bait .

          • john cummins

            yup, a leftist troll

          • Robert Govan

            Why ? Because I have a Jew telling me to diss the Jews ?

          • Pendy1

            I think he meant jewhader was the troll.

          • Robert Govan

            You’re right sorry.

          • frank shea

            What a classy dude!
            I bet people just love your dumb ass.
            Hitler should have met you!

          • JeffersonIII

            Aren’t you supposed to be trolling on the Aryan Brotherhood website? Hitler started the program of gassing retarded German Aryans as early as 1938. Lucky for you that your parents had already fled.

          • Kareemofwheat

            JeffersonIII – You should be giving tongue to your hero Lord Obama when he bends over and drops em for you. You are a worthless, POS, Black Panther, Flash Mobbing, Knock-out playing Racist.

          • JeffersonIII

            If you took an enema you would be able to fit your entire body in a matchbox.

          • sirgareth

            Keep your leftist views to yourself

          • Jeff Hinds

            Jane Fonda should have been tried for treason and shot dead! She turned over the personal notes to the NVA commander right in front of them. They were subject to savage beatings for weeks. She has never apologized.

          • JeffersonIII

            What the hell does that have to do with the arguments regarding climate change? Next you will be ranting about Obama and Jews?

          • sirgareth

            There is no argument, the left will not engage the debate. Neither Al Gore nor any of these Marxist cultists will engage in either policy or scientific debate except among their own coreligionists.

            The one time they tried they got their asses handed to them and haven’t had the nerve to try again. They run “moderated” (censored) web sites to promote their religion and dissent is not tolerated.

          • Jeff Hinds

            Stay with us Jefferson clingon. We were talking about celebrities who should keep their mouths shut.

          • JeffersonIII

            So the First Amendment to the Constitution that guarantees Free Speech only applies to you and your Tea Bagger Yahoo buddies. Seems like a peculiar reading of the Constitution.

          • t from NJ

            It’s the Koch Bro’s fault

          • LisaT

            Turning over your fellow countrymen to the enemy IS treason you dolt! This is why people are starting to realize how stupid you leftists really are LMAO. With friends like you and Jane who needs enemies?

          • JeffersonIII

            We were talking about the right of celebrities to voice their opinions on Global Warming. What Fonda did was idiotic, however NIxon’s Dept of Justice, under the aegis of the ruthless Attorney General Mitchell, never attempted to bring charges of treason against Fonda. As for your promiscuous use of the term “leftist,” that simply demonstrates how intellectually lazy you really are.

          • Libby


            Your bringing up a person from the 1960’s?

            Are you really that insane?

            Treason is doing all you can to defeat the president before he steps into office! Doing all you can to make the country fail so Obama doesnt look good.

            Treason is hijacking the country and making a pledge to GROVER NORDQUIST!

            Why havent you treasonist teabaggers been shot yet?

          • Maus

            Honey, pie… the only people “tea-bagging” are all on the Left. If you don’t know what tea-bagging is, ask your male hair dresser or interior decorator. Get ’em together, and they might even show you.

          • bob1233

            There is, in fact, climate change. It has to do with the sun and it’s been going on for a very long time. Only a Democrat would be so arrogant to think that man could influence the forces of the universe.

          • kma699

            Actually, that never happened. Fonda is a leftist useful idiot, and a POS for visiting North vietnam during the war. But, still, the note thing didn’t happen. Look it up.

          • homerfinn

            I agree. Fonda was stupid, but her goal was to try and end the killing, not become part of the “People’s Republic”. Just a dumb kid that believed her own BS because the people in Hollywood and Malibu she was hanging with were idiots too who all agreed with each other and never had their opinions challenged. Much like George here.

          • RIMSPOKE



          • homerfinn

            She was a 20 year old kid. Do you really think she decided what she was going to be photgraphed upon? That really was not that hard to expalin. Jane Fonda worries me about as much as a spit in the ocean. You want someone to blame for getting Americans killed in the war? Try Henry Kissinger. See “The Trials of Henry Kissinger” on Netflix. I am a conservative by the way, but when we attack an idiot rich kid from Hollywood, rather than go after the real reason the war lasted as long as it did, we appear to look like the liberals or progressives, rulled entirly by our emotions with little regard for facts or eventual outcomes. Jane Fonda is a target of the right wingers only because the main stream media has created her to do just that. The main stream media loves for those on the right lose their freaking minds. Oh, by the way, your “Caps Lock” is on.

          • RIMSPOKE



          • Awtrey. Church

            True. She did give “comfort and support”. …. No note passing

          • Robert Govan

            Probably another hoax. Never happened.

          • bob1233

            Jane Fonda, Obama, Clooney — all the same to me.

          • A. Levy

            It’s one of the Left’s oldest and most effective tricks. When trying to shove something down the throats of the sheeple and it’s not working, simply change it’s name.

          • frank shea

            You are so right! It is not Global Warming any more but Climate Change!
            Climate has been changing since the beginning of time. Go Big Fat Al and make more money!

          • Robert Govan

            Guess who Al Gore really is.

          • banjo kid

            a horses butt!

          • krusatyr

            Frank Shea: “…Go Big Fat Al…”

            In Bush v Gore 2000 POTUS campaign, Gore, wearing a tight short sleeve shirt, galloped clumsily through a narrow gauntlet with both his soft arms out slapping hands with supporters and his flabby mammaries bouncing away. That clip ran for a couple of news cycles, and now, unfortunately, in my mind, whenever I see his name.

          • JeffersonIII

            It appears you were focused on Al’s “Man Tits.” What does that say about you? You would be expelled from a YMCA locker room.

          • krusatyr

            That could be a fair accusation if it were a habit of mine, but frankly I’d never noticed the phenomenon before. I thought at the time that it was so gross and unflattering that it showed Gore was fat and stupid. Probably that video clip cost him the whole fkn election, aye, God, Florida and the Supreme Court notwithstanding.

          • Pendy1

            Not any more.

          • RIMSPOKE


            NO , I DIDN’T BUY A COPY .

          • mahone

            Levy, it’s worst than that: Herr Obama is getting ready to bypass the senate, the congress, and the people, and get all he wants (money from the middle class, enough to break it) by a series of Executive Orders. This tyrant will not be satisfied until he turns America into a third-world country. The man hates America in general, and white middle-class Americans in particular.

          • mahone

            The old semantics game the liberals love playing . . . change the meaning of words, or spread their meaning (like racism, which now means bigotry and prejudice as well as actual racism, which is rare, except in the ghetto). And of course “diversity” usually means more black people. Government sponsored racial discrimination is called affirmative action. Or try base-line budgeting, or “earned” income tax credit. And the bills they propose — like “affordable health care” — usually produce results that are 180 degrees opposite of what the name implies. In other words, when a liberal’s mouth is moving, they’re lying.

          • dupkaman

            A friend of mine and faculty member of a dental school says diversity is really biversity…….blacks and everyone else.
            Unfortunately he is correct.

          • RIMSPOKE

            SURE .






          • crabby

            The climate has always changed for billions of years. The only way the climate could ever stop changing is if our sun burns out.

          • Royg

            I think I saw a report that the temp. on Mars is also rising. I guess that’s the Earth’s fault.

          • kevin9557

            Bush’s fault…

          • Robert Govan

            God is Sovereign. He is doing it.

          • rally2xs

            That’s just a little east of the San Andreas, isn’t it?

          • SoloDolo


            I think it was Bush’s Fault that produced the BullshitofObama Mountain Range.

          • MrThroatpunch

            Or all those d@mn Martian SUV s and smoke stacks.

          • alistz

            Maybe that’s why we have so many illegal aliens.

          • Otterpop68

            Yeah the polar ice caps are shrinking on Mars too. Didn’t know our pollution reached that far. Or maybe it’s Al Gore’s hot air.

          • banjo kid

            naw ! its his 30 megawatt mansion that heated Mars up . Along with the Rover of course .

          • Toondrawer*35

            Al Gore bought a MANSION next to the Ocean. SO, he is not placing money on his prediction of oceans RISING.

          • banjo kid

            naw ! its his 30 megawatt mansion that heated Mars up . Along with the Rover of course .

          • banjo kid

            That could happen but it might take a billion years so the next few generations are safe . LOL I think the light will go out soon but the warmth will be here always and the light will return .

          • john cummins

            Yes, I first saw this in the novel State of Fear by Michael Crichton where he pretty much predicted the new terminology

          • homerfinn

            The essay on Eugenics hits the nail on the head at the end of that book. Good call.

          • Dwight E Howell

            It started as Anthropogenic Global warming or AGW was changed to Global Warming then Climate Change and will most likely transform into Ocean Acidification as support continues to fall. They have to keep that grant money coming somehow. A lot of jobs at major universities depend on it.

            Why the name change? By calling AGW anything but what it is they hoped to steal credibility the hypothesis lacks. Global Warming and Cooling occur. Climate changes like the weather but AGW as more than a trivial factor in climate lacks hard evidence to support its importance.

            What you should get based on some fairly hard numbers is about 2 degrees C warmer if you double the amount of CO2 or 2 degrees C cooler if you cut it in half. We are nowhere near doing either.

          • JeromefromLayton

            By the way, the same crowd was whining about “Global Cooling” in the Seventies and blaming it on air pollution.

          • homerfinn

            Yes but in the 70’s they told us we were going to have another Ice age and be out of food when China hit a billion souls. History keeps repeating, but the schools have dumbed everyone down to the point that nobody or at least very few people question what they are told anymore.

          • RIMSPOKE










          • mahone

            Hey, climate change covers all the bases, right?

          • Harrison Chevrolet

            Good screen name. I agree with your sentiment.

          • Toondrawer*35

            In 1975 Dannion Brinkley did predict there was going to be a “climate RELIGION”. He did not know what else to call it…since there was no new terms stated then… like “climate change. So, you are right… cause with all the up & down temps in the past: it is hard to acknowledge without “faith”. Faith is knowing. This Earth is too complicated for any one man, or consensus to ‘PREDICT’. UNLESS you have been born again thru a NDE like Dannion.

          • krusatyr

            Clooney and Hollywood pigressives are heavily invested in AGW carbon credit racket. Similar to obamacare tryin to fool the young and healthy to overpay wildly for worthless health policies, carbon exchange needs new suckers to pay off old suckers.

            Carbon credit investors are leanin on Obama/Reid/Pelosi to force carbon fines into EPA rules (EPA acts without congress) which will in turn force carbon emitters to buy carbon credits, making exchange investors wealthy.

            Please let feds set up the software to run that system.

          • crabby

            Al Gore is also heavily invested in this CC racket.

          • john cummins

            that’s Algore

          • LisaT

            So is T. Boone Pickens. He and man, bear pig Gore are big supporters of wind turbines which happen to be killing off bats (mosquito eaters) and bald eagles in droves. The wind turbines are negatively affecting human health, constant noisemakers, catch on fire often and don’t generate anywhere near the electricity to justify their existence or expense. They also ugly up entire countrysides. Even George Carlin, who was a liberal, said the arrogance of man thinking he can control the climate of the earth was laughable.

          • Mr Magoo

            You are absolutely right about the Carbon Credits racket. Al Gore and his family have made Billions by manipulating the energy market through government legislation, just look up the Teapot Dome Scandal. People need to wake up to what is really going on. The social programs and the government promises to improve your lives is nothing short of a mask to fleece you of your hard earned money and put that money into the pockets of themselves and other party loyalist. The formula is simple, create a crisis, scare the public, pass legislation that will take wealth from the workers. Remember, the power of the government comes from the Enforcement units. Once a law is passed it is enforced by people with guns and if you attach the law to the IRS your wealth can be confiscated with out due process of law.

          • JeromefromLayton

            Didn’t one of the Exchanges de-list carbon credits a few years ago?

          • kevin9557

            Let’s look at Clooney’s “carbon footprint” & climatology degree…Please, what a tool…

          • rennyangel2

            The movies he makes leave huge carbon footprints, almost as bad as those celebs who drive Formula 1 cars?

          • Robert Govan

            Hey check this out.

          • Aaron McCarthy

            Shut it, fruitcake!

          • mahone

            You couldn’t blow anybody’s mind if you had an atom bomb. Me thinks it’s your mind being already blown that is the problem.

          • bob1233

            If you’re unemployed, you can stay unemployed. Period.

          • SWDC

            “…I don’t watch Clooney films, not for free, not on TV and not in
            theaters. My friends know not to ask me to see his films under any
            circumstances. A position I quickly came to back in 2003 when
            Hollywood’s supposed “king of cool” took a vicious and idiotic swipe at
            screen legend Charlton Heston who had just publicly announced that he had been diagnosed with symptoms consistent with Alzheimer’s Disease.

            Clooney tastelessly joked, “Charlton Heston announced ‘again’ today
            that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s.” The needlessly cruel quip was
            delivered at a National Board of Review film awards ceremony honoring
            the loudmouthed actor. When called on about the stupid comment, Clooney
            dismissed any opportunity to apologize. “I don’t care. Charlton Heston
            is the head of the National Rifle Association. He deserves whatever anyone says about him.”

            Heston reacted with his customary intelligent wit and wisdom
            referring admiringly to Clooney’s late aunt, well-known singer Rosemary

            “It just goes to show that sometimes class does skip a generation.”

            Later, Heston added:

            “I don’t know the man — never met him, never even spoken
            to him, but I feel sorry for George Clooney — one day he may get
            Alzheimer’s disease. I served my country in World War II. I survived
            that — I guess I can survive some bad words from this fellow”…” (breitbart)

          • Robert Govan

            You have to see my next post. It is THE Game Changer.

          • Connie Leffelman

            I seem to recall he made some comment about President Reagan that was just as offensive and stupid.
            What a classless twit he is. He’s been off my movie “radar” for a long time and I will continue to NOT support him – he’s not that great of an actor anyway.

          • Cahal the Mad™

            Most “actors” are totally talentless anyway, they just “have the look”. Liberalism is extremely shallow, in addition to being a total joke and a mental disorder.

          • Robert Govan

            Guess who Al Gore is. This is not a joke.

          • OG Mally Bieber

            The Whackadoodle returns…..

          • Robert Govan

            Let me walk you through it. Let us reason together.

          • OG Mally Bieber

            Proceed sir.

          • Robert Govan

            What don’t you like. How could you not like to see the elite go through the wood chipper ?

          • Robert Govan

            Let us stay on topic. Lets talk about Al Gore. He is aka the actor Bruce Willis in a fat suit and latex. His southern accent is fake and Bruce can’t pull it off unless he speaks very very very very very slowly. Its the same tone as Bruce even though they can change it a 1/2 octave or more in post production. When I heard that Bruce was taking time off from movie making I knew we were about to see more of Al Gore and I was right.

          • OG Mally Bieber

            Robert – I don’t know if you’re site is a joke or not. There are actual whackadoodles out there with conspiracy sites like this. I have no desire to kindle the fires of far-out freakazoid allegations. So as far a staying-on-topic; do you actually believe the stuff on that site – or is it just a joke. I’d like to know whether or not to take you seriously. Right now the scale is tipped way over against you. You jump in on any Discus discussion that has traffic. I think it’s an effort to get traffic to your crazy site.

          • Robert Govan

            It’s only crazy for innocent sheep that believe what the elite media and families tell them. They are conditioned since birth and over generations to believe them. You live in a mass media mind control matrix. Nothing they tell you is real. The matrix is a Hollywood illusion dream and fantasy. But that is about to change. The Great Apocalypse (UNVEILING) is now on. Nothing can stop it. If you take the red pill ( ) you will get the world by THE B@LLS just like them. Your pal Neo.

          • OG Mally Bieber

            Dude you’re all over the place. Which is it? The apocalypse (whose version?) – The Hollywood Elite (you mean people who make movies and television, right?) – The Matrix (you don’t really believe that, do you?) – What can’t be stopped? Is it the Bilingbergs or illuminaty or the Bush family? Oh – they’re all the same – yes – wrap every nutjob conspiracy you can think of and make a website. Get a Google Adsense account and watch the money come rolling in… You are a Whackadoodle.
            More like a Snake Oil Salesman perhaps.

          • mahone

            I’ve seen him on other sites with the exact same post, which in never directly responsive to the topic at hand.

          • libby


            This line about Liberalism being a Mental disorder is laughable.

            You and your drudge followers are the ones that repeat lines like that “LIKE PARROTS”!

            That line and your anti-actor/hollywood rants are DRILLED into your easily manipulated minds and you go on messageboards in droves like this and PARROT what you have been told over and over.

            If you are stupid enough to think spilling oil in oceans, burning coal and fossil fuels has NO effect on the world, your brain has become 100% washed and you should just do the world a favor, take the guns you nuts love, shove them up your anuses and blow your brains out because your head is so far up your colon that its 100% filled with crapola!

          • mantecakid

            Listen here cunt. You and your lib buddies time is running out. Your leader Barry the sodomite has finally fucked it up bad enough to where your fellow limbs are defecating in their red diapers and we the far right will take over and make things right. Please take Barry and Reggie and all of the other moon crickets and fucking leave the US. GOODFUCKINGBYE!!!!

          • Jim Kallen

            Libby, he is parroting Michael Savage, not Drudge. The fact that you see those two as the same tells us you have moved so far left, you fell off the California coast into the Pacific.

            I don’t think anyone wants oil spilled into oceans or believes fossil fuels or coals are good, they just don’t see windmills that kill birds by the thousands or inefficient solar panels as the answer. We also don’t believe the Al Gore shenanigans of carbon credits as he lives in a house with a power bill 30 times the average citizen of Tennessee should be lecturing.

            As a centrist I look at both sides and agree the tone of conversations is much too harsh, but I also recognize the left has far more vitriol for another opinion and has a tendency to react with suppression when a discussion doesn’t seem to be going their way.

            I think any reasonable person would wonder why over the past 16 years there has been no measurable change. A very short period of time in terms of planet age, but the blowhard Gore’s prediction told us we would be in dire trouble by now. At this point Gore’s vision might be the closest thing to crapola in the discussion!

          • mantecakid

            Quit sucking her ass Jim. Tell her to fucking burn in hell for FUCKING UP OUR COUNTRY

          • PieMan

            Libby there is no cure for your pre-existing stupidity. Not even ObamaCare will cover it.

          • banjo kid

            It is not anti environment or anti anything but the liberals take on life and their ideas of running every ones life but their own . There is so much you know but you are wrong 100%. Libby you need to get out more ar at least read current events it might wake you up .

          • Stephen Turknett

            You can’t even control your emotions there Libby, a sure sign of a mental disorder! And wishing death on skeptics of a theory pretty much makes the point for them! Did you mean to prove that liberalism is a mental disorder?

          • Stephen Schmengle

            No I am saying I don’t give a green turd what George or any celeb says! And I submit that the Dixie Chicks syndrome kicks in as they do such. And I say put your fat butt on the nearest volcano to plug it up cause the crap we put into the air no way compares what nature puts into the air. We have little effect-some but little. And then get on your bicycle ( cause I know you would not have a oil burning car) I will let you borrow my 9mm ( since you don’t have one-fool) take the gun and shoot youself for being uninformed and a Gore lover!

          • notfondoflibs

            Well said and 100% on the mark,.

          • bob1233

            Clooney would have never made it in Hollywood if he had not been connected in by his aunt. He can not act, he can not sing, he can not dance, he has zero charisma, and zero class. It goes to show that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

          • JeffersonIII

            “Soylent Green is People!”

          • mantecakid

            Mr Heston that short fuck will regret that comment. Especially after R. Love inserts his cold brown finger….

          • CATHERINE


          • Maus

            Hey, Catherine… turn off the CAPS lock. There you go. Good girl.

          • eternalboomer

            We love you Mr. Heston – one of the greats – they don’t make you like you anymore.

          • caliconservi

            He says what he is told to say , useful idiot style

          • HarryTheCat

            I suspect that Loony Clooney and Algore go skinny dipping in deep end of the Stupid Pool together.

          • Dwight E Howell

            Gore is not stupid. He is making millions heading toward billions off people that are foolish enough to believe him.I believe the correct phrase would be con artist.

          • Kenny_Bunkport

            Reminds me of the joke, “What’s the difference between a terrorist and a terrorist mastermind?’. Answer: The terrorist blows himself up for his cause. The terrorist mastermind gets the terrorist to blow himself up for his cause.

          • HookLineandStinker

            And afterward they will get into their limos, be driven to the airport and fly away in their private jets.

          • sirgareth

            Which proves the point that his lemmings are fools; , but he isn’t

          • HookLineandStinker

            And it proves the point that they (Gore/Clooney) are hypocrites.

          • dupkaman

            Yes, it is an example of upsetting hypocrisy but also entertaining. After all, it is Hollywood

          • focusonzenergy

            Adding thier fart bubbles to the greenhouse gas mix

          • Blahblahblah Noah

            After using both their private jets and smoking off enough fuel to run a herd of NHRA dragsters for a decade.

          • Baxter4315

            Al Gore is probably wondering why there isn’t four feet of sea water on the bottom floor of his recently purchased, beach front Santa Barbara home. Oh yeah he bought carbon credits so he’s exempt, I guess.

          • dupkaman

            It is interesting that the Hollywood leftists who own much ocean front real estate haven’t been concerned about the rising oceans. They haven’t sold their properties.
            Just more hypocrisy.

          • Privatejetsetter

            Or maybe they can call each other while they’re driving in their limos or private jets

          • DiggFerkel

            Global Cooling deniers like Clooney have absolutely no cognitive ability to understand basic reality. I’m amazed that knuckle dragging fool can remember his lines.

          • mantecakid

            I went swimming in Al’s pool once and took a dump in it and Al stuffed it in a sock and gave Tipper a Dirty Carl

          • mantecakid


          • mantecakid

            I went swimming in Big Al’s pool one time. He was eating a Baby Ruth candy bar and dropped it. I put it in a tube sock. Big Al picked it up and knocked Tipper playfully on the head

          • john cummins

            The other: Michael Mann

          • A_lawyer_who_knows

            George Clooney (and his father Nick) may have a closet full of skeletons, its whether one of those skeletons is wearing a white hood that matters.

            I’d be interested to see the contract on the house Clooney grew up in, and if it barred owners from selling to blacks.<br

          • frank shea

            Be careful, Clooney’s boyfriend is a tough Italian who will hit you with his purse.

          • JeffersonIII

            Clooney has bedded more gorgeous women than the number of breaths you have taken since you hatched from the egg.

          • JeromefromLayton

            That clause didn’t count unless the Clooney people put it there. I remember seeing one in the 1970s in California and being told by the Agent to ignore it because it was unenforceable.

          • JeffersonIII

            How does this rumor refute climate change?

          • A_lawyer_who_knows

            Racism is far worse than questioning climate change.

          • RIMSPOKE


            SINCE 2008 , WE HAVE HAD SO MUCH RACISM ,

          • A_lawyer_who_knows

            Yeah, no one cares about racism or climate change any more.I guess it was an Obama 2008 thing and not much more.

          • frank shea

            Big Fat Al made serious money while fooling the fools. Tipper Gore did even better getting rid of that load and getting all that money!

          • Defiant

            LOL! Al Gore has the capacity of 20 idiots!

          • nhshoals

            They can hold their meeting in a phone phone booth. Oh wait there aren’t any. How about a mens’ room stall? They can have a circle jerk and he can be the pivot man.

          • Rich Slaten

            Poor Georgie must have some investments with Big Al. What a set of stupid people.

          • alleycat22

            Al gets 2 votes for having a big head and a lard a..

          • Sentient


        • John (magnum)

          Clooney is Looney !!!

          • And looking more horse like by the day.

          • Robert Govan

            Check this out.

          • Mike

            Love the name.

          • JeromefromLayton

            Are you picking on Kerry or Sebelious?

          • JeffersonIII

            I suspect his IQ is substantially higher than yours.

          • SWDC

            100% incorrect

          • LisaT

            Doubtful. After all, Clooney fell for the climate change gobbledygook didn’t he? I’d say that makes him none too smart. Heplays all day long pretending to be someone else. How does that make him smart? NOT

          • JeffersonIII

            Whether you personally approve of his political views, based upon interviews that I have seen and read, he is fairly well read, curious, is well traveled, has been extensively involved in African relief work in Somalia bringing world wide attention to genocide and famine, has a wide variety of friends and acquaintances from all over the world. What is your background and experience which informs your world view?

          • RIMSPOKE



        • Arvil Bankston

          Was that him?? He must have called in a few more left wing slime to punch in the down button.

          • Harrison Chevrolet

            Judging by the poll numbers in the top comment, I think it’s safe to say that George doesn’t have many friends here.

        • Northwest_Raised

          It’s up to 11 now. His esthetician, hairdresser, gardener, butler, chauffeur, agent, drug dealer, and a few other fawning toadies have his back!

          • Candace Spencer

            When I wrote my comment about “1”, the vote tally then was 750 to 1. It’s probably about the same ratio.

      • joe

        The same could be said of those that pay to see anything from Hollywood. Hollywood supports & promotes the liberal/leftist agenda (the destruction of America as you know it). If you support Hollywood, you support the liberal/leftist agenda.

        • JoeBroe

          Totally agree. If one is so against “green house gasses” and believe in climate control, than stop buying an iphone and why are you buying goods made in China???? (Not you Joe, just people who whine about this yet support the biggest polluters).

          • Robert Govan

            See my next post it will blow your mind. If you can handle the truth.

        • John Galt

          Where is Joe McCarthy when you really need him ???

      • Corpseman57

        Celebs are so vain they need to look at everything said about them.

      • seanpatriot

        I think he did and he voted Yes

      • 4juices

        I doubt it. He’s not an independent thinker nor literate enough to read. The “unprintable” is just lucky to have money to have a house in bankrupt Italy and bimbos hanging off his arm.

      • I doubt he would understand it

      • Auntie Socialist

        Wouldn’t do any good, as he would have to go find a 6-year-old child to explain it to him.

      • Justyouraverageamerican

        George, stick to acting and leave the complex thinking to those of us better equipped! With all due respect, or lack thereof, George….STFU!!!

      • libtards > teabaggers

        Umm, because Drudge sent you here?

      • CorrectionPlease

        But does he read?

      • bob1233

        The hatcheck girl told me he has a little dick.

    • Sharp Shtik

      Socialists and communists suffer mental retardation in the parts of the brain pertaining to morality (e.g. honesty) and logic, which is why Democrats commit nearly all crime and vote for their politicians to be their proxy armed robbers. Their failure to practice any intellectual hygiene, e.g., by elminating illogical and dishonest thoughts, swells their intellectual colostomy bags, which eventually explode and splatter a shh ity mess all over the rest of us. Global cooling, er warming, er change is merely one of many means to a socialist end. The only “solution” they offer to every “crisis” they fabricate is more wealth redistribution, seizing control of private property either by taxation or by overregulation (the Third Way).

      • Sari Thackner

        Thank you. Finally a mind that sees reason and right!

      • BlackJack Charles

        You are a fuccking idiot.

        • Kent2012

          you are a twit from twitville…..

        • Eddy Train

          Yikes … you made clooney mad, oops, that’s right he is already MAD!

        • Hank Seiter

          BlackJack, I guess you’re so practiced at being a fuccking idiot yourself you can spot them a mile away, eh?

      • Dale Ogden

        Clooney also “suffers” from short man syndrome, characterized by
        overly-aggressive social behavior, compensatory for the subjects’

        • conservocop

          Yeah. I thought that sucker was a little too short for that last Stacy chick. I figured he was probably using a foot stole.

      • Dave Cohen

        That is the stupidest thing I’ve read in awhile, even following Drudge links for entertainment value. Democrats commit nearly all crime? I have seldom seen a pseudostatistical factoid so freshly yanked from a conservative anti-intellectual colostomy bag. Climate change denial is an old dried out turd that all non-morons recognize as a trophy of Republican stupidity, but you have served up a nice steaming pile of idiocy here!

        • Rocco Tool

          I hear they’re having a sale on Oxy in your trailer park. Now put down the Xbox and pot and use that food-stamps money so you can have a groovy time again.

        • mantecakid

          Your buddy George wants to give you a hot sandwich

        • Prodius

          You plagiarized the post you responded too… you’re an idiot.

        • stonehillady

          The destruction of our planet from Fukushima’s radiation fallout is NOT being told and is a million times worse then CO2 global warming… is slowly poisoning everything.
          Just wait till all that radio active crap starts hitting the California coast where those Hollywood Parasites all live ….

        • Sharp Shtik

          Simpleton David Cohen: As but one example, 96% of blacks vote Democrt and blacks commit the majority of all violent crime according to DOG/FBI statistics. Apparently, the jealous, covetous, immoral, irrational rage in socialists and communists (Democrats) perceiving themselves as victims results in theft by hand and theft by vote. Prof. John Lott has more detailed statistics, but we all know that fact, law and logic are lost on irrational, dishonest people like you.

    • Truth Matters

      Hell YES!

    • Your Anger is a Gift

      this coming from a actor who iron’s his genitalia, look it up.

    • mickey one

      George Clooney is a idiot and moron. it has been proven already that
      there is no such thing as global warming. wake up Clooney you lie like
      a rug. I wish that he would wake up and get a life. he is a typical liberal

    • Mike Hunt is Sore

      LOL. I hope Clooney sees your poll!

      • Kirby

        I love your screen name. It didn’t make sense until I read it out loud.

    • HMMM

      Yes – he is an actor.

    • Slap a Democrat

      660 votes to 1. Those are pretty amazing numbers. It would seem that everyone here is unified in the belief that loony Clooney is a moron. That is except for that lone down vote. Clooney, was that you?

    • No_Sense

      ………and Clooney is a Looney.

    • K Shaw

      Best comment section idea I’ve seen in a long time! Awesome post.

    • TheBitterClinger1

      But he did play a doctor on TV and Batman in a (failed) movie. Does that count?

    • lethal

      Who is George Clooney?????? Must be another self important progressive.

    • AugustineThomas

      There you have it! If 99.99% of your doctors say George Clooney is stupid, are you gonna side with the .01%???

    • truthteller13

      Being called stupid and ridiculous by the male lesbian geogie clooney is like being called ugly by a frog.

    • Newshound24

      He can’t SAY that the typhoon was cause by ‘global warming’, but that won’t stop moron like him from pretending that it did. What else can one expect from a person who makes a living playing make-believe characters that were written by people smarter than him?
      Professional fakers like him are dangerous.

    • Fredxxxxx

      He’s GAY – remember “Rock” Hudson?

    • Jeff BSME


    • frank shea

      I hope he is happy with his new boyfriend and stops this silly talk! George, who caused the Ice Age?
      You can’t tell me for sure about tomorrow’s weather but you can tell me about it 10 years into the future!
      Enjoy your new boyfriend in Lake Como!

    • GoneApe

      I would tell that overpaid piece of trash to stop flying in aircraft or driving cars if that is the case. He just wants all of us to live in mud huts while the beautiful people live in the clouds.

    • anotherhuman

      He read about global warming in Out magazine and the NYT so it must be true.

    • OG Mally Bieber

      OMG – look at the YES counter counting like the National Debt sign.
      George – you should take a look at this…

    • Dianewe

      Does every woman after looking into your sexuality? Know your Gay? Yepper.

    • e


    • nhshoals

      Rhetorical question.

    • Daisytoo

      Not only is he stupid, but he’s a lot less good looking than he thinks; he looks like a simian.

    • notfondoflibs

      Note to Clooney: you may think I am stupid and ridiculous, but I’m astute enough to know when I hear your comments, I will boycott your movies so that my $10 for a ticket stays in my wallet, not yours. Have a nice day, you officious jack***.

    • Cliff Combs

      George hasn’t read about the search for million year air bubbles trapped in ice. The most recent 800,000 years show extreme climate change every 100,000 years on average. The next oldest layers up to around 900,000 years + show the same change about every 10,000 years. I don’t believe man made too much difference back then. If stupidity is a factor we are all in trouble.

    • RK

      George Clooney’s naivety is only eclipsed by Obama’s ineptitude and arrogance.

    • caliconservi

      Going up like debt clock lol

    • LObomatomy


    • Mr. Smith

      He’s in a real tight spot….lol

  • daveinga

    for what its worth, he has played a scientist before.

    • Beedogs

      He probably LAYED a male scientist.

  • irksome51

    He prefers his information pre-chewed like his food. What a poor, poor soul. Georgie, do some reading and brush up on your critical thinking.

  • vutsrq

    I didn’t bother to read the article. The headline says it all. Who cares what any of the empty-headed, know-nothing, Hollywood idiots think?

  • Stevepvb

    Stupid? This from the stupidest person on the face of the earth? Not to mention the most obnoxious — and least likely to utter a coherent thought.

  • Danniro

    someone tell this empty suit that global warming has stepped out for an extended break

  • Andy Tierney

    Ouch, it’s tough to be insulted by an intellectual heavyweight like George Looney.

  • Rich

    Hey idiot Clooney – First – You just went on my blacklist – I will never see any movie that you are the star of. That sucks because I think you are a good & entertaining actor but the remarks you made prove at an intellectual level you are a dolt and brain dead. In other words you are a typical RTIQI Liberal. (ROOM TEMPERATURE IQ IDIOT) All latest scientific evidence (from real unbiased scientists) not only show at man’s current level of Co2 gases that we put into have no effect in ratio to the size of the earth & it’s atmosphere. That does not mean that eventually we might have an effect – but at the way we are growing in technology and new alternative energy sources we (HUMANS) will never cause global warming. OH – by the way – we are going into a GLOBAL COOLING CYCLE!!!!

    Stick to acting and keep your biased unproven opinions to yourself.

  • albundy57

    Clooney is an idiot! How many hurricanes have we had this year?… OH RIGHT!!! BOTH Hurricane warmists quit last year KNOWING global cooling was weakening the weather systems. Sun ends 11 year high cycle this year. If you were smart, Clooney, you would know that and shut the hell up. Those poor people in the Phillipines are really suffering and you can’t stop being an a$$hole! Send them 11 million in aid (food, water, and your global warming pamphlets so they have something to wipe with!).

  • Ted

    Clooney, looney! I mean, how do you hate someone that stupid?

  • JAy Wo

    That’s a real smart thing to say about people who put money in your pocket. The only one that’s stupid here is you. Go cry on one of your BF shoulders! HA!

  • Rufus_Lee_King

    In show biz, it’s all about being relevant, and show biz stars crave relevance. Looney Clooney doesn’t know it but he has just marginalized himself.

  • NickGranite

    No George. We’re tired of being ripped off by your green corporate crony buddies.

  • Edward Pagan

    I declare Clooney a stupid and ridiculous fear monger.

  • Eric J

    The earth has stopped warming for over 14 years now. I suppose that is an inconvenient truth.

  • psadie

    Hey, fool. I will put my bets on GOD, it is his plan and HE is in control.

  • whteshark

    What is Clooney’s carbon imprint? If he’s not living in a shack with no electricity and no running water while growing his own food he’s a hypocritical libtard. Until then I could care less what he or any other libtard thinks about global warming because they’re all hypocrites. Now, I need to go burn some more fossil fuels in vast amounts. I plan on leaving the biggest carbon imprint I can.

  • Grant Jones

    well, sure – Clooney’s PhD in physics gives him this sort of credibility, right? or was it chemistry…

  • peteyone

    Hey Looney, just stfu before you make an even bigger fool of yourself than you already are! You’re about as knowledgeable on this subject as your dear leader in the WH! Your movies SUCK and I gave up watching them years ago! You’re an actor and not a PhD, so stop making a fool of yourself!

  • janderson4795

    Who cares what this a hole thinks.

  • The first of three stages,it’s the second where hate begins and people suffer.

  • 7cedars

    Bless his heart. Maybe he outta keep his day job.

  • Swartzy

    Mr Clooney must have a PHD in Something, how else could he know so much about anything. Oh yeah, He is a sexologist. He studies the sexual habits of dumb, under aged girls who swoon in his presence. He knows “climate change”, like “cold shoulders, hot babes and tepid movie rolls. Lets give him some credit. It must have taken him most of the afternoon to come to these conclusions. I know it strained him quite a bit to figure it all out. So Good for you Mr Clooney, if you hadn’t told us none of us would ever have known. We are so grateful for you wisdumb.

    • Kenny_Bunkport

      I’m not so sure he’s into girls (or any women) as much as you might think. His dating life appears more for show than romance. All leading men must have beards or they’ll lose their target audience.

  • Tim

    We must stop global WARMING!!!
    It is not getting hotter, it is actually getting cooler.
    I meant we must stop global cooling!!

    Look, the U.N. has already stated they want to be funded by a global carbon tax.

    We will not abide, in fact American citizens, not including over paid over privileged unintelligent actors are looking to dismantle the u.N.
    When we take this country back, war is on the first of the agenda. War with the U.N. They must be eradicated as the virus that they are.

  • docscience

    Does celebrity make people stupid?
    I know it makes them arrogant.

  • Jeanie Nelson

    Funny nobody pays him to think because he hasn’t got a brain.

  • Lee Bishop

    George Clooney is dumber than a stump. It’s the sun, Stupid!

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Idiot Hollytard Muppet, what a boring Ken doll. Please quit pulling his string, he repeats the same lifeless lines over and over again.

  • Robert Govan

    Get this Al Gore is aka actor Buuce Willis in a fat suit and face latex and Clooney KNOWS it. So F you George.

  • DG

    No global warming in the last 15 years, but global warming caused the typhoon. Or wait, did he mean that global warming
    deniers caused the typhoon?

  • Heartland Patriot

    “What’s the worst that happens”? Well, for rich elites like his sorry butt, nothing. But for us regular folks out here in “flyover country”, we’ll be paying through the nose for energy to heat and cool our homes, fuel our vehicles, and the prices of food will go through the roof, leaving us destitute just to get the things we need to live in some reasonable fashion. But for him and his pals, they’ll hardly notice the difference. Screw him.

  • tmanosaurus

    blessed with a face, a little talent and no brain…what a curse.

  • Elaine Farrell

    That’s it… Never see any movie with him in it. Instead of offering or asking for help with the recovery of these devastated areas, he goes on a political, self serving rant! What a waste of a megaphone.

  • pamlinson

    Just stick to play acting George….

  • Tim

    Looney Clooney will look good in his Fema gear post revolution.
    Socialist propaganda spouted from an actor with your kind of platform is treasonous.

  • CruzerDog

    George, that tie is wrapped a little too tight…..

  • Beedogs

    A man who dresses up and pretends to be other people wants to lecture us????? Really????????????????????

  • SRussell55

    He is yet another global warming “fruitcake.”

  • texanbynature

    I continue to await proof derived through the Scientific Method that Global Warming even exists extant normal cooling and warming cycles of Earth of millions of years. I’m also waiting for one shred of proof, from the Scientific Method, that MAN is responsible for these cycles, and for the Earth unexpectedly heading for warming cycle.

    An actor is hardly the best source of that information.

  • allah_speaking

    just put a bullet in it, and call it a day.

  • buckofama2010

    clooney is a douchebag. climate change has been proven over and over again to be a HOAX

  • Ames Tiedeman

    The fact of the matter is we have 300 year cycles of warming and cooling. We may now be entering a 40 year cold cycle within the 300 year super-cycle. Activity on the sun is the #1 determining factor as to how warm or how cold the planet will be. George H. W. Bush signed the 1990 Clean Air Act. The left cannot so much bitch about air pollution so they shifted the retribution and called it Global Warming. When the data did not support this over a 12 year period they pivoted to the phrase, “Climate Change.” I have news for everyone: The climate will always be changing. Hot, cold, hot cold. These cycles will exist even if we were to get rid of every coal fired power plant and move all cars to electric or even hydrogen. The sun is the major factor, not man. the SUN! Now, when you hear about some ice melting in Iceland please remember that Iceland is literally sitting on many volcano’s. If ice is melting this is not from warm air. This is most likely from sea temperature changing in that very location. What is the cause of the sea temperature changing in that very location? Most likely from heat rising from the ground!!!!! From the volcanic sites that Iceland is sitting on! Anywhere in the world that is experiencing melting ice is most likely doing so because the earth is throwing off heat from deep underground. Do not buy into the nonsense of the left.

  • CreepyAvatar

    By comparison, his taste in girlfriends renders anything else he says or does – completely worthless.

  • SRussell55

    George, if you believed it when 99% of liberals told you that the Obamacare windows 95 servers were going to be perfect,,,,,,,,, YOU WERE WRONG. We are laughing at you. Hahahahahaha.

  • LeeP

    Idiots like Clooney pollute the air I breathe. There has been climate change in every way imaginable, long before the advent of humanity. I guess, according to AlGore (more Brains, Algore!!) and his ilk, modern inhabitants (not him of course! Oh, NO! HIS carbon footprint could NEVER be a contribution!) of the United States are clearly culpable, even if they didn’t cause it.

  • Danger

    Because it is our SUV’s that also caused the polar caps on Mars to shrink. You fvking idiot Clooney.

  • Cooperwa

    Fight me George.

  • tkarels

    Let’s talk, I have a Master’s from UVA (finance) and am stupid, and my skepticism is ridiculous? How about giving these actors better scripts so they can’t imagine the next disaster movie?

  • snchs

    If he want’s to keep making movies he’ll say what the judeomasonics tell his puppet butt to say. Duh.

  • red_fez

    Go to Hell Clooney.

  • sayhonkmon

    Clooney is LOONEY!! My message to the world is BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD and their movies!!

  • Karl Spencer

    Hey George, what caused the ice age to end when man didn’t exist? Hmm…in their world they can never be wrong. Doesn’t matter that the earth has been cooling for the past 20 years. We’ll call it climate change instead of global warming so we can continue to push our agenda of wealth redistribution and our work towards a one world government. Too bad we’re on to your masters George.

  • Waitforit

    Then George picked up his ball and went home.

  • joe strosser

    Typical moron that ignores science. How the heck due you emphatically ‘know” that climate change/ice age/global warming(whatever the political term of the day) is man caused by using a 30 year slice of time on a planet that’s been around hundreds of millions of years? Keep in mind that based on science we know that there were much hotter decades than we are currently in. Must have been caused even though man didn’t exist. It’s clear Clooless has no interest in science which is why he dismisses the fact that most scientists do not believe the NiEA and the UN.

  • SRussell55

    The global warming scientist used the obamacare computers,,,, enough said George.

  • IhateLiberals

    Did this overpaid SCHMUCK Clooney even pass Biology or Chemistry 101 in college? Like many in Hollywood, he’s also a college dropout.

  • acrovader

    It’s one of those things Hollywood liberals love to chat about at cocktail parties. Clooney, Sean Penn, Matt Damon, all congregate at Oliver Stone’s sprawling mansion, and discuss these things while doing lines with Aaron Sorkin.

  • SRussell55

    Hows obmacare working for you Hollywood idiot$

  • rickyp23

    Georgey porgie, stay with you day job, count your blessing, most of the general public do not care what you think about global warming. Are you just spouting for more air time or is it just about hearing yourself speak, or maybe you have a new movie coming out, not surprised you would jump on board with the Hollywood elite.

  • Joe Roman

    Reminds me of an oldie but goodie.

  • wriprodir

    A haircut with an agent… he wouldn’t know his own arse-hairs from celery shreds.

  • HidingandWatching1

    Well, I guess I’ll have to take his word for it. He is after all, a world renowned climate scientist. Has he testified before Congress yet? I also want to know what fellow scientists Gwyneth Paltrow, Alec Baldwin and Julia Roberts think about this serious matter.

  • oldcheme

    Absolute proof that poor old Clooney is both stupid and ridiculous.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Thus spoke one of the Hollywood elite whose extravagant lifestyle stomps on Mother Earth every day with a carbon footprint bigger than the energy consumed in a year by the tax-paying residents of an average American working-class neighborhood.

  • tmanosaurus

    I realize what we have government for…entertainment, and actors are for deep wise leadership, but what are we people for? Are we just gargoyles to these mindless ass clowns? I mean if Clooney sums up our carbon balance for us when I am absolutely positive he couldnt complete a calculation with an imaginary number, and he is utterly confident that he is relevant to anything other than entertainment, then as a nation we are on a Disney ride.
    The question is “how long this ride go on?”

  • JoeM

    Just keep acting and quit thinking (and talking). You’re not very good at it, anyway.

  • scouteliot

    geez thanks dr. clooney, oh, that’s, right you’re an actor.

  • Sam Clemens

    Looney Clooney

  • acrovader

    As an aside, Obama will see this tragedy in the Philippines as an excuse to throw billions and billions of dollars into the wind to “fight” climate change. While those billions of dollars could be used to help create jobs (ahem, PUBLIC SECTOR) and put people back to work. I don’t give a damn about ‘climate change’. Let the Earth burn up. Call it a mercy killing. I’m more concerned about getting a steady, full time, job that can help pay bills and put food on the table.

    • tkarels

      sadly, there are too many in the Liberal (as in, who’s giving me what?) side that will just keeping that federal cash register singing.
      If you pay nothing for anything, you value nothing for anything.

  • Joe Roman
  • Jason Flowers

    let’s see…History deniers, birther deniers, global warming deniers…and the list goes on and on. 95% of scientists including NASA has confirmed humans have made a significant damage on earth, air quality, fauna, ecosystem, etc, etc. but if you lunatics have better technology than NASA…prove it LOL

    • acrovader

      You are a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance.

      • Jason Flowers

        I assume you’re a Christian. enough said

        • acrovader

          What’s that have to do with anything? LOL.

          • Jason Flowers

            that you’re a lunatic to begin with…

          • acrovader


        • MLB


        • tkarels

          Wait…you have crossed the line! A Christian can’t have a scientific argument? You are clearly a person who does not accept any argument different from his own, and tries to label. Nice try, you hatemonger, the rest of us will stick to truth instead of manufacturing it.

        • MegaleMyte

          What do you imply, pray tell? I hope you aren’t another bigoted Christophobe.

    • Danger

      Non-sequiter argument. Explain how our SUV’s are causing the ice caps to shrink on Mars. Or explain the sudden “pause” in Global Warming.

    • tkarels

      Let’s be accurate. No NASA study has “confirmed” anything, The terms used were well used in scientific papers, indicating that something was within a 90% probability of…what? They decide the parameters! There is a 99% probability that the moon will be here in the morning!

      • Jason Flowers

        how many people live in the moon? or anything living there that will pay the consequenses?

        • acrovader

          This clown is the perfect example of someone who smokes dope, and gets his ‘news’ from Bill Mahar, Jon Stewart, and Colbert.

  • Clooney the cr*tin that voted for and promoted his fellow leftist drone (N)Obama. What an achievement eh!

  • Sari Thackner

    Clooney is a Hollywood know nothing, perpetual @/$/$!

  • DinDooNuffins

    This guy puts a capital D in DOUCHEBAG.

  • Kristopher Schindler

    George, stick to acting…. Leave the weather to real climatologists, they are better informed than you are. Oh and, being that you have so much free time to make stupid comments like this, how about taking some acting lessons… just saying!

    • Shelly in PA

      problem? he sticks to acting and puts these bogus ass messages in his screenplays. Have you seen The Ides of March? That one did it for me.

      • Kristopher Schindler

        I think that the last Clooney movie that I went to see was Batman and Robin, need I say more? His bad acting keeps me from seeing his movies, his politics assures that i will not have a change of heart.

  • Corpseman57

    The more the “useful idiots” pump global warming the higher Al Gore’s bank account grows.

    What does Looney Clooney say about global warming on Mars?

  • mountainman6727

    I just tossed my copy of “Oh brother where are thou” in the trash.

    • SRussell55

      No,,,,,, George should send you his FedEx number so you could send it to him to be recycled,,,,,,at his expense,,,,,,, you know,,,, to save his planet.

  • shmu

    Prove it George.

  • Shelly in PA

    Let’s see..he blamed the Youtube video for Benghazi, used it to lament the first amendment for anyone other than progressives, had NADA to say, Mr. Human Rights guy, when the truth came out that Obama let our guys die while the filmmaker rotted in prison, filmed all year everywhere but the states to avoid the tax implications here while bitching about studio heads laying off people here mostly due to the progressive policies and ideologies he promotes, he vilifies conservative women, especially Palin, while keeping his young enough to be his granddaughter girlfriends in line with some sort of contract to not speak of him in public…EVER, preaches “fair share” in his movies but is affected none by job crushing regs like Obamacare because he has more money than God (although capitalism and America all inherently bad to progressives), and now this, although the IPCC report last fall stated WITH SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that the threat of man made global warming have been blown out of proportion. BUT…he’s an Obamabot. He got $10 million raised for the Messiah in order to get Prop 8 (which the people of California voted against…TWICE) handpicked by his basketball buddy to go before the Supreme Court and get overturned. ANYBODY who thinks this guy is “for the people” is SADLY mistaken. He is for himself and his big money cronies in Hollywood. That’s it. So sad. I used to be SUCH a fan. I only wished I had figured this out long ago and saved myself the money that went into his pocket and the money since that he has voted to ‘fair share’ with everyone else. JERK. MORE people need to understand he’s the ringleader of this anti-American brigade out there in La La land.

    • HidingandWatching1

      I know you’re talking about Clooney, but sadly most of your comments could apply equally to the majority of the male actors in Unholywood.

  • Corpseman57

    George, you are not bonified.

    • HidingandWatching1

      Great screen name, man.

  • HughGKnutts

    Obviously Al Gore hasn’t sent him the new memo on global cooling.

  • sktuc

    We’ll Bozo George do you ever look beyond your nose and read any facts?
    The Arctic Ice Cap is nearing an all time high in Ice.
    Russia had it’s coldest winter in 70 years last Winter.
    China had it’s coldest winter in 50 years last Winter.
    NASA Study April 2013 says, CO2 causes Global Cooling.
    Atlanta recorded record low temperatures in August.
    In August during one week there were 2,300 record low temperatures in Cities in the U.S.A. Vs 270 record high temperatures.
    Cooley you are the Dumb Ass of Asses!!!
    By the way Dumb Ass there was a Cyclone that hit Bangladesh in the 1970s or 1980s that killed around 200,000 people. You idiots were wearied about the coming Ice Age back then and wanted to increase CO2 to warm the Earth.

  • Shelly in PA

    while we’re at it, Mr. Humanitarian who pays to keep a satellite above the Sudan to keep an eye on droning of innocent civilians by their dictator…do you have one for you basketball buddy? He’s droned a 16 year old on American soil and a grandmother. Let me guess…they just get a “what difference does it make?” Jerk.

  • phxmike

    stupid and ridiculous…much like his movies….and his love life

  • BlackJack Charles

    Hey Marc Morono–are you still sucking James Inhofe’s dick or have you moved on to rimming Rex Tillerson?

  • nobaloneyhere

    Ah, the weather “expert” speaks! What degrees do you have Clown-ey?

  • HK78

    Can someone pass George the grey poupon and then wipe his rear. Tired of these liberals looking down their noses at us.

  • tgcrawford

    Soooooo…everyone who does not agree with George Clooney (an actor), on global warming, abortion, immigration or other controversial subjects is…Stupid. Sounds like he has been talking to the liar in chief again.

  • Mary Crohan

    This coming from a man who makes a living pretending to be someone else. I’m always amazed that so many of the brain dead hollywood stars, (many who haven’t even finished high school,) seem to feel they are experts in every other field out there. In reality the only thing that most of them are good at is reading a script and playing make believe.

  • SJF

    what a dumb as – s. I wish the Hollywood imbeciles would just shut their pie holes and act. Geesh.

  • Point&Click

    Lucky for George he is so handsome or I’d have to stop watching his films.

    • Corpseman57

      For a split second I think he’s handsome, then I think of his empty skull and my admiration fades. He reminds me of all those dumb blond jokes–cute, but stupid.

    • Point&Click

      Didn’t think I needed the /sarc tag; guess I should have added it!

  • kurlis

    George Clooney demonstrates that the American Left has completely forsaken the values of the Enlightenment. The American Left are traitors to Western Civilization.

  • Dustin

    We declare Clooney, and the rest of the Hollywood liberal idiots, stupid!

  • Fred Bernquist

    Oh he’s an actor, well that makes it true after all their soooooo much smarter than us peons. Hey Clooney go back to acting school and STFU ahole.

    • thefreeist

      I recall that other noted scientist, Ted Danson going before Congress and declaring that the earth would only survive another 20 years if we didn’t do something about Global Warming.
      I think that was in 1988

  • SRussell55

    Obamacare weather computers were used.

    • E Pluribus Chaos

      Now that’s funny.

  • I declare Clooney to be stupid and ridiculous. I bet I can get more people to agree with that than scientist who agree with him.

  • bubba60609

    So this jack wad is a weather expert? Hey dopey, plowing broads is different than plowing snow, acting is what our POS president does, and you are clueless. Oh, but you make movies – ooooh, scary. Go away, Geoergie.

  • T S

    Did Clooney bicycle to the event, or fly in a private jet? These Global Warmers are all talk and no action, proving that they don’t believe what they’re saying. It’s not about speaking the truth. It’s about being seen to say “the right things.”

  • acrovader

    Clooney needs to stop doing lines with Aaron Sorkin..

  • Ken

    George Clooney believes that global warming is destroying the planet. Yet compared to the average citizen, his carbon footprint is extreme. He is just the ultimate hypocrite.

  • urstrange

    No wonder he earned the name Looney Clooney…believing in Gorebull Warnings is a disease…

  • SRussell55

    Was George twerking this

  • JoetheFilmmaker

    Looney Clooney is a tool. He’s one evil tool.

  • loveyaman

    This college drop out who took classes in journalism, and who plays make believe for a living, is trying to tell me that I’m the stupid one for not believing the propaganda of global warming? Hahahahahahahahahahhahah! When did he get his Phd. in science? I missed it. He makes millions pretending to be someone he’s not, and people want to take him serious. “I’m not a president, I only play one on t.v., so therefor I can run the country”. Sad thing is that there are a lot of people who would follow.

  • JoeM

    Back in the Elizabethean Era actors were considered low-lives and untrustworthy. Today we give them LOTS of money and apparently they are ARE low-lives and untrustworthy. It seems the audiences of Shakespeare’s time were smarter than we are now.

  • tmanosaurus

    This is a good place to recommend Battelle Laboratories research on the two million year long ice ages, repeating cycles of warm 30K years and deep freeze 70 K years and the resulting 500 ft. sea level changes that occur as the ice stacks up in frost at the poles and the complete covering of canada and the USSR down to the 49th parallel for 70k yrs in ice depths of 1 to 1.5 thousand feet deep punctuated by repeating periods of 30 years thawing and warming and the following 70K years deep freezing where the Ice forms over the N. in sheets of 1.5 thousand feet ….repeat for two million years, approximately 2 thousand times per ice age…..
    I am not a book salesman but a PNNL researcher has a book called
    “on the trail of the ICE AGE FLOODS”.
    Read the book, lay the global warming stories into the perspective they need to be put in… near irrelevance. Know your planet, know your home, know your stuff. Read, dont be snookered by politicians and their obsession with cash, fame and notoriety, good and bad. Take a breath, relax, dispell and ward of hostile political manipulations… go to sleep at night with a smile….relax.
    Knowledge is a cross to the vampires of idiocy.

  • Mr Chow odysseus660

    99% of the people of the world can’t locate where they are on a map, yet alone what global warming is. Maybe Clooney is part of that bunch.

  • dubbermann

    Well, coming from a scientific giant like Clooney, one has to give this some thought. Damn the data! Full speed ahead!

  • T S

    A strong smug front was seen forming over Beverly Hills.

  • Chester Molster

    Why is it news when an actor opens his mouth?

  • Steinbeck

    “He attended Northern Kentucky University from 1979 to 1981, majoring in Broadcast Journalism, and very briefly attended the University of Cincinnati, but did not graduate from either. He had odd jobs such as selling men’s suits and cutting tobacco.” ~ George Clooney’s Wikipedia page

    Pseudo – intellectual. Hilarious.

  • Mr Chow odysseus660

    I bet Clooney says what he gets paid by communists to say on public. I bet these anti American a%^$#holes actually don’t believe in this but don’t mind a little payment here and there from Soros, PETA, and the SIerra Club or some foreign rich thug that wants to bring down America.

  • realitychecked

    Clooney is just another Hollywood loony. And I’ve paid to see my last Clooney movie. Enough enabling these clowns.

  • loveyaman

    We are having record cooling and many scientist think we are at the beginning of a mini ice age, and many are saying that we haven’t had anymore global warming for 20 years, and the global warming they are talking about is a tiny fraction of one percent, and they think the world is doomed? Even though we know the world has had changes since it’s existence, but this one is all of a sudden the one to doom us? So every tragic event in the world(which has been going on since it’s inception) is now blamed on global warming? But we’re all stupid for not hoping on the liberal band wagon and hiking our taxes to help Al Gores multi million dollar global warming fund, of which Gore gets rich off of. What a dope!

  • day_in_the_sun

    Talk about stating the obvious.

  • ruben moreno

    Why do the sheep worship actors?

  • AndrewsTake

    I think global warming is to blame for stupid Hollywood actors.

  • welovetheUSA

    OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF JUNK SCIENCE….look Clooney your a Obama supporter…that in itself makes you a raging idiot.

  • Typical liberal who loves to use hate when ever he has to defend his beliefs when anyone does not agree 100% with everything that spills out of his loud mouth. He is boring & he is making me sleepy during SNF.

  • ruben moreno

    Hey Clooney how does it feel to know you are the worst Batman ever?

  • doubleducks

    A moron calling others stupid. Priceless.

  • john miles

    The US is facing a real crisis, Rain forest deforestation. This is a threat to the world as well in terms of climate regulation, etc. For the U.S the threat is destroying the ability of MIdwestern states like Kansas to produce crops. You don’t hear about it much because the problem is overpopulation in South America which is resulting in a move inland which is destroying the rain forest. In other words, the problem does not call for a massive redistribution of wealth from the west to the third world and therefore leftists like Clooney have no interest.

    • Yeziam12

      Does the US have Rain Forest to deforest?

      • john miles

        We actually do have a Rain Forest–the only one in North America– on the Olympic peninsula in Washington State. But needless to say I was referring to the Rain Forest in South America.

        • Yeziam12

          I did not know that! Thanks.

          • john miles

            You’re quite welcome.

  • Lee Miller

    “Science does not look for consensus. Consensus is the tool of politicians.” – Michael Crichton, “Aliens Cause Global Warming”.

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    George, who…?!?

  • mamzer1trollhunter

    “Clueless Clooney, good thing he still has his looks” says my wife

  • Wayne Van Scoyoc

    Clooney’s JOB and BIG TIME incomes DEPENDS on this Globalist position or he won’t see another Hollywood script EVER. The richest in Hollywood aren’t satisfied and want MORE material things and they will use Global Warming Fraud to get it.

  • Lee Miller

    “Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had. Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.” – Michael Crichton

    • enrico


  • Joeyblitz

    Thank god he has not reproduced,and his genetic code will terminate with him.He is a biological Cul-de-sac. The world definitely does not need anymore Clooneys.

    • scott young

      I just feel sorry for his mother. Shame she didn’t believe in abortion.

  • RufusFirefly

    If I want to know something about acting I will listen to George. But when it comes to the environment I am interested in a scientists knowledge.

  • SRussell55

    “If you like your climate,,,, you can keep your climate,,,,Period”

  • Rusty Shackelford

    I’m glad that world renowned climate scientist George Clooney has weighed in on this debate.

  • Will Allan

    George Clooney’s brain is in his penis. This is the kind of comment one would expect from someone who has global warming in his pants.

  • J_Biggs

    Clooney, please keep your religion to yourself.

    • AndrewsTake

      That’s right! I’m offended by his comment…where do I file my lawsuit?

  • ObserverMI

    Hey Clooney,

    try getting out of your Elitist bubble and ‘Educate’ yourself.

    You’re a sharp guy…. use it!

  • Little guy ride his private jet there, to pose for his low information fan base (and journalists!) did he?

  • Sterny

    Oh George, I just wish I had your money so I could afford to be as stupid as you are.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    First the earth was cooling due to humans. Then it was warming. Then they fudged some data to “hide the decline”. Then they weren’t sure so “global warming” became “climate chaos”. It’s no coincidence that the environmental movement got a big boost after communism fell in the east. It’s more about taxes and wealth transfer than it is about protecting our environment. That’s why acolytes of the movement will not think twice about the huge carbon footprint, a thing they believe in, generated by Al Gore, Maaaaat Daaaaamon, and Clooney due to their lifestyles. These people don’t care about stewardship of our environment, they simply are looking for a cudgel with which to control others.

  • SRussell55

    Did George make these comments behind the tall walls around his gated community protected by armed body guards while preparing to leave in his SUV limo heading to the airport to fly in his private jet to fly to Europe to drink expensive wine and the give a global warming speech?

  • Sad to see

    These type of tactics are growing old.

  • Ken Martin

    Clooney is a dumbass, what credentials does he have to make the determination whether global warming is real or not?

  • scott young

    I guess that makes me stupid and ridiculous. Well, guess what. I will never be stupid enough to pay money to see this fraud ever again. Granted, he hasn’t made anything worth seeing in years, but even a blind squirrel will find a nut once in a while. I’ll just spend my money on something else.

  • You

    George is a dumb fu[k without a doubt and he needs his a$s kicked. Be looking over your shoulder gorgie. Stop kissing ObaMao’s A$s!!!

  • george kolter

    clooney the looney just love these blowhard lefties. the only global warming i see is his own hot air..

  • Harley

    Stick to acting George

    1. 1881 Haiphont Typhoon- 300,000 fatalities.

    2. Typhoon Nina Early August 1975- 229,000 fatalities.

    3. The Super Typhoon of 1780- 100,000 fatalities.

    4. Swatow China Typhoon of 1922- 60,000 fatalities.

    5. The China Typhoon of 1912- 50,000 fatalities

    6. The Canton China Typhoon 1862- 40,000 fatalities.

    7. Tongking Typhoon 1881- 20,000 fatalities.

    8. The Great Hong Kong Typhoon September 1937- 11,000 fatalities.

    9. Typhoon Vera September 1959- 5098 Fatalities

    10. Tropical Storm Thelma November 1991- 5081 Fatalities.

    • george kolter

      hes made some bad flicks of late wouldn’t pay to see, starvation in dafur is his.

  • D Faught

    Lee Strasberg the renown acting coach said that actors were not very intelligent. Clooney supports this claim!

  • Sad to see

    George Clooney is now George C. Looney

  • MaroonVee

    This moron promoted that lying scumbag tyrant Odumbo… that’s all I need to know.
    You are going to get box office cooling you Odumbo AGW alarmist.

  • Guest

    Spoken like a sheep

  • Sharpshooter

    Just proves the old adage! “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, then to open it and remove all doubt!

  • enrico

    Hey Clooney, if you’re so rich, how come you’re not smart?

  • George Clooney is stupid and ridiculous! Who gives a damn what he thinks.

  • Gary Beauchamp

    Another brilliant actor speaks. Clooney the Looney? Memorizing lines doesn’t make you an authority on climate Clooney boy. Celebs somehow think their opinions are important. It is an illusion pretty boy.

  • Al D

    Clooney is a dope who knows nothing about climatology. Not only has the Antarctic ice sheet been thickening, the Arctic ice sheet is now thickening at a record rate. These facts are all over the Internet from reliable sources. Al Gore – so much for your prediction of no ice in the Arctic Circle by 2013. You were WAY off!

  • Truth Matters

    George Clooney, You are Stupid and clueless. You buy into JUNK science.

  • konc1

    Who cares what this phuq’ing retarded Obama ballbag washer thinks, he’s just a street stooge woho has never had a real job in his life.

  • DrRickazelnick

    Why doesn’t this nitwit shut up about a subject he knows nothing about instead of opening up his mouth and proving what a lame-brain he is. THERE HAS BEEN NO INCREASE IN AVERAGE TEMPERATURE ON THIS EARTH FOR AT LEAST 15 YEARS> SO WHERE THE HELL IS GLOBAL WARMING?

    • Truth Matters

      And so what if there was an increase. The sun and the earths rotation and dynamic position has everything to do with the Earths climate. Not to mention the Earths tectonic plates can and often do shift Earths axis ever so slightly literally changing weather patterns and the four seasons run early or late. Oh wait, no I am wrong, it is cow flatulence, my breathing and driving my car that causes volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and solar flares. I despise stupid peons!

  • reaganlives4ever

    Fewer storms ignored…but a storm happens and it’s proof. I need a theory which I say is proved when it rains. Eventually i am right.

    This reminds me why I boycott all looney clooney product.

  • corprdr

    Clooney is a lying liberal and full of BS. There is NO global warming, its voodoo cooked up by Al Gore

  • GardenQueen

    When people get paid to play make believe for a living they should consider the consequences of insulting the ticket buyers. I vote no with my dollars.

  • desertsweetpea

    I think Clooney is being too kind.

  • JDsHandsomeSon

    I’m sure Clooney lives in a very small apartment and commutes to work in a SmartCar and never travels in a luxury jet that pollutes the stratosphere.

  • Barry Leeper

    Clooney is a half-wit and a puppet for the Hollywood leftist!!
    Is Clooney really relevant in society today?? He relies on the state controlled media to print his anti-American

  • Yukiko

    He’s just another mindless actor babbling without a script.

  • 4nik8liberals

    I’m sorry Looney Clooney, but I will never join your Cult of Global Warming. This is all about liberals trying to control the lives of everyone on the planet through scare tactics. There has been extreme weather throughout Earth’s history. This is merely unhinged hyperbole from the looney left fringe.

  • Preston Smith

    The only thing that is stupid is anybody that listens to George Cloney.. He is a camera monkey.. Jump here, say this, now cry, remember your words.. He is a chimp with money.. Nuff said..

  • Gary Beauchamp

    Clooney and his crew burn more carbon with their mansions, movies, constant flying than an average person does in a lifetime. Where does this jerk get off mouthing off about climate change? Give up your mansion, flying, cars, swimming pools and every other movie star over indulgence, THEN, only then, you can lecture people on such things, Clooney.

  • chase9365

    He is making believe he is smart.

  • John Stanton

    A lot of Hollywood actors have either high school diplomas or are high school drop outs. So they like to jump on various causes in order to feel smart and intellectual. He really has no idea whether or not global warming is caused by humans or not, he is just spouting off to feel in with his Hollywood buddies.

  • Bomber7090

    Now this is an expert – a self involved actor with little academic background. I have a masters degree and I find that the assertion by climate change advocates like the silly former Vice President to be egotistical believers in their power over the environment. Does that make me correct – no – but I can tell you that one big volcanic eruption or a hit by a meteor will make their global warming hubris look like the ripple before the tidal wave. Get a life Clooney and go do something you are good at – making poor movies.

  • bigdoglv

    Thank you for your opinion Professor Clooney. Now go away.

  • josetoyou

    Sorry georgie boy; you are the one who is stupid and ridiculous…

  • Sam Adams

    These douchebags spew their ignorance every year just to remind us they are still douchebags.
    Got it.

  • Lefthanded Shooter

    Global warming aka climate change started when those evil blue m&m’s were first introduced to the ecosystem.

  • Mark

    Clooney loves everything oblahma
    now who is stupid and ridiculous?

  • Coffee Steve

    Stupid? after 16 years of NO warming? And now the stats show Cooling has started and we’re stupid?

  • Nick

    well well ,let’s see the useful idiot debate well, just about anyone on this topic and watch Clowney get his clock cleaned.

  • deimos19

    it must be nice to have fame and money so you can jet around the world leaving a huge carbon footprint all the time telling everyone how bad they are for leaving a huge carbon footprint.

  • auntielib

    The last time Clooney was able to achieve an erection was in March of 2011.

    And even that required him to take a triple dose of Sildenafil, which is generally thought to be an unsafe level of that Erectile Disfunction medication.

    • jgdp

      Yea, but it lasted 4-hours…bwahahahahahahah!!! I really think the clunerator is down low, just like ohole. How else does a suave “hunk” explain never having a female relationship last longer than a few months. Cum to think of it, perhaps old george is a better actor than I give him credit for…;-)

  • 2ndprotectsall

    Only the stupid and rediculous consider actors credible.

  • biteme11

    A fact that the lame stream media fails to report “global warming” is ALWAYS preceeded by a rise in CO2 and NOT the other way around.

    • NSSAWatchingEwe

      They are still struggling with the difference between an “assault rifle” and an “assault rifle”.

  • Evon

    An actor, average actor, calling me, a person trained in science and a skeptic, an idiot? LMAO! Hollywood needs to stick to making movies because mst of what comes out nowadays is pretty lousy. Maybe it’s too “warm” in LA.

    • jgdp

      “average actor” is far, far too high of a description of the clunerator’s thespian abilities. About all he brings to a roll is his smug face…and minimal talent.

  • NSSAWatchingEwe

    When it comes to the stupid, the ridiculous and even the incredulous…these Hollywood narcissists should probably set better examples in terms of life style choices.

  • Christopher Bowen

    What Clooney fails to address is the fact that it is mankind who is spraying and clogging the atmosphere, not through accidental over-use either. Global warming is real. . .it is created by rich bankers, who pay for mass spraying programs, who want to be richer by then collecting carbon taxes. . .,i.e. tax whatever they want as a pretense to the actual reason.

    • TastesLikeEmu

      Switch to store brand aluminum foil please. Everyone knows Reynolds is part of the problem, and making their aluminum foil a signal enhancer, not a blocker.

  • Shawn French

    Giving up liberty and allowing the government to confiscate property to combat man made global warming is stupid and ridiculous, but hey, why don’t we start with Mr. Cloony’s liberty & property?

  • Grace656

    That’s what you call swallowing hook, line and sinker. It’s very hard to shake yourself loose from captivity to freedom when you’ve committed yourself so fully. Clooney is a goner.

    • jgdp

      Always has been a goner, and about the worst ahcktor since J W Booth!

  • doug1961

    You wanna know what’s really ridiculous?

    Stupid F**kING people like George Clooney

  • Kristy

    Really? I think Georgie peorgie is ridiculous. He plays make pretend for a living. Why should we listen to any thing he thinks?

  • biteme11

    “Global warming” always occurs BEFORE a rise in CO2, which lags by as much as 100 years – FACT.

    • NSSAWatchingEwe

      I think Professor Emeritus On Everything Barry Soetero Hussein Obozo signed an executive order that makes facts illegal.

    • Jetstar99999

      True, yet completely ignored by the MSM

  • NSSAWatchingEwe

    I wonder how his Kalifornia mansion squares with his Italian villa…

  • Nick

    You have to admit …, Clooney has Impressive credentials , Clooney is after all one of the top minds on the side of the global warming religion. He is probably smarter than all 75 of the so called scientist that promote the warming scam.

  • Tom1689

    George supports Obamacare which only passed because a fraudulent lie was told by the liar in chief. And now millions of plans ARE being terminated because of that lie. And premiums are skyrocketing Georgie–another lie. Who was more stupid George? Palin is smarter than you George. Looks like you are the gullible moron George. Don’t think we’ll credit Georgie on the global warming fraud either.

    • ItsJo

      Excellent post Tom. Just what does George think about the “World’s Worst Polluter For the Faux Waming”
      CHINA? They told the rest of the world to go get phu cked.” George is being conned by the biggest Con of Chicago, who Wants to distribute OUR tax dollars to nations that CAN’T afford picking up the tabs for HIS Global Waming Debacle, that HAS been disputed by Reputible Scientists(and NOT the ones who Ginned up the Numbers to make this faux warming hoax for Obama to REDISTRIBUTE OUR TAX MONEY. LET GEORGE PICK UP THE TAB, IF HE BELIEVES OBAMA, THE LAIR IN ALL THINGS HE DOES “AGAINST
      arrogant(O’s words) America.” George, stick to your dumb movies and pretending you’re SO SMART and COOL….than opening your mouth, and PROVING OTHERWISE, GENIUS.

  • Rodney Mann

    There is a reason he is called loony Clooney by more than a few.

  • bigdoglv

    Hey George, I guess you can pollute all you want as long as you pay money to be in compliance. As long as that is true your cause has a serious credibility problem.

  • johnross808

    Hey look at me I’m George Clooney a ACTOR.

  • jgdp

    The cluny is an embarrassment to a turd. Go on back to play acting, fool! Where did curious George get a degree in meteorology? Who TF cares about anything this “suave” douche blathers?

  • Atrueamerican10000

    Oh gee….how will I sleep tonight knowing Rosemay Clooney’s pretty boy nephew thinks I’m ignorant. I’ll sleep very well. lol

  • Nick

    I guess when you are a failure at your primary job, you have to talk about things you know nothing about.

  • RDaneel

    I’ll put my carbon footprint up against any of those Hollywood liberals and beat ‘em by a mile. When we’re all living in mud huts and burning cow patties to keep warm, George Clooney will be flying in his private jet, owning three mansions, just like his buddy Al Gore.

  • SorryAmerican

    This is how the Communist Liberals work. They ratchet up fear by making bold yet false statements that are pure and knowing exaggerations such as “Biggest Storm Ever” or “The Sky is Falling” or “Run Everyone and Hide, the Zombies are Coming.” Sound insane? It is. But that is how the Leftists work and we all know what they really want is to make us all their economic slaves.

  • Gary Pifer

    He just called me, one of his fans, stupid. Maybe I won’t see Gravity after all.

    • Vince Foster

      Yea I was trying justify going to see it too. A respected former astronaut reviewed (parts of it) and said they got close to reality.

      I rarely go to movies anymore because of dolts like Clowney, he should’ve kept his mouth shut.

  • Hank Seiter

    If man-made global warming is truly a reality that has very bad consequences for mankind, then why is this Lear Jet Liberal jetting about the world in the furtherance of his career chasing the almighty dollar? Hypocrite! Until members of the Global Warming cult begin living a lifestyle consistent with their global warming rhetoric, then they really have nothing to say to the rest of us.
    I’m not denying the planet might be warming (even though it hasn’t been warming since 1995 and recently some “climate scientists” (sic) said it may not warm over the next twenty years … sheesh!), but man’s contribution to the overall “climate change” lies somewhere between 1% to 5%. BTW, the dirty little secret is the global warming cult has way overestimated the effect of increased levels of CO2 on temperature rise. And another dirty little secret is though CO2 levels are presently 420 parts per million, there have been several times in Earth’s history where CO2 levels were 1800 parts per million without resulting in climate devastation. Clooney is just another snake oil salesman and has been huffing too much essence of unicorn in his later years.

  • Jetstar99999

    All have you have to know about these phony Hollywood “greens”: for example Mr Hybrid car himself”


    Notice how these rich, leftist, government worshippers ALL agree that man made global warming is real and that YOU must reduce YOUR carbon footprint by having less children, living in a smaller house, consuming less energy, using less water, traveling less, pay more taxes, eat less food, etc.
    Not THEM……YOU

    • sashamanda

      Surely, he doesn’t fly anymore?????

      • Vince Foster

        Shirley you can’t be serious?

        • sashamanda

          Don’t call me Shirley!

  • LouAnnWatson

    twist his head off…he doesn’t need it anymore.

  • TastesLikeEmu

    I’ll match my 30 years of scientific research background against Clooney’s any time or day.
    Man made global warming/Climate change is BS.

    A single storm is anecdotal, not evidentiary. Empirical evidence shows temperatures have been flatlined for 17 years or so and even those behind the UN’s attempt at social engineering admit that the cooling trend could last another 20 years. The most telling hint at the cluelessness of the UN folks was when they said the sun had a bigger impact on the weather than they had expected.

    You NEVER massage data to prove a hypothesis, you MUST change the hypothesis when empirical data raises questions. The UN considers data massaging to be SOP. This alone renders all of their reports to best suited for the Science. Fiction section of your local Half Price book store.

  • jaz

    Well, he is an actor so of course that means he’s an expert on everything and we should absolutely stick a live microphone in front of him whenever he desires to bless us with his brilliant pontifications.

  • roeck

    “Consensus” is not a word that relates to science. Science is based on provable facts. True believers like Clooney, who choose to join a “consensus” believing that human activity causes a significant change in climate rather than remaining skeptical of unproven theories are similar to members of a religious cult. His arrogance is evidenced by his labeling skeptics as, “stupid and ridiculous”.

  • yahyah

    no one cares about your opinion….just go play dress-up

  • suzy000

    We are such peons in the cycle of life. Huge huge dinosaurs….millions of them roamed the earth dropping their dung EVERYWHERE for millions of years until an “ASTEROID” took them out…NOT their own dinosaur global warming contributions. One extra large volcano erupting at full mass can infiltrate our atmosphere and do more damage than man could in 300 years….much more. Do we have an impact…of course we do but it is so miniscule compared to Mother Earth’s forces. Now cleaning up our rivers, seas, lakes and oceans is a whole other ball of wax. Humans do not need to live like pigs and dirty up our beautiful blue marble. This planet is unique and we need to take care of it just like anything else we value so we can pass on this exquisite masterpiece of rock we call HOME to our children and their children..

  • Nick

    Clooney went on to declare people that work for a living to be morons, lit a Cuban cigar , hopped in his 6000 pound 3 mile per gallon fossil fuel powered limousine , drove to the airport and fired up his 1000 gallon per hour fossil fuel powered private jet and flew off to watch the riot police in France gas some anti-tax protesters.

    • ItsJo

      Typical “Holly-woodhead” who says what OTHERS should DO, just NOT HIM and his equally looney Ilk-of other Holly-woodheads”

  • nickoury

    Be honest George, just drop the “C”.

    • biglou15


  • biglou15

    George – You went to college and earned what degree? Please, you Hollywood actors are good at regurgitating what others have written but have nothing on those who have earned degrees in science and engineering.
    I only have one question for you – Why are people boating on the Great Lakes instead of skiing down glaciers?

  • EdZachury

    Well I can tell you for sure that I won’t listen to someone who pretends for a living.

  • William Svoboda

    I did not realize that Mr Clooney had a degree in climatology, nor did I realize he did so much work studying climate. Or did he?, in fact he has no credentials in climate or weather. So who is ridiculous?

    • Nick

      ANd yet, he is one of the brightest minds on the side of the global warming religion. That says it all.

    • iloveblueberries

      Of course he knows about this stuff, he talked to Gore.

      • Nick

        Al Gore sold off the global warming religion franchise scam to Al Jazera

  • Liberace

    Is Clooney qu**r? Sure acts and sounds like it.

  • William R Hicks Jr

    Clueless Clooney. Another idiot celebrity… When we see energy costs skyrocketing due to all the crazy regulations coming from the EPA, I’ll be thinking of you George. You fascist enabler!

  • Petra99

    Another arrogant, closed-minded, rude, disrespectful Liberal…who, insults those with a different view. Perhaps he should look in the mirror.

    Oh, and so he knows, Asia has been wholopped by Typhoons for hundreds…thousands of years. He really is a moron.

  • cccdude

    This from a mental midget. How about you just shut up and make movies no body watches.

  • TNSnackman

    Who cares what an actor thinks anyway?

  • 0K

    Clooney: “If you have 99 percent of doctors who tell you ‘you are sick’ and 1
    percent that says ‘you’re fine,’ you probably want to hang out with,
    check it up for the 99. You know what I mean? The idea that we ignore
    that we are in some way involved in climate change is ridiculous. What’s
    the worst thing that happens? We clean up the earth a little bit?”

    Except that the “doctors” want to charge you a million dollars, and their “cure” consists of bleeding you. Maybe you should listen to the smart one.


    I love how all these man made global warming idiots reject religion (something I understand), yet they are too ignorant to understand that they embrace the oldest religion known to man……Gaia (earth) worship
    Clowns…..all of them

  • nickoury

    Be honest George, just drop the “C”.

  • robertmccabe

    I graduated college a summa cum laude and I am presently a surgeon at a California hospital.Man made global warming is a hoax.

  • Elmer FUD

    Modern liberalism is organized laziness and stupidity.

  • 0K

    And what’s with the worship of the 99 percent.?

    At one time there was pretty much a universal belief among scientists that the earth was flat. Didn’t make it so.

    • T S

      And, among those scientists actually competent to discuss climate matters, it ain’t 99%.

  • volitans

    The people who are really stupid are those like Clooney who believe that each isolated weather event, such as the typhoon Haiyan or Hurricane Sandy, is incontrovertible proof of climate change. These opinionated imbeciles don’t understand the difference between weather and climate, the latter requiring decades worth of data to determine if a trend is underway.

    • Vince Foster

      Hey the climate changed for a few days in the Philippines.


    Clooney needs to stop going goo goo all over himself The real stupidity is exists with the people who believe everything that crawls out of the mouth of the egotists in Hollywood who think they are smarter, healthier and more beautiful than everyone else. Just because Clooney is one of the beautiful people doesn’t mean he has a mind to match. Ole George can take his superior wisdom and hurl it where the sun don’t shine, way beyond Solarass.

  • Tangair

    This imbecile would do well to stay in the role-playing game. Or, you could attend a legitimate physical sciences course, paying attention during the first week to this not-so-little thing called, “The Scientific Method”.

    Or, if you can’t be bothered, have someone on your staff Google it and have them read it to you. Twice, perhaps.

  • ItsJo

    Hey Clooney-you disrespect OTHER OPINIONS and dare call them stupid and ridiculous? Priceless-Just shot yourself in the foot didn’t you when you look to those SAME people to buy Your stupid movie tickets? So who, is dumb here Loony? as YOU repeat lines from “truly talented writers who feed them to you.” You’ve been ‘acting COOL for far too long, as you think you ARE really COOL. Sean Connery IS cool- you are an Imitation.

  • hydtguy

    Gee George. When the poler ice cap covered all the way down to NYC some say 2 miles thick , the earth warmed and all of Canada was uncovered. Must have been SUV’s and coal fired electric plants. What? Man was not around yet?
    Mmmmmm. Could be the suns output changing over time….. Just a guess But My feeling is your a dumb
    @ss. Next time your in NYC, take a boat ride down the Hudson and ask how the Palisades were formed and how the NY harbor was gouged out from the breakout of a massive lake from the melted water from the ice cap.
    I’m sure Colony’s a nice guy, but, not so bright.

    • T S

      Archaeologists have determined that the ice age was caused by too many cavemen driving Priuses.

  • dylan214u

    George anybody that’s not from Hollywood is stupid. Oh wait a minute …you’re a Ky boy who made it big and wants everyone to believe that gives you a different insight to everything going on out here… Cute yes….smart???? not so much.

  • jgdp

    A “professional” actor by trade, man there’s an achievement… Go back to pretending you’re straight, some folks might bite that lie.

  • sunny

    Son, humans cannot stop what is going to be….. be we ignorant or genius, humans cannot stop Mother Earth… it global warming or global freezing. We will live with it or die. Such is life.

  • geo

    Yet another PHD from the University of Hollywood, speaks.

  • Freedom?

    I declare geroge clooney to be a high functioning retard.

  • Humidifier

    He’s going to play Al Gore in the upcoming mini series.

  • Hallmarks

    “I am not a climatologist… But i play one on TV” George C.
    Disclaimer… This is not an actual quote but has been presented to be satirical in nature.. Can’t be to careful poking fun at an easily offended liberal.

    • Vince Foster

      Jeez you misspelled libtard.

  • eramthgin

    This from someone who spends his life playing made believe. Why does anyone listen to him?

  • Vorant

    I suppose “Clowney” also believes Dinosaur farts caused their extinction.

    • Jim

      More methane is produced from Clooney’s mouth, than the whole history of dinosaurs.

  • Gracie66

    Right because that’s the first typhoon ever. They never had them hundreds of years ago. This is a new thing because of “climate change”. Did we ever have Noreasters? How about tornados? George Clooney is now a scientist too. Wow. A jack of all trades but you know what they say about them–master of none. I never did see what the big deal about him was.

  • Theotherbruce

    Hey George- credentials please? Oh and since you think I am stupid- FOAD.

  • model94

    I’m not a skeptic. It’s too weak a term. I flat-out reject the religion.

  • Nick

    Poor George is what the socialist manifesto defines as “one of the useful idiots”

    • ItsJo

      He’s ONE of ‘Commie Obammie’s Useful Idiots that spews what the Dear Leader thinks for years now.”

  • CitizenC

    All that warming we were told was going to happen back in the 1990s? Yeah, when can we expect to see the actual “warming” part of “global warming”?

    • Nick

      The global is not warming, so Obama is penning an executive order to order the climate to warm

      • argh32

        “The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No
        resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding
        of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls,
        nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of real substance. “

  • Mike Alberigi

    Excuse me. But I have a degree and a solid background that includes biology, physics and chem. Don’t call me stupid and ridiculous. Mere actor!

    • Jim

      He’s a mere actor who played a scientist. SO that makes him smart.
      BUT in real life, he didn’t even finish high school.

  • Downward_spiral2012

    Asswipe has not seen a dime from me in years looks like it will continue indefinitely…. brainwashed cultist fool

  • dlmstl

    Gee, what did you expect from a moonbat, Hollywood leftie? He needs to get back on the bus to Dafur. The problem there is real.

  • Dirk Digler

    “What’s the worst thing that happens? We clean up the earth a little bit?”

    Cleaning up the earth a little bit? Recycling? If it were only that simple. It’s actually about social engineering and taxing certain behaviors out of existence and creating a false parity amongst ‘world powers.’

    Who’s the stupid one?

    • Jim

      destroying coal, making everyone drive electric cars, making people eat only approved foods, making sure they can’t set their own thermostat, but all the while NOT even making a second glance at CHINA emitting more and more carbon. ITS Ok for them, just not us.
      THEY are idiots.

  • jgdp

    Ah, a timely warning from the specious being who is ohole’s West Coast body man. With that kind of background I wouldn’t believe cluny if he said the sky is up.

    • Toondrawer*35

      You’re right about that… think: the sky is all about point down & you point to the center of the Earth, China or Middle East & ? drum roll THE SKY ! So if Clooney says the sky is UP? Say NO it is all AROUND us. LOL

  • 729

    Clooney must be investing with Al Gore.

  • Kevin Taylor

    Just remember OBAMACARE,and those lies while they look you right in the face,it easy to declare sometime if you and your life style are effected by lies, do you think colonel has OBAMACARE, do you see him flying commercial jets, if he was so worried about the climate, why does he fly on a private jet that causes green house gases.

    • ItsJo

      Because Clooney is a typical Holly-woodhead Hypocrit. He wants OTHERS to make allowances-NOT HIM.

  • Clipper

    He doesn’t want to be confused with the facts. His mind is closed. I can remember when environmentalists were more afraid of global cooling.

  • mark830

    Clooney isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Have pity on him.

  • Nick

    LOL, remember back in the 70s when the Hollywood commies were screaming that mankind was facing extinction soon from the coming ICE AGE….. LMAO

    • Jim

      YEP, I was about 12 then and wanted my mom to take me to the store for a new coat and some skis. What happened? OH that’s right, scientist couldn’t account for it NOT happening, so they asked for more GRANT MONEY to ‘study’ the situation.


    How many of these “expert” scientists who claim man made global warming is real work at universities which receive MAJOR funding by the Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie foundations (all of which push for global carbon taxes)? How many of these professors are eager to receive tenure? How many rely on grants in order to continue their research? To not tow the company line would certainly put an end to both

  • Bahhahhah

    …and Clooney is irrelevant and ridiculous.

  • Tang

    Since I’m so stupid, perhaps Clooney could point to one GLOBAL WARMING study, prediction or model that has been accurate.

  • Theotherbruce

    I lived in Northern Kentucky for 2 years. George’s “lack of intellectual curiosity” was well known there. Good thing Aunt Rosemary came through with a job

  • WagTheDawg

    Looney Clooney does it again! He speaks from total ignorance and only to kiss political butt with his Hollywood home boys. What is it about pretty boys and their low IQs?

  • Miles to Code

    Yes, people who dare to question science are stupid and ridiculous. Isn’t that pretty much the basis of scientific discovery – scientists challenging accepted theories?

    • AtlasObjectivist

      You are correct, Clooney not so much.

    • Jim

      Except anyone who challenges THEIR side are idiots. ANYONE who agrees with them must be ”brilliant’. Idiots like him used to burn scientist at the stake for ‘witchcraft’ during the Dark ages.

  • mmmilesll

    Looney Clooney is a da and needs to learn to stfu about something he knows NOTHING about

    • Miles to Code

      Oh but he pretends to be other people for money. He’s an expert. Or maybe he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    • Jim

      10 to 1 Clooney couldn’t do basic algebra. Yet he is an ‘expert’ at Global Climate Change?
      TELL me Mr. Clooney, what SUVs did the dinosaurs drive to cause THEIR global warming?
      Global climate is caused by several factors. 1. Solar output. 2. Volcanic activity. 3. Location of the Earth in its Ellipse around our sun. And a few other small things. ONE of the smallest is the amount of CARBON, humans put into the atmosphere. Additionally CLIMATE change is a natural thing. Climate is NEVER stable. WE are still coming out of our last ice age. There have been ice ages before MAN, and will be more in the future. But it is never stable as the eco-idiots think.
      WITH that lesson, Clooney now knows 10,000 % more than he knew before I told him.

  • Porky Pig

    Clooney — not a rocket scientist but plays one in a movie — must have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  • Antiobamunist

    I forget, is it Global Warming or Climate Change?
    Probably the second because the first didn’t go to plan for the past 17 years or so.
    Does Clooney know that this has been the quietest Hurricane Season since Al Gore decided that the big bucks could be made deluding the Useful Idiots that believe in Global Warming?
    I will make sure to not spend one thin dime on anything involving Cllooney. Every time he opens his mouth there is more Globull Warming, with an emphasis on the Bull.
    I also love his Analogy about Doctors. It is fitting considering his Commie Buddy Obama is destroying the best Healthcare System in the world and replacing it with something akin to the systems used in Cuba and North Korea. I think they call it Gulagcare.
    BTW – if 99% of people think that Obama is a LYING POS, does that make the Idiots who agree with the 1% who don’t Obama Deniers?

    • Jim

      Idiot actors and idiot ex-vice presidents talk about “Global climate change”, then demand we all live in grass huts and ride bikes everywhere as we eat wheat germ.
      THEN the elitist actor and ex-vp jump on their private jets, head to their mansions and talk about how ‘great’ they are for fighting for “global climate change’.
      Can you say HYPOCRITES?

  • jnsesq

    It’s what liberals do: Ignore the merits of the message and attack relentlessly the messenger. Straight out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

    You’re a good Progressive, George. America needs fewer of you.

  • eyesjamesq

    Well that certainly is a strong arguement for me to change my mind.

  • seemorejustice

    I guess Clooney would know a perfect storm since he, as a stupid and ridiculous captain, sailed into one and lost his ship and got all he crew killed because he was stupid and ridiculous. Stupid and ridiculous seems to be Clooney ‘mo’ both on and off the screen!

  • argh32

    Look in the mirror Clooney. No one is more stupid or ridiculous than you and your buddy owebama.

  • NoIdiot

    Smell that George? That’s your head up your ….

  • AtlasObjectivist

    This Clooney guy is always good for a laugh. Not a bad actor, but man is he dumb as hell.

  • espy

    If I hang out in a room full of Republicans, chances are I’ll find 99% or more disagree with the President. If I hang out in a room full of Democrats, chances are 99% or more will disagree with Republicans. If George Clooney asks a bunch of scientists that support the Global Warming agenda, chances are 99% or more will agree that its mankind’s fault.

    Actors and politicians, heck everyone not a scientist needs to get out of the debate, and stop labeling those with dissenting opinions as “stupid,” “retarded,” etc.

    If I stand in a room with a bunch of people that agree with me, I’m never going to hear a dissenting voice which opens the way to intelligent debate.

    • Antiobamunist

      As Hillary screeched a while back, Dissent is Patriotic, unless you disagree with her.

  • Twoiron

    This guy calling ANYONE stupid and ridiculous is utterly stupid and ridiculous.

    How much did he get paid to show up for the lame-O space movie he made with Sandra Bullock? It couldn’t have taken him more than 10 minutes to learn his lines in that stinko movie.

    How many houses, planes, cars boats and electric appliances does Georgie Porgie have?

  • TPM

    Half of today’s progressive politicians say we have global warming. The other half say it’s (now) Global Cooling. Both groups are pushing for Climate Control Legislation which will give THEM control over new policies and taxes. THAT’S what this is all about. New taxes and pork chops to be distributed to “Friends of Obama.”

    Clooney’s still riding on the “short bus.” He doesn’t know what’s causing these storms, BUT he’s sure that Obama and his cronies have the answer. Someone needs to tell George that we’ve always had storms. They’re caused by … the weather 😮

  • espy

    Clooney hasn’t been taken serious since he attempted to emasculate Batman.

  • DryCreek

    Clooney blames the monster typhoon on global warming. If so, to what does he attribute the fact that ZERO hurricanes hit the US mainland this year? It was the lamest US hurricane season in decades.

  • Jim

    Said the high school dropout Clooney. YES, lets listen to the man who plays soldier, but isn’t one.

    • ItsJo

      Good post. Also reminds me what another actor, Tom Cruise said recently-that HIS job is JUST as dangerous as military….REALLY? HOW DUMB IS THAT Cruiser-do YOU have REAL BULLETS flying into your head or body…do YOU wind up with MISSING LIMBS-IF you survive?? Holly-woodheads like these genius types are what WE should all follow??? Yeah Right…what fools, and tools for Obammie.

      • Jim

        When Cruise can name ONE friend who actually died from combat, I will believe him. BUT his friends probably more likely died from following his stupid religion.

  • Mike

    Hey Clooney, try 99% of UN sponsored scientists support your warming theories along with anyone else posed to make a buck off it. Most of the rest scientists disagree or perhaps the largest ice sheets in years isnt proof enough?

  • ImRealistic

    I guess you all now realize we have been miss pronouncing George’s last name, it should be done with SILENT C !!!

  • Carl Danowski

    Sorry but who cares what he thinks anyway?

  • eyesjamesq

    Bill Nye The Science Guy is Clooney’s source.

  • Bsg Fowl

    Just like the people that warned you about Onumnuts being a fraud Georgie? We all know who looks stupid and ridiculous now.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    I’ve enjoyed some of Clooney’s movies, but when it comes to ideas, he’s a follower and a True Believer [see Eric Hoffer] — with the statist ring in his nose so that he knows where to go and what to think and say. Getting laid a lot makes him a genius, evidently, but if that is the standard, then I’m Albert Einstein. ~:<)

  • Richard McCargar

    Clooney’s argument that in the worst case, we “clean up the earth a little bit,” shows an alarming lack of understanding of the economic costs and damage to our economies by pursuing his agenda, to say nothing of the “lost opportunity” costs associated with government action.

  • laker12

    I thought this clown was lost in space, what the h–l is he doing back here.

  • auntielib

    Clooney is impotent, both intellectually and physically.

  • Craig Davis

    Clooney is easily influenced and blinded by his ideology.

  • michael s

    Mr. Clooney probably is unaware of previous ice ages on the planet. All of which occurred before humans and mini-vans were on the Earth.

  • GoFuckYourself

    Dear George,

    Please go pound sand,

    The Thinking People of America

  • ed357

    I’ll start believing in “Man Made Global Warming”……

    When the elites like Clooney, Kerry, and all……

    give up their limos, private jets, and mansions for the good of the planet……


    otherwise it’s just another scam to tax the peasants……

    because even with the “Carbon Credits Scam” , you can buy as many credits as you have money.

  • Discanon

    Well, George, there is a pretty good chance one of us us an idiot, and I’m pretty sure it’s the guy who thinks 99% of the world’s climate scientists really believe in man-caused climate change. Liberals like to make up huge numbers to make their phony points. And there are plenty of idiots like this guy who just lap it up like a thirsty dog….

  • JaBo

    Clooney….oh yes the washed up has been.

  • Mike Shapiro

    When did George Clooney become a climate expert? Furthermore, who gives a s**t what he thinks. He helped this disaster in the White House get elected.

  • I live in the Arctic for well over 30 years time – We live in a small remote village above the arctic circle 200 miles north.
    We live @ sea level – (gosh) .. .. The last time it flooded up here was in the early 1970’s.
    Global B.S. is very obvious – our ocean ice is the same as it was way back when – it goes in repeatable cycles which we keep track of because we live out on the ocean ice – for two months to harvest food in sub zero temps.
    NOTHING has changed up here one bit. If the sea levels rose – we would be the first to know it. Take a glass and fill it with as much ice as possible. fill the glass with water. Notice when the ice melts – water never spills !!! doh!!!

  • reddog

    And the horse you rode in on George …………….

  • otaycec

    Good old Dr. Clooney….

  • RummRunner

    Another Limousine liberal exposing his ignorance.

  • Hotshot111

    Boy, now I feel really bad. To be called stupid by this paragon of knowledge and analytical experience puts me down hard. On the other hand, I never tried to a analyze and reach conclusions based on fabricated or purposely modified data, especially when some of the data was hidden because it was embarrassing to that which I was trying to prove. I’ll try harder next time. Now, I have to go out and shovel my driveway (sarc)..

  • RobC2010

    George the scholar…I am sure he has only a Prius and never uses an airplane…

    The fraud of global warming exposed years ago, Hollywood and algore wish it wasn’t so.

    “Hide the decline, and pass the grant money….”

  • NikkiGirl

    Apparently things are much worse than we realize. According to a report this week, Al Gore scolded the Vatican for its use of smoke signals during papal conclaves.

  • jb80538

    Clooney is a looney liberal!

  • Maj Kong

    Oh no. I could’ve handled one, but “Stupid AND Ridiculous”, both. OH, THE HUMANITY! BTW, he looks like he has AIDs.

    • ItsJo

      Funny you mention that-I thought a while back Obama had it-especially when they said he lost SO much weight returning from Another Vacay in Hawaii,-called it a ‘stomach parasite’…..geez-wonder if Reggie Love
      HIS body man, had the SAME THING?

  • lou

    George needs to sell his Italian Villa and stop flying back and forth from Italy to Hollywood as these things are causing global warming and Al (Gump) Gore needs to sell his 10000 Sq. ft house to save energy. What low IQ hypocrites.

  • Tomper

    How come all global warming fanatics are left wing nutters?

    • Maj Kong

      Because the entire AGW theory is political, not scientific. It has essentially been elevated to that of a liberal religion. They have an entire belief system based on it.

    • gus

      Because they have rejected reason and logic, in favor of stupidity and popularity. They NEED a RELIGION.

      • Dan Flathers

        Well, there’s always the “religion” of Scientology! LOL!!!

  • PatrickHenryFan

    Here’s a dumbf*ck who had to do a high school equivalency to get into college so that he could drop out and use his great aunt Rosemary to get him some acting gigs. GC is the luckiest dope since Ringo Starr, except, of course, Ringo has talent (and enough brains to marry Barbra Bach). GC, the party is over and your movies suck.

  • lucyjune

    Mr Clooney seems like a very nice and kind person, from all the stories about him…never a bad word about him. That is so admirable in that cesspool of Hollywood. But I don’t think he would ever say anything that would jeopardize Obama’s agenda. Some of his statements seem a little on the silly side, but I think he is trying to be a loyal friend, which he seems to be to many people.

  • StanSki

    Typical jewboy bullsh*t. We’ll all freeze to death before we burn.

  • aTXn;D

    So george…
    Explain the 1900 hurricane that wiped out galveston….

    • Maj Kong

      I own a great book on that “Galveston The Horrors of a Stricken City”, by Murat Halstead, copyright 1900. It’s an amazing book written during the aftermath. It has many pictures I’ve never seen anywhere else. What a disaster!

  • gus

    Hey Georgie, IF you Mom had a mustache, she’d be your DAD.

  • omnibus

    How cute, an actor who thinks he knows something about science.

  • lopagus1

    just another hollywood idiot who struggles for relevancy. stick to reading scripts, chump.

  • eventhorizon

    Let’s add the facts. Is Clooney a scientist? No, he’s and actor…that’s a zero. Is Gore a scientist? No, he’s a washed up politician and journalist who flunked out of law school and divinity school. So, that’s another zero. Zero plus zero is still zero. So, is it stupid and ridiculous for someone like Clooney to discount all of the scientists who actively and firmly disagree with the politically correct socialist fascist manifesto on global warming – oops, climate change (sort of like saying cell dividing)? It seems to be a scientific certainty – loony Clooney is not only stupid, but he is also ridiculous. He is definitely someone to laugh at when he talks science.

    • gus

      Yeah, but Clooney is really cool and CHIX dig him!!

      • Candace Spencer

        gus, you must be one of those ‘low information voter’ types I keep hearing about.

        • gus

          Why is that Candace?? I was being facetious.

      • atillathehunney

        I’m a chix… and… ummm, no thanks.

  • Dan Flathers

    “If you have 99% of actors say Obama is a good president and 1 percent that says ‘he is awful,’ ….

  • VHG1

    And of course he bases this on his years in scientific research with Cher as his mentor and assistant?

  • Docs Boy

    What makes Clooney an authority on global warming? Where are his credentials? Other than another hard left winger from Hollywood. The only credit you can give his opinion is that he touts his parties line. He probably supports all UN mandates as well.

  • gus

    Why is Georgie Porgie AGAINST SCIENCE???


    The ruling class of the ancient druids were made up of priests, politicians, lawyers, medicine men, judges, soothsayers, etc.. They ruled all of Europe for thousands of years. One particular sect of this ruling class were the Magi. They carried wands and were believed to be able to cast spells on people. This is where the word magician comes from. These wands were made from the wood of Holly trees. This is where Hollywood gets it’s name from. Hollywood likes to brag about how it creates it’s films using “Hollywood magic” (special effects, mis-direction, editing, lighting, etc.) Disney even portrays Mickey Mouse as a wizard who carries a wand and casts spells on the audience.

  • shooter2009

    Clooney is proof that one does not have to possess a brain to be an actor.

  • morecowbell21

    liberals have never had much use for facts.

  • Casey Brown-Myers

    What a freaking moron. These Hollywood idiots will fall for any hoax that comes their way.

  • Sean

    Hes an actor, basically paid to lie…hes good at “acting” like he is informed and educated…lol george clooney why is this even news…

  • gus

    I have NEVER seen any WORK that George Clooney has ever done. He’s a clown. He is ROCK HUDSON for our generation. What is GEORGE CLOONEY’S expertise or talent??

    • Maj Kong

      Rock Hudson? You mean Gay?

      • gus

        No way!!! You mean Rock Hudson was gay??? No WAY. Next you’ll tell me that LIBERACE was gay.

        • mehovaldez

          tell me it’s not so.

        • mehovaldez

          LIBERACE was gay?

          • gus

            No, but he was REALLY REALLY HAPPY alot.

  • Clay Lovett

    Hey George, this isn’t the strongest storm ever in the pacific. A simple search of the Internet would have shown this.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    After his remarks, the star board his private jet for parts unkown around the world…

  • James Tanner

    Weather activity on Earth is due to the sun’s solar activity not fossil fuel. I’m tried of the lies so the elites can push carbon taxes. The solar activities have been effecting other planets in the solar system too. I guess it’s because people r driving cars on Venus, Jupiter, and mars.

    • gus

      What “activity” are you referring to James. The “GLOBE” has not gotten “WARMER” in 15 years. THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING.

      • James Tanner

        U must have comprehension problems. I never said anything about global warming. I’m referring to climate change.

  • oceanluvr30

    Oh, so Clooney spoke and we are supposed to be IMPRESSED! The friggin guy reads lines, is a Cary Grant wannabe and his comment and OPINION is no more important that the janitor’s comment at Walmart.

  • atillathehunney

    On the upside– George is aging, occupies himself with young girls… but THANK gawd he is not reproducing. Winning!!!

  • David Kachel

    What is it about actors that makes them think they know everything??!!!
    And the more they think they know, the more stupid they really are!!

  • gus

    Massive unemployment, 50 million on foodstamps. GEORGE hasn’t noticed OBAMA MADE MISERY. But the dimwit has noticed ONE TYPHOON.

  • Vote Cruz

    The irony of his remark is almost poetic.

  • gary lacey

    The vote tally is in and Clooney, bringing up the rear, has just iced it. Actors are NOT and I’m going to be kind, Not the sharoest knives in the drawer.

  • MichaelKennedy

    Well he is an expert at that.

  • Beavereater

    Hey George, when was the last time you saw a penny that came out of my pocket? That’s what I thought. No wonder everyone wants to come to America, even total idiots can get rich here.

  • BJM1899

    Clooney in La-La land…

  • poop

    this is coming from a man who makes a living by ‘acting’…..anybody with a spouse can do his job.

  • JimmieMee

    Ah yes the great intellect george of hollywood speaks

  • mehovaldez

    Clooney is loony

  • Geoff Caldwell

    Well of course you’d find it stupid Georgie. Without your Auntie’s name you’d be just another poor wannabe. Forget your ideology for just a minute or two and follow the money. Yes, there’s “climate change” but sorry to burst your oversized “scientific” ego, this little ol 3rd Rock from the Sun has been going through climate change for just a few million years longer than you’ve been taking up space.

  • TomTruthteller

    Members of the far left always have the same view of those who live outside their cloistered worlds. They make personal attacks when someone doesn’t walk in lock step with their realities. Clooney is a prime example. He ignores the opinions of many of the world’s most respected climatologists just because their opinions don’t fit the narrative. Those on the left who will force their worldview on the rest of the world see themselves as the world’s intellectuals. They look down their noses at those who disagree with them and the only conclusion for them is that those people must be “stupid” and “ridiculous.” If you are of superior intellect, you believe in man-made global warming. If you don’t drink the Kool-aid, you must be of inferior intelligence.

  • Al

    Back at ya’ buddy!

  • noseitall


    The very rich people desperately want nothing to change. They want to remain at the top. They don’t care how much more in taxes the middle class has to pay in order to preserve the position the rich currently occupy.


  • jhpoland

    George is now the Ted Danson of Hollywood Eager to Display to show he is an Ideolog..Not someone who knows the FACTS..He is instead someone who Believes what he Wants To, in Spite of the Facts..And If YOU are swayed by Facts….He says..YOU are Stupid !!

    • teddie77

      My guess is that if his investments were exposed, you’d find much money invested in solar, etc. As does Gore.

  • deltaisready

    Oh look, here’s George leaving his chauffeur driven Mercedes and boarding his private jet for France.

    Not to worry though, he drives a $125,000 Tesla electric car to reduce his carbon footprint. Oh wait, he just sold that.

    Freakin’ fraud.

    • gus

      BATTERIES? Discuss the carbon footprint and damage to GAIA by mining zinc.


    The only warming that is man made comes from HAARP
    It is a proven fact that it can create earthquakes, storms, clouds, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, and even raise/lower temperatures.
    THERE is your man made global warming you leftards

  • teddie77

    Hey, George, the problem with ur analogy is that 99% of scientist did not say there is global warming. Apparently, George, never studied or even heard of the hockey stick theory that was disproven and to be false.

  • mitchie124


  • Aegis

    We have heard from the great mental…
    I’m surprised he took time out of his MENSA meeting.

  • Joe Consumer

    And he once played Batman in a rubber suit with nipples, so he knows stupid and ridiculous….

    • teddie77

      Anything for money. How much has he invested in companies that depend on global warming? Like Al Gore does.

  • acronymous

    What is stupid is the notion that the climate is changing because the sun is “entering a galactic cloud”. Anybody can just look up into the night sky and see that it’s not cloudy on a clear night. We’re NOT inside a nebula. We’re not NEAR a nebula. And if we were, so what? Nothing in the relation between our own solar system and others, all several light years away, can change on any scale of mere thousands of years. [Barring a nearby supernova. Which we would, like, know about.]
    Clooney can be an arrogant jerk but he’s right about the stupidity of thinking that global warming is not real. And he’s right that pretty much the whole scientific community agrees that CO2 really is a greenhouse gas, that atmospheric CO2 levels are up from where they were before the industrial revolution and rising, and that this rise must cause a rise in average world temperatures—one that will not be good for us.
    The fine details of exactly how bad it will get, and exactly how soon, are not settled science. But that’s beside the point. One doctor tells you you might live six months without surgery, another says seven months. Do you say, ahh, forget it? They don’t know what they’re talking about?

    • Hoof Hearted

      So many words to sum up one. Stupid.

  • teddie77

    George is embarrassing himself

  • HidingandWatching1

    If you have nothing to say and want badly to say it, then all the words in all the dictionaries will not suffice. – Eric Hoffer

  • BJM1899

    Global Warming is a religion. Clooney and Gore are at the top… same way Tom Cruise and Will Smith are at the top of Scientology…

    • gus

      Gore has one religion. GORE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      • teddie77

        Ask George to expose how much he has invested in this industry?

    • Aladdin Sane

      Al Gore is looking to top L. Ron Hubbard’s record.

  • notafan

    George must of been smoking pot with Molly.

  • Aladdin Sane

    Well, if George Clooney says so, I’ll have to surely rethink my position. Isn’t he that guy from the intellectual thriller, “From Dusk Till Dawn”, with Cheech Marin?

  • teddie77

    Another leftie who believes in redistribution by climate control being that we could turn off everything and it wouldn’t make an iota of difference if all other countries do nothing anyway.
    Weather goes in cycles.

    • gus

      Georgie Girl just wants to pretend to be relevant. In an expensive suit, GEORGE almost looks intelligent!!! KOOOOOOL.

  • dee

    clooney is an aging ‘pretty’ boy, vapid and superficial, who opens his mouth to try to show depth. takes more than a 90 IQ, george, to express a comment that is listened to. shut up.

    • gus


      • dee

        thanks for the smile.

        • gus

          You’re welcome friend.

  • bumpkin

    Poor Georgie. How embarrassing for him. The worst of it is, because he is a public figure, we will remember him forever, much like we do the traitor Jane Fonda. George is a tool for Obama, of course. Recall when Obama, right around when he was first shoved into the WH, said that he would use Hollywood to help him reach his goals for the ‘fundamental transformation’ (yep, right into communism) of America? Yeah. They are capitalizing on the fact that Mother Earth is finally righting herself to ‘norm’ since the last mega disaster that caused the last ice age. How do I know? Do you ‘big kids’ remember having to learn about Earnest Shackleton, who got within a hundred miles of the South Pole, but had to turn back r/t starvation? Do you remember what his party found? Shackleton’s party found a seam of coal aprox 8 feet thick near the top of Beardmore Glacier. According to the fossils and leaf impressions,

    Antarctica was once teeming with life. “The best leaf impressions and the most obvious were in the rotten clumps of weathered coal which split up easily to sheath-knife and hammer. Every layer of these gave abundant vegetable remains. Most of the bigger leaves were like beech leaves in shape and venation in size, a little smaller than British beech.” On the Palmer Peninsula are traces of fig leaves, sequoia, and an evergreen called araucaria that grows to 150 ft tall, and still grows in South America. At Mount Weaver, very near the South Pole, is a petrified log a foot and a half in diameter, aged from the Jurrasic period. So, there were pine forests, swamps, and fern jungles in Antarctica in the past. Now that Mother Earth is finally repairing herself, and is melting off all that horrific ice caused by a terrible event that likely killed the dinsoaurs, SOMEONE wants to make a bunch of money on it, off you, by screaming “…Global warming and its all YOUR fault! We MUST tax you because of it! We MUST! (so I and my commie friends can get rich, of course)” I realize global warming IS, but its solar-system-wide, and is not a terrible event; its repairing our Earth back to her swampy, warm self, that was once so abundant it can grow dinosaurs on the South pole! So, Georgie likely got a call from the L.I.C., and likely promised LIC he’d make a statement about global warming for him. -You see, the UN Agenda 21-supporting governments cannot tear our way of life down around our ears in order to make the Earth their personal, private park, if we all realize that Earth is healing, not falling apart. We wouldn’t fall for it. I suspect that a tropical paradise needs to have more moisture in the air over all the Earth, like our humid jungles do now, so I suspect the oceans will first rise, to adjust for the melting ice from off the frigid poles, then will again fall, even further than they are now, in order to push more moisture into the atmosphere, which is needed for tropical air. (can you JUST imagine the changes to the mighty Sahara?!) We will warm up, but its Earth’s NORM, and it is solar-system-wide. Other planets are also having superstorms, etc. Obama and Co cant stop it. Just ask the dinosaurs -Well, had they not been destroyed by the mega disaster that befell them, one could research it. Considering Murphy is my boon companion, its likely we will have another mega disaster, at some point, soon, -Earth-timeline-speaking, and Earth will start the cycle all over again. Just realize that Obama and Co forcing us to give them MORE tax money will not stop Earth from making her changes back to normal. Too bad Georgie can’t think for himself. So, had he bothered to mention that the dreaded Global warming is actually a blessed Global Healing, I might have felt that he had some credence.

  • Telling it as it is

    Global skeptics determine that Clooney is “stupid” and “ridiculous.”



    (but so long as you buy these carbon credits, you can keep on destroying it)

    • Aladdin Sane

      Carbon credits are the “plenary indulgences” of warmism. Al Gore is the pope.

  • choomster

    Typical of leftists. They have always thought they were smarter then us shoeless, dumb rubes. Pathetic.

  • rscott

    Don’t care what has been actors think about anything….

  • Lighthorse51

    It may be that Hollywood celebrities are the most intelligent scientists in the world but, I doubt it. It may be that only Hollywood celebrities are capable of understanding scientific explanations about climate change but, I doubt it. And it may be that the scientific community speaks to the Hollywood community with one, indisputable voice without any credible dissent but, I doubt it. For hundreds of years the scientific method was developed by framing doubt as a question. In the case of “global warming” in its previous manifestation or “climate change” in its current PR framework, the presumption is that man is causing devastating effects on the planet that will completely destroy the ecosystem in 5, 10, 20, or 50 years (there is no consensus on how long the worst case scenario will take to develop) In addition the only possible remedy is to give governments untold billions of every nation’s GNP for “right thinking” people to begin to make amends. But there is consensus on the fact that even if we spend this money it won’t change the outcome by 1%. If we can’t significantly change the outcome, why spend the money? Why not spend it on developing the economy and crops that thrive in changeable climates? Why does the Left always want to take little peoples money and give it to the government? Sure they always say “tax the rich”, but do the math, who really pays? It will always be the little average guy that the megalomaniac want to control

  • mollypo

    KLOOOONEY is a real expert now isn’t he. I guess he needs some attention.

  • They don’t call them our over indulged underclass for nothing. Start the conversation by asking him about natural coal seam fires and see if he has a clue.

  • Thetruth1010

    Is this the same George Clooney that will leave to go home in his G4 or G5 jet? And live in 5 or 6 homes that use all kinds of carbon? Go live in a cave George…then throw this garbage around. And by the way, why was it warmer in 1100 AD when there were about 5 Billion few people and no cars, jets, cows, coal plants?? No answer

  • drnv

    If man is the main cause of climate change, why does NOAA show that roughly every 100,000 years this warming cycle occurs? “One of the most remarkable aspects of the paleoclimate record is the strong correspondence between temperature and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere observed during the glacial cycles of the past several hundred thousand years. When the carbon dioxide concentration goes up, temperature goes up. When the carbon dioxide concentration goes down, temperature goes down. A small part of the correspondence is due to the relationship between temperature and the solubility of carbon dioxide in the surface ocean, but the majority of the correspondence is consistent with a feedback between carbon dioxide and climate. These changes are expected if the Earth is in radiative balance, and are consistent with the role of greenhouse gases in climate change “.

    • Hoof Hearted

      Please don’t confuse the Hollywood intelligentsia with petty things like facts.

  • Cauffiel

    I declare George Clooney’s movies badly overrated.

  • thrukhe

    “In wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Actor George Clooney declares global warming skeptics to be ‘stupid’ and ‘ridiculous’”
    I declare George Clooney to be ‘stupid’ & ‘ridiculous’!

    • gus


  • Diogenes13

    who is George cLooney? He’s a “fool” … a societal jester paid to entertain the masses. As his life is one of fabricating personalities he searches for what he thinks will make him intellectually relevant by expounding on issues so as to create value for his existence. He lacks self esteem for having no value other then to be “watched” by others for entertainment. Please understand and forgive his attempt at relevancy.

  • Hoof Hearted

    Time to impeach the Liar in Chief ^

    Daydream about un zipping his p ants v

  • wait for flash

    Obama’s American Chickens…

    A story told of Stalin… While giving a speech, he held a live chicken under his arm. During his speech, he plucked the chicken until it was bleeding and clean of all feathers. As his speech came to an end, he dropped the chicken to the ground. When the chicken hobbled over to Stalin’s foot and leaned against him for support, Stalin said… “This is how you control people.”

  • Awakened

    George….’it is far better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.’ Typical Lib/Prog nonsense; they hear something, they parrot it. I’m sure he’s done due diligence and confirmed the science before he opened his piehole, cuz he’s a friggin genius! Just ask him. He couldn’t balance a basic chemical equation, but he’s sure that AGW is fact. Another useful idiot cheering for his own enslavement.

  • Roseann

    I don’t have much but I would give it all to beat this fucking asshole to death.

    • Captain Barack Schettino

      Don’t hold back how you really feel Roseann 🙂

    • Corpseman57

      And I thought they ticked me off…

  • Hawkdriver1961

    SMUG ALERT!!!!

  • JoeBroe

    For God’s sake man! Stick to acting. Unless you have a Master’s in this field, preferably a Doctorate degree, STFU man! What’s next? Making comments about nuclear fusion or brain surgery because you read a book????

    • Captain Barack Schettino

      Since he got started on the TV Show “ER”, in his own mind, he probably thinks he already was a doctor.

      • JoeBroe

        Ya know…your probably right..

  • al

    C-looney was not around in the 1950’s. In ’52 it froze everything solid in South Texas. I worked in the fields in 1958 when it was 108 every day and we stopped every thirty minutes to pour the sweat out of our boots. In 1962 it froze the ocean at Padre Island and they chipped fish out of the ice…and it killed nearly all the citrus…some of which were planted in the ’20’s. Average winter temps there were 57 degrees and average summer was high 90’s. It has not been that hot since nor that cold. The same thing can be said around the world. S**t happens all the time.

  • John S

    So George Clooney is now a climatologist, I think he getting science confused with his acting in movies.

  • OutInTheOC

    George……..please close your mouth before it really gets you into trouble…………….your an actor……..nothing more……nothing less!

  • Cecillia

    Who, in God’s Green Earth, pays attention to these “celeb morons” – ?

  • Donald Mcclure

    This is the big intellect that thinks BO is a good leader. Spare me any other opinions he has on anything else.

  • Bam Bam

    Hey Clooney, climate change has been occurring naturally for over 4.5 billion years and will continue to do so idiot.

  • Tigerclaw1


  • Cecillia

    So many of the “hollywood elite” cannot string two sentences together unless they have a script sitting on their laps.

  • Steve Daily

    Whenever I forget that Clooney is mentally retarded, he opens his mouth and reminds me.

  • akjim99

    He probably read it on the internet, so it must be true.

  • chronovisor

    yeah cause the world has NEVER experienced a typhoon before, right libtard? btw WHERE did you earn you “science/climatology” degree again georgie?? hey stick to “acting” something you are mildly successful at , doucher

  • dont_bring_me_down

    I dunno about you guys but I can’t wait for ocean’s 2134027

  • Brad

    He’s still an actor right?

    • Cecillia

      He’s still an actor – LEFTIE.

  • MaroonVee

    The greatest recorded cyclone/typhoon was Nancy in 1961, and hit Japan at 215mph. Did you know that clueless Clooney?
    We have only been meansuring wind speeds for under 100 years.
    Clueless clown.

    • Cecillia

      Text message to George from:
      Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring of the Howdy Doody Show
      Each Season has its own weather pattern – duh!

  • GI Joe

    Please expect us to boycott you & your crappy films, and all the other jackarse pinko actors that are not happy making their $20,000,000 per movie & keeping their pie hole shut. They now have to tell us what to do, just like the jack arses in the Washington.

  • cougarman01

    Who cares what he thinks just another phony talking head from Calipornia. It’s a chemical imbalance in his brain like with all Liberals.

  • dont_bring_me_down

    Wait a minute… I’ve seen this movie already….

    The first rogue tsunami that hits in 2 days definitely kills Clooney.

  • pugwis

    Jeez! Give the guy a break. He is an actor – AN ACTOR – and not a very good one. He has an actor’s mentality and intelligence. These are people who support Obama. You can’t get more ridiculous than that. You can judge their mental competence by the fact that they alienate half the population of America whenever they open their mouths outside of a movie, and often within one. Anyone who spits at half their customers isn’t thinking too clearly if their goal is to promote their product.

  • BustNuts

    George shut your mouth your stupid! 400 scientists have already signed a white paper stating mankind has little to no effect on global warming George. Oh by the way when are you coming out of the closet like Rock Hudson. That will be much more interesting than you blowing your lips about warming azzz hole.

  • TNsteve

    Clooney probably has a high level of science training, right? No, he is just a self important actor full of BS that thinks he is smarter and knows more than he does in life about anything, much less global climate. Of course, anyone one of us can investigate , read reports and draw our own conclusions. I would call that smart not stupid, but of course, liberals are the most intolerant people and are the only ones who KNOW things and can think.
    I have seen a Russian report . that states the Earth has cooled for 10 yrs and they expect it to cool for another 250 to 300 yrs. 98% of the climate is controlled by the ocean and the sun, man accounts for 2%. No one should pollute, but carbon credit schemes which western guilt ridden countries transfer wealth to other countries, brokers make billons ( Soros and Gore own some broker companies) and the largest countries, e.g., China and India are exempt. The greatest Ponzi scheme in history which counts on the guilt of the west. The EPA decides this year that CO2 is a pollutant, which will let them regulate almost everything. Trees use CO2 to make O2 and levels have been higher , the earth hotter and then we had an ice age, but never mind the facts. Clooney has spoken, so why think for yourself and why look at facts. Millions of years ago the Earth has 10 degrees hotter and CO2 levels were higher. Then we had an ice age where NYC was covered in SIX miles of ice. The scientist have told us these things and that the Earth goes in cycles and that continues, which may be affected by outside forces at times. Meteors, volcanoes , etc. It seems like arrogance for man to think after 3.5 to 4 billion years and many climate shifts now man is the major factor. The ocean levels have been 400 feet lower and higher, before MAN.

  • IndianaMatthew

    Just another Obama Butt Buddy…

  • frigu

    Last I heard he was a second rate actor and not an authority on climate or science, so why do reporters rush to Hollywood imbeciles like Clooney asking for their opinion. No on cares what his opinion is on anything so he really should just STF up and try to be a better actor because as an actor he sucks.

  • Etickets

    Why won’t Al Gore debate a warming skeptic?

    • CashMcCall

      Because it is not about science but hysteria and mental illness.

  • CashMcCall

    Global warming skeptics on the other hand called Clooney ignorant. All I can say is I bet those Philippines wished they paid that carbon tax to Obama, The great weather God might have spared them.

  • Ezer Album

    His and Dicraprio’s private jets’ excessive use caused the global warming….

  • Reason8200

    Science isnt a concensus. It is or it isnt. If 1 % of the data is disproving your hypothesis, than one must look for reason why. The global warming environmentalist wackos are getting behind a political movement, not science. If you do believe in global warming why do you people always look to use government to steal other peoples money and freedoms. If CO2 is a problem, why not just plant things that are green. Green plants take in CO2 for photosynthesis and release O2….problem solved.

  • Ruger 454

    Hey, this guy is an actor and everyone knows that actors know everything. Yet they make a living by pretending to be someone they are not. That would make princess Obama an actor also.


    A true believer he is. This is a religion not science. Clooney must have missed the day his science class where they explained the scientific method. If he had been there, he would know the scientific method does not describe a vote,.

  • Clooney is as vapid as Owl Gore. Another uneducated rich and privileged loser. His movies suck so bad I guess he has to shoot his mouth off elsewhere.

  • bramo

    He’s right, people who deny man made climate change are idiot scum.

    • JoeBroe

      Keep drinking the kool-aid
      Starch your brown shirt
      Learn how to click your heals
      Make a list of those who oppose you

      Read a history book. It was only some 70 years ago that people in a country really did do this….

      • Dan Delgado

        And it was the 1970s when many of these of same global chicken littles were blaming man for global cooling.

      • bramo

        You make no sense, but I expect as much from a slack jawed, mouth breathing yokel. Keep cramming your fat face full of Jimmie Dean sausage and frozen corn dogs you Walmart zombie.

        • John

          yokel ism………walmart ism……….pretty ugly

    • John

      Classic examples of idiot ism and scum ism………..stop being a hater

  • Jesse Schoeder

    “Holy greenhouse gas Gay Batman!”

  • Dan

    So George Clooney, the Broadcast Journalism dropout, knows more than someone with a B.S. and M.S. in a physical science [significant coursework in meteorology, climatology, oceanography] from a recognized university.

    So sorry George, I’m a qualified professional. You are nothing more than someone who emotes on command.

  • Jesse Schoeder

    Hey George, those aren’t the Facts of Life.

    stop lyin’

  • John McGee

    We had the big solar convention here in Vegas a couple of months back. The only time I have seen more private jets at the airport, is on Super Bowel Weekend. Climate Change is only important for the non elites

  • schmuck281

    Obviously Clooney will demonstrate his belief in Global Warming by showing the way. He will reduce his Carbon Footprint to no more than that of the average Filipino peasant.

  • Geoff

    George buddy…if global warming is a fact, it’s a fact because of people like YOU. You own how many houses and estates? You log how many miles jet setting around? You, Al Bore, and the rest of the 1% in America, do more damage to the environment, burn through more resources, than the rest of us combined. Then have the gall to come whining to us “that something needs to be done”.

    You put more carbon in the air, than thousands of other Americans combined…and that’s just from your flapping mouth. So do the world a favor, and shaddup already.

  • BMB

    Wow! The top scientist has spoken. How can there be any doubt left after that?

    Sadly the real irony of the matter is that most of them, “scientists”, are on Clooney’s level.

  • BadWhisky

    Just what we should do, listen to another actor with an 8th grade level of education and a 3 year old mentality.

  • bubbinator

    Clooney is the useless Hollywood libtard who has no credentials to spout this line, is as uneducated or little educated as most of the stupid dimwits who are wasting their money on his movies. I have never wasted a dime on one of his movies and never will.

  • spider

    Why are all the so called ‘leading men’, not men? What a bunch of sissy girls.

  • elcal

    “Stupid” and “ridiculous”? Well isn’t that funny, that’s what I think about you and your movies. (That I stopped going to a long time ago”

  • Blotto

    Clowney is just another dumbocrat with an ego the size of Manhattan. Pay no attention to the fool.

  • John

    ‘The idea that we ignore that we are in some way involved in climate
    change is ridiculous. What’s the worst thing that happens? We clean up
    the earth a little bit?” Wait a minute George, that sounds like you are walking back your previous absolute certainty that climate change is solely man made. Now we are just “involved” ? And the worst that can happen is that we clean up the earth a little bit? How do we do that, institute anti energy, anti growth policies that the rest of the industrialized world will ignore? Please don’t tell me America has an important leadership role to play in setting global direction on climate, that smacks of American exceptionalism.

  • Where did he amass his educational credentials? Oh maybe it was that prestigious global warming school Northern Kentucky University that he attended for a year or two to study broadcasting. WOW what a background, just like the rest of the lying progressive lefties who tell us the the sky is falling or maybe he went to school with his buddy obozo that no one can find any records on either.

  • Walker

    George Clowny hopes and prays for a natural disaster so he can preach global warming and feel like a super hero. It doesn’t get more pathetic than that.

  • PatriotWarMonger

    Well then, I guess the science really is settled, now that George has spoken up?

  • Torch1952

    George needs to stare at the sun for a few minutes to get a clue.

  • Drosack

    George Clooney needs his ass kicked.

    • tornado925

      George Clooney needs his ass licked.

      • lopagus1

        beautiful…that’s funny. too bad obama’s tounge wasn’t out of his mouth…ha ha.

  • George must have the same ‘science advisers’ that worked on his last movie… You know- the one that defied orbital physics and basic NASA procedures and rules for ‘dramatic effect’! These climate snake-oil Salesmen think that a few lies and wholesale misrepresentation are OK because it’s all for ‘the greater good’.

    “I’m not a COMPLETE idiot, but sometimes I play one during press junkets and photo-ops’…

  • Adam 12

    The polar ice caps on Mars are melting too… obviously man-made warming from all the probes we have sent. Do a search on “Mars polar ice caps”.

    • christine

      Just so long as Mars Bars don’t start melting. That would be tragic.

  • TheLiberalEater

    Does anyone really care what this bag of jiz thinks?

  • Scott Bussinger

    The earth has always had warming and cooling cycles. We are currently at the end of a warming cycle. These cycles follow SUN activity and always have. This is why in Greenland 2,000 years ago it was warm then it cooled down. Ever hear of the mini ice age 400 years ago? In the 70’s the big scare was the next ice age. The same knuckleheads that were warning about cooling are now warning about warming and in 10 years they will be the same knuckleheads warning about cooling. They are already confused because the data suggest warming has stopped and now have changed the verbiage to ‘climate change’ . By the way these are the same idiots that hang out with the bozo’s that have brought us Obamacare.

  • RockDad Rice

    Looney Cooney.

  • tcp53

    I’m certain the 12 years of schooling he got in Kentucky makes Mr. Clooney an expert……The truth is, the Earth’s average temperature has been stable for 16 years, even as CO2 has continued to climb. CO2 as “pollution” is bunk, perpetuated for the purpose of “redistributing wealth”. The CO2 level on Earth is currently 400 microatmospheres. In past time periods (e.g.- Jurassic period), sometimes thousands of years long, it has been anywhere from 6,000 to 30,000 microatmospheres. In fact, during the 4,000 YEAR long Holocene Climate Optimum, the planet was almost 40 degrees (F) WARMER than it is now! Somehow, the planet didn’t “boil over” as the Affirmative Action Kid hyperbolized recently. Now THAT’S an “inconvenient truth”……

  • tornado925

    global warming skeptics claim George Clooney to be stupid and ridiculous.

    • Kristopher Schindler

      There has to be Global Warming happening, for it’s always warm in Clooney’s house from all the hot air he spews!

  • RockDad Rice

    Why does Cooney wear a beard and mustache? To hide the stretch marks on his lips.

  • Maj Kong

    It’s Veteran’s Day. Thanks to my father, brother and all the veterans out there. THANK YOU.

  • BajaDreamer

    Someone tell George three things.

    First – Even the experts have said that the warming stopped at least 15 years ago, and non of the IPCC’s dire predictions of doom and gloom have come to pass.
    Second – One storm does not global warming make. Tell him that the U.S. is currently having the lowest frequency of tornadoes in 60 years and ask him if that indicates global warming. Then explain that the Atlantic has been having a run of the mildest hurricane seasons in decades.
    Third – Tell George to go suck some more Algore!

  • Retired_Disabled@55

    What qualifications or credentials does Mr. Clooney possess that his opinion rates consideration beyond any other lay person? My opinion is that he needs to familiarize himself with the fundamentals of scientific inquiry, then use that new found knowledge to re-evaluate the climate change data that exists today. In addition, he might take a basic course of study in economics to familiarize himself with the concept of marginal costs, marginal benefits, opportunity costs, how limited/finite resources are allocated in our society, and why priorities that benefit the greatest number people must be established. Mr. Clooney is certainly not a person incapable of learning something new, and I think he is capable (with additional education and an open mind) of separating the the elements of truth and falsehood presented with this topic.

  • Andrew Arnold

    I say let this moron keep spouting off. His glaring lack of familiarity with the topic is as obvious as an avalanche. His mentally deficient sycophants already hold in lock step with him, but people who have a kernel of independent thought will be swayed to reason after hearing him pontificate on this issue.

  • CRO

    I expect juggling and Shakespeare in the park from actors and thespians. Not opinions from rich douche bags.
    F-off clowney! You douche bag piece of sh*t. Thank-you in advance.

  • Tom Smith

    If I want a conclusive scientific report on a given topic, I always look to the Hollywood pseudo-intellectuals for their learned, logical conclusions. But seriously, folks, when you pay someone 20 million dollars to star in a movie – which is marketed with the intent to fleece your 12-18 year old children out of their allowances – after a while, the recipient of that 20 million begins to think that their intellectual prowess is commensurate with their income. Their agent lied to them.


    Is Clooney going to don a loin cloth jump about and contort around a open fire, maybe yell out the guttural names of some lost god’s he has discovered in his search for wisdom….?

  • christine

    I declare George Clooney to be “stupid” and “ridiculous”. I am a man-made global warming/cooling/change denier. I use real science to draw conclusions, not consensus science or theories looking for evidence.
    When the government starts manipulating the jet stream, I’ll jump on board.

  • Mike

    It’s one thing to say global warming is real, but quite another to think we have anything significant to do with it. In other words, name-calling Prom King George Clooney believes we can change the weather. That’s just barking mad.

  • David Peabody

    Well with enough tax dollars and regulation we could end global cooling or warming or “Climate change”…
    Did Clooney get to the award show by flapping his wings?
    This man creates more “Carbon footprint” with his personal jet idling.

  • Nambbamb

    Clooney is looney

  • David Peabody

    Obama stopped the seas from rising.
    Obama healed the planet……
    Didn’t Clooney know this?

  • Doc Lem

    Poor Clooney, he’s a victim of his own messiah complex. He’s a great actor, but lacks any real insight on the science of climate change.

    • David Peabody

      Well said…………………..
      I wish these types would shut up !
      MY list of “Don’t go see” is getting longer by the day.

  • Retired_Disabled@55

    What qualifications or credentials does Mr. Clooney possess that his
    opinion rates consideration beyond any other lay person? My opinion is
    that he needs to familiarize himself with the fundamentals of scientific
    inquiry, then use that new found knowledge to re-evaluate the climate
    change data that exists today. In addition, he might take a basic
    course of study in economics to familiarize himself with the concept of
    marginal costs, marginal benefits, opportunity costs, how limited/finite
    resources are allocated in our society, and why priorities that benefit
    the greatest number people must be established. Mr. Clooney is
    certainly not a person incapable of learning something new, and I think
    he is capable (with additional education and an open mind) of separating
    the the elements of truth and falsehood presented with this topic. BTW, There is a substantial cadre of knowledgeable, sober scientists that are much more concerned with Global Cooling rather Global Warming. Could this phenomena be responsible for the two most recent Atlantic hurricane seasons that produced a minimum of storms, the North polar icecap achieving record dimensions, and the Antarctic ice mass being the thickest measured to date?

  • Christopher Bowen

    George proves, once and for all. . .In Hollywood, swaggering like you know what you are talking. . . is about the same as being actually truthful. . .

  • christine

    Shouldn’t it be PERSON-Made Global WarmingorCoolingorChange?
    Just sayin.
    -Debbie Wasserperson Schultz

  • Mike

    So airheaded Prom King George Clooney believes we can change the weather. Change the weather?

    It’s one thing to say global warming is real, but quite another to think we have anything significant to do with it. The most we can do is adapt.

  • Mobynowak

    When “Dr.” Clooney, the college dropout speaks, we should all listen.

  • Guy Fleegman1

    It is amazing that even moron’s are not sick of this good for nothing liar.

    • snafubar

      They’re the same ones who pay to see his movies. “But he’s so CUTE”

      That’s what they’re good for.

  • snafubar

    See? Looney.

  • falseprophet123

    Inspector Clooney has again proven that even idiots can make a lot of money. The man is completely off the rails with his comments and his limited intellect. I suppose hanging around with the same people who all believe the same thing can leave you in the dark on most subjects. Perhaps one day, Clooney will step outside the bubble and see that the sky isn’t falling, the world isn’t ending because a bunch of cows are farting all over the world. Maybe Georges can invent a machine that can be tied to a cow’s ass to catch all the methane being released. Then, just maybe, we can say Georges is creating a way for the United States to become self-reliant, and stop importing fossil fuel from the Middle East. I say, Bon Chance Georges!

  • PeterGrfx

    So far, climate-change deniers have produced exactly 13 peer-reviewed studies that purport to disprove manmade climate change, while climate-change scientists’ peer-reveiwed studies number in the thousands. Really, there’s no debate anymore, unless you count the denials from delusional ideologues and corporate shills.

    • Mike

      You may need to familiarize yourself with the Scientific Method. The null hypothesis is no man-made global warming. The burden is to statistically significantly reject the null hypothesis, not accept it.

      Give me one citation and I’ll be happy to review it.

    • Haha

      All produced from the research of the now shamed university of east anglia.

      Drop dead you moron.

  • Burrito Jackson

    Clooney better take it up with the godfather of global warming, James Hanson. Hanson said everything he said was way off, and the data was corrupt and wrong.

  • Haha

    Everyone knows Clooney is a second rate CIA asset.

    Notice every 3rd world country this scum goes to gets destroyed?

    He is a pissant and a joke.

    Attention George Clooney: We all laugh at you…

  • john

    you think this idiot has any idea how stupid HE sounds? I doubt it, probably to stupid to realize it. lol

  • Bill_B50

    The Climate warming hoax is another excuse for the Totalitarian (Communist) takeover of this Country. You may not want to believe this but Joe McCarthy actually delayed this march to Communism by 50 years by outing all of the massive Communist Ideology in Hollywood. He is a great American Hero, not the villain portrayed by all the Main Stream Media.

  • Haha

    Yes George, we all respect the opinion of someone like you who basically “pretends” for a living.


  • 7thFleetVet

    George C. Looney

  • Dor

    George who?? Do any of you really care what this average actor thinks about something he knows nothing about?? C’mon really!!!!

    • Haha

      The CIA is basically joined at the hip with these Hollywood trash actors.

      And the CIA is a private mafia for multinational corporations.

      There is a reason these washed up actors are talking about this subject over an over again….

      It needs to be exposed.

  • paulmason1

    Wow! What a moron. Apparently he hasn’t noticed that it’s cold outside, with lots of snow. When can we expect his Mea Culpa? Or is he waiting until Hell freezes over too?

    Of course, he’s only an actor, so he should not be taken seriously. He probably doesn’t even believe his own baloney — just acting.

  • Bernardo Brian Corrigan

    I talked to Carl Sagen this morning and he suggested that Earth is just fine, and species will come and go over time…………. 🙂 bbc

  • Bernardo Brian Corrigan


  • ali_Shabazz_Kingfish_Stevens

    Hey, Georgie Boy. Don’t you have a young Italian boy to diddle in your villa? Shut up and suck.

  • laurie66bay

    Dim bulb.

  • Sage49

    It’s very hard for me to take anything seriously out of the mouth of a person who demands $20 million + salary for a few months’ work of pretending. Otherwise, I might be offended that George is now pretending to be a meteorologist and calling people stupid and ridiculous for having different views than his about global warming.

  • ali_Shabazz_Kingfish_Stevens

    Dim wit.

  • Shiori_Uyoku

    We were ‘stupid’ when we warned you about Obamacare too. Funny that.

  • Haha

    Does everyone remember when Danny Glubber the rocket scientist said Haiti was being punished by God with an earthquake because they didn’t support the “global warming” scam?

    These Hollywood piles of dog feces are funny and pathetic at the same time…

  • ges

    Bite me Clooney you moron.

  • DragonsTalon

    Obviously Clooney doesn’t believe in PROVABLE FACTS, such as the Magnetosphere (our protective shield against Radiation) of the Earth has decreased over 10% since the 1900’s….this FACT was excluded from the IPCC report. Another FACT, right before the Maunder Minimum, which led to the little Ice Age, the Temperature and CO2 emission rose, then drastically fell during the Little Ice Age…and we are seeing those same exact patterns being played out today. This was also left out of the IPCC report. Another FACT, the other planets in the Solar System are experiencing the same uptick in Temperature and those that have CO2 also show an uptick in those numbers as well…yet another FACT left out of the IPCC report. The Sun’s UV-A and UV-B was measured for the IPCC report and was determined to be normal, yet they didn’t tell the Gamma Radiation, Neutron Emissions, Microwave Radiation outputs from the sun, which have increased…yet another FACT left out of the IPCC report. I have listed 5 PROVABLE FACTS that affect the Earth’s Temperature and CO2 uptick, yet why weren’t these included in the IPCC Report….probable because then they wouldn’t be able to blame us, Humans, for the increases to push the U.N.’s Agenda 21 program to enslave the Earth’s Population!!

    • BeeSmart

      Also because they could NOT tax us and redistribute our wealth as a CURE for global warming. This hoax is about taxation and redistribution. That is why CO2 emissions and only CO2 emissions are ever blamed for the non-condition. If you can’t “prevent” it you can’t tax it.

  • Peachy

    And people making a living pretending to be someone they are not is not stupid and rediculous?
    Clooney is a fool

  • Haha

    Poor, desperate little Clooney.

    Selling his soul for another movie gig in his failing career.

    Time to do commercials for depends undergarmets, Georgie boy.

  • rob

    Poor George is soooooo frustrated that due to a Rock Hudson clause in his contract he can’t come out, he takes every opportunity he can to display his ignorance. Nothing, and I repeat nothing that has occured in our recent 20 al gore time frame isn’t something that hasn’t occurred before. George need to take his rose colored glasses off, realize that the world doesn’t revolve around him, and get a reality check.

  • Haha

    And in George Clooneys next film he will pretend to be an American hero flying around on a purple unicorn.

    • BeeSmart

      Clooney’s entire life is one BIG pretend. His reality is not objective nor is it anything normal people would recognize as being real.

      He wears suits costing thousands while whining about poverty and hunger. He travels in private jets and 5 mpg limos while grousing about carbon emissions. Global warming upsets him while living in fully air conditioned 20,000 square foot mansions. Seems a disconnect here somewhere.

  • Richard Genco

    All u have to do is look at the leaders he has picked to realize what he really is.

  • shearwater

    “Prove all things. Hold fast that which is good.” A quote from the Bible. Clooney is wrong and probably has his ear tuned to the “Al Gores” and “Barak Obamas” of this world . . . all “chicken littles” who do not rely on science and historical fact. The fact is that the earth has been in a cooling cycle for 15 years! I’d rather depend on someone who has scientific credentials along with other agencies addressing the subject than on the UN . . . people like Christopher Monckton who has stature in this field. The global climate change folks are simply in favor of “spreading the wealth around” . . . yours and mine . . . and putting a hammer lock on industrial productivity and wealth creation.

    • BeeSmart

      Correct and they use the global warming hoax as a fulcrum to leverage money from other people. Scare tactics are best used on followers of the religion.

      It is their fire & brimstone sermons for the masses. It has been done before and with much more style and believability. Al Gore evangelist and ordained minister of mayhem will be preaching the next installment entitled “When Warming Burns Your Soul.” Come on now fill that basket with your contributions and checks.

  • pat roberts

    Hmmmm…. so Clooney (barking from some red carpet in Beverly Hills) is now some kind of expert on global warming?

    also, I thought liberals were tolerant. I guess this does not include tolerance toward their critics.

  • Drake Edwards

    Another Hollywood buffoon!

  • Boy am I glad cLOONEY cleared it all up for us. The matter is settled now.

  • Lurch47

    Shut your pie hole Clooney because no one and I mean no one give’s a Rat’s patooty what YOU think…..PERIOD.!!

  • nlcatter

    lurch u and others are FRigging imbeciles

  • terri

    When you quit flying all over the world, driving fuel driven cars, stop using toilet paper, totally live by solar and windmills, grow your own food, hang your clothes out to dry, wash them by hand, of course, then you might be taken seriously, you arrogant pipsqueak.

    • BDPSU

      Yep. Just another Hollyweird hypocrite.

      The sad thing is, the same brain-dead “progressives” who still worship Obamarx listen to people like this.

      • terri

        Liberals, they are becoming intolerable to even be around anymore.

        • BDPSU

          Were they ever really tolerable – other than to laugh at, of course.

          • terri

            Nope, but you’re right, they are fun to laugh at…

          • BeeSmart

            How dare you laugh at the mentally challenged. That is mean. Could be okay if they self inflicted their mental illness by joining the Liberal left.

  • greggebhardt

    Just another Hollywood idiot. Why do these people think we care about what they say?

    • BDPSU

      Because the half of the country that is functionally retarded DOES care what they say.

  • Haha

    Rumor on the street is that George Clooney has a special taste for young Brazilian boys…

  • greggebhardt

    Why do these idiots think we care about what they think?


    Bet he flew on a private jet to that event, then rode in a chauffeured limo.


    There’s this moron, then you have little Tommy Mapother going around saying that his acting gig is like being a soldier in Afghanistan.

    Hollyweird Libtard idiots.

  • Haha

    George Clooneys resume:

    I pretend for a paycheck.

    Any questions?

  • Haha

    George Clowney.

    What a dick….

  • Dav

    Did Clooney even graduate High School,
    or is he exactly like Sean Penn – a mental midget..!??

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth


  • DrColostomy

    George Clooney, the Rock Hudson of the times!

  • BeenSmiling

    His analogy was funny, 99% vs 1%, unfortunately one percent are the only qualified, an expert so we know. 99% was correct if the patients were not human.


    It’s OK for the Hollyweird Elite to be filthy rich, fly in private planes, drive in chauffeured cars, own multiple mansions and use outrageous amounts of electricity in all those huge homes. But they’ll lecture us about the evils of the wealthy, and yell at us because we own an SUV.

    • frankyburns

      And your point? People with money should not speak the truth about global warming I suppose. Poor people like yourself are either two ignorant or else are unheard. So you and your Sarah Palin GOP types can just go on your merry ways, without hearing about Global Warming. Convenient.

      • BDPSU

        Remind me again what “the truth about global warming” is? Oh yeah, I remember now – it’s not happening.

        Besides Libtard, you’re not supposed to say “global warming” anymore, since it’s pretty much been debunked. The new catchphrase you’re supposed to use is “climate change” – didn’t you get the memo?

      • BeeSmart

        Irresponsible bozos like Clooney and the others should “walk the walk” before lecturing the “little” people about ANYTHING. Al “Big Carbon Footprint” Gore and the rest are HYPOCRITES!

        Your obsession with Sara Palin and the GOP marks you as a political know nothing. Your religion of politics demands you follow the party line whether right or wrong. When the hoax is fully exposed (16 years of stable temps) NOT one of you fanatics will ever acknowledge being wrong.

        It will be on to the next BIG thing. ALL the morons of the Church of Global Warming can’t even bring themselves to see current reality. If we believed all your crap, starting in 1990, we should all be dead by now.

        All the predictions and babbling have come to NOTHING and you still won’t just SHUT the hell up. Like the old time Communists who went to their graves protesting the Rosenbergs innocence you “warmers” with your settled science and political posturing will probably die believing in myths and tax schemes based on fairy dust. “Empty wagons rattle the most.”

  • spin43

    Why do you even listen to this Hollywood useful idiot? Promote the Regime’s agenda and the IRS will be kind to you. Remember, it didn’t take long before Dr. Ben Carson felt the vindictiveness of the Obama Regime.

  • buckeyejim

    Dear George Looney…………..Stick it.

  • Haha

    Welcome to the new meme:

    George Clowney

    Carry on…..

  • Mili Cyrus

    Georgie is such an expert on everything…just like obama …

  • John Scott

    The Earth has been warming and cooling in cycles long before we ever walked it. The Ice age, droughts, and other weather anomalies all have contributed to destroying life. Now all of a sudden we blame man. Oh, if it were only that easy George.

    • BeeSmart

      These same cycles also contribute to increased life and diversity of life. Funny how Liberals only see destruction everywhere they look. I forgot it is also another excuse to tax everyone who produces anything.

      That is all this warming thing is, another tax scheme and redistribution of other peoples money ploy. If the earth starts cooling the same structure of taxation will be proposed. Guess Mother Nature is influenced by taxation policies and the latest fads.

      Just what feasible world wide plans are being proposed to “correct” all this climate change. CARBON TAX! Meanwhile blowholes like Clooney can buy carbon credits and continue flying around in private jets and using 4 ton limos.

  • Gordon McCleery

    I believe the same could said of Mr. Clooney, foolish bastard…………….

  • jakespoon

    You’re right George, a large destructive typhoon has never,EVER,happened any where at any time in history. O brother!

  • jakespoon

    As a climate scientist George,you’re a pretty good actor.

  • rockribbed

    If he’s serious, he might consider quitting on the jet-set lifestyle… but of course, the sanctions were meant for the little people, the profits of carbon-credit banking for the important people.
    Or… just shut up.

  • GWiii

    It is so freaking hot that it is cold. Yeah chuckle head, we believe your lies.

  • DrColostomy
    • terri

      Too funny!!!

  • danno1180

    Get a script ,you are helpless and hapless without one………

  • rsartain

    Georgy-Porgy needs to take a clue from Ashton Kutcher. He only gets his information from the blogs and tweets that tell everyone how wonderful he is. Those are naturally attached to a “progressive” mindset that only reads or listens to those points of infromation that tell him how he must speak and think to survive in Hollywood. HEY GEORGE!

  • Robert Batchelor

    Really, George? I guess the scientific data that shows no warming for the past 16 years now means nothing to a genius like you. And, during the same period, CO2 levels have continued to rise. Hmm, how do we interpret that data, George?

  • Michael Gorlitsky

    Anyone who wants to know the truth about climate change needs to realize that this page’s comments section is FILLED with propaganda. You people should be ashamed of yourselves! GROW UP!

  • Samuel Sprayberry

    George who?

    • Jack McCarthy

      The guy who’s grandmother was a good singer.

  • Butch

    George, George stupid is a stupid does!!

  • Matilda Tripp

    So where did zionist Clooney get his degree from? Nowhere.

    Zionists want to push global warming so that when you exhale CO2 you are a functioning “corporation” who has to pay a global carbon tax; the only way you can get your sovereign rights under common law is to stop breathing (according to this dumb zionist plan).

    • Jack McCarthy

      They do state they want us all dead. Clooney knows who signs his checks. Everyone know who run hollyweird and its not the Arabs.

      • Matilda Tripp

        There is not one single major US media or entertainment outlet that is NOT owned by zionists.

        • Jack McCarthy

          I believe you are right.

  • Billy The Squid

    Classic liberal response when their argument cannot be backed up with facts: ridicule the opposition and call them names.

  • BeeSmart

    Wait a minute. This from a guy who ACTS for a living. What could be more stupid or ridiculous then getting paid to pretend. At one time actors and actresses were considered to be part of a lower class uneducated segment of society.

    Well they social climbed up the social ladder but NEVER actually became educated or informed. This is because they are the centers of their own universe and REALLY can’t see anything but their reflections in any available mirror.

    All the political posturing is just another way to focus the spotlight on themselves. Pretty sorry people who as a general rule are pretty useless and contribute little but diversion to the world. Clooney is part of the religion of Global Warming. Facts and reality don’t matter he is just playing another movie part. George Clooney starring in “Look at Me I Am a Political Activist.” Playing at your local theaters starting on Tuesday. What a pompous prig.

  • Truth Gun

    Somewhere Nick Clooney is hanging his head in shame.

    • Jack McCarthy

      No I bet he wants big bucks for new movie so he is towing the company line.

      • Truth Gun

        George is famous enough that he doesn’t need to tow any lines. If he wants a role…he gets it.

  • Imfrzn

    The socialists are name calling again. This is their way of acknowledging that they also know global warming is a hoax… I mean climate change, uh, cooling, yeah it’s global cooling, ah crap, I can’t remember what they’re calling it this week!

  • Orwellian States

    Does anyone really care what Looney says? Do some fact checking, George. Very few major storms this year — lower than predictions! Dumb ass.

    • Jack McCarthy

      I heard George was not that good in school so I’m sure he does not read much.

  • rally2xs

    George wants to know what’s the worst that could happen? There are people being thrown out of work all over the country because of the Employment Prevention Agency’s edicts that stem from the global warming hysteria. There are now nearly 50 million people in poverty in the USA. Did you know that living in poverty will take an average of 6 1/2 years off your life? That’s 330 million years less life!!! If 2/3rds of that could be avoided by ignoring this scam, and going back to work and yeah, maybe we make some smoke and release some CO2. But if we could add 220 million years of life to the American population, wouldn’t it be worth it?

    • Jack McCarthy

      Not to satan’s children and George is getting his pay checks.

  • kjatexas

    George is really stuck on himself. Who cares what you think Clooney.

  • Herbert Birdsfoot

    More statements rooted in white guilt and the simultaneous need to maintain a certain level of industry acceptance.

  • Richard_Wiggler

    to connect typhoons with Global Warming
    can play that game both way’s Georgie.

  • jltules

    Why do we care what an actor thinks about anything? Since when does reading lines that someone else wrote make you a climate specialist?

    • Matilda Tripp

      They couldn’t care less about the climate, it’s a hoax and a ruse to re-define “YOU” as a CO2 producing corporation with no sovereign rights and firm up your goyeem status as slave.

  • Matilda Tripp

    This is all just a kooky zionist plan to make everyone who produces CO2 (as in breathes) a “corporation” thus depriving them of their sovereign rights under Common Law by treating them as a slave under Corporate/Admiralty Law. The Zionists are at WAR against Christians; this is just one more way to clamp down.
    Zionists are supremacists who especially hate white Christians, they will never stop devising ways to destroy and this is why zionists like George are so hell-bent on forcing this bee ess down our throats. Oh at first they’ll try to make it sound like “save the world” stuff but their intentions are purely supremacism and enslavement of the goyeem.

  • Sniffbandit

    His entire life has been make believe and pretending. I remember the people in the drama club from school that have gone on to be actors. Pretty cool and fun people, but certainly not the ones I would turn to for scientific or financial insight. George, the “worst that could happen” is not a cleaner planet, it is economic hardship for the middle class. All the plans to cut CO2 impact costs on families trying to prosper. I know you have prospered already, but does that mean you should slam the door on those trying to make it. You really don’t know what you are talking about and you sound foolish. Typical liberal, does not understand the consequences, very surface level thinkers. Please stop.

  • ronb28135

    George Clooney is a Democrat Party hack who keeps mouthing the same old tripe about global warming and climate change. He should get over it and get a life or retire and shut up. The fraud has been exposed, The Democrats, like Clooney, are ignoring it and hope the facts will go away.

  • Jason Farris

    Why listen to “Hollywood people”? What credentials do they have? Other than being good at being fake.

    • Matilda Tripp

      Zionist-owned Hollywood is at war against white Christian American, who should utterly boycott them.

  • davedoesthetruth

    99% of doctors have only been on the earth just like Clooney for less than .00000001 of 1% of the life of the earth. Pipe up when you have the data. It’s going to be a cold winter and I’m sure the alarmists will blame that on global warming too.

  • egoist

    Tycoon opines of cause of typhoon after jet-setting sounds like a buffoon.

  • Tired of Welfare

    I wonder when his majesty Clooney will be willing to live as he wishes us to live and sell his private jet. Id like to know how huge his carbon footprint is compared to an average person’s is. This why I’ll never watch this hypocrite’s movies again

  • Matilda Tripp

    What we don’t believe, is that we are in any way inferior donkey-goyeem to the zionists who are pushing this stupid plan to define all CO2 producers (breathers) as “corporations” (slaves with no rights).
    America wake up! You are each sovereign natural humans on the land per the US Constitution; but you are mistreated as a slave under Corporate Law, as only an “asset” (slave). Global warming nonsense will just firm up your slave status, and they want you to GIVE your sovereign rights away by convincing you of this hokum! This is just step one.

    • Hopsaregood

      Say what?????????????

    • Robert Batchelor

      I’m with you on the Global Warming crap but you lose me on the Zionist rant. You need to step away from that crack pipe.

      • Matilda Tripp

        It’s not a rant, and one day when you finally put in 2 calories of effort to start your reading you will find out who runs the show. Start by listening to some videos by a former jew, now converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity, Brother Nathanael.

  • Dickn52

    Well that makes my opinion about Clooney balance out nicely. Fair actor without a brain. Don’t care what George thinks about me.

  • Obamasucks69

    Clooney is a tool….

  • mackadoo

    ….and Clooney the clown’s qualifications to make this assertion are…….?????

    • Matilda Tripp

      He’s a cryptozionist, by definition a supremacist at war against Christians, and global warming has a LEGAL MOTIVE to remove all rights of the goyeem down to slave status.

      • Hopsaregood

        So, you been smoking with Miley Cyrus or what?

        • Matilda Tripp

          When you know I’m right, all you can do is sling illiterate mud.
          Miley Cyrus, she even spoke up recently about who runs the dirty music industry, and I quote her: “70 year old Jewish guys”

  • Jack Whistler

    5.1*10^18kg (estimated mass of Earths atmosphere, source Wikipedia)
    3.12*10^13kg (estimated amount of world greenhouse gas emissions in 2012, source EPA)
    1% of 5.1*10^18 = 5.1*10^16
    5.1*10^16 / 3.12*10^13 = 1,634

    According to the EPA’s estimates about the world’s emissions of Greenhouse gasses. Assuming 100% of all Emissions went into the atmosphere and stayed there…None of it was converted by plants, none went into the oceans, assuming 100% of it lingered around like an unpaid bill…
    It would take 1,634 years at 2012 levels of emissions for humanity to put out Greenhouse emissions equal to 1% of Earth’s atmosphere, and only if 100% of those emissions pooled somewhere in the atmosphere. The human output of greenhouse gases simply is not enough to have any meaningful effect on the planet. The difference is so huge that even if we started pumping out gasses to intentionally change the planet, it would remain well beyond our capabilities. In short, we couldn’t alter the planet’s atmosphere if we tried.

    Further, this data is easy for anyone with a will and a basic knowledge of middle-school math to figure out. You cannot tell me that the highly-educated professionals who spout this garbage actually believe it, when it is so easily refuted by basic math. There is science, and then there is whoring out science for money….take a guess which one Global Warming is? Hint: Anyone remember that hole in the ozone layer that was going to kill us all by now?

    Yet, people like me who see facts are the stupid ones, while people like Clooney who are spoon-fed garbage and ask for more are supposed to be the smart ones. Amazing what passes for sanity these days…

    • Matilda Tripp

      The New York Times even ran an article proving that MOST REAL SCIENTISTS ARE CONSERVATIVES. The left has been trying to define themselves as the scientists and that conservatives are red-necks…but you know what the left calls a “scientist”? They lump in “social sciences” and “psychology” and “political science”!!
      The real mathematicians, physicists, biologists, doctors, engineers, are predominantly conservatives!

  • PO’d Expat

    More cant from the man who has the Sasquatchian carbon footprint.

  • lefty

    I didn’t know George was scientist–I thought he was just an actor. I think he should stick to acting.

  • dan690

    Maybe he was just reading a script from the next Al Gore movie. Just another reason not to get your scientific information from Hollywood. I wonder can he say “Global warming is just a tax scam.”?

  • TeddyRoos

    Looney’s been waiting three years to make this statement. When you’re standing in a foot of snow and make that statement it sounds as stupid as he is. Why is it that stupid actors have this stage to broadcast their opinions. After all isnt Georgy also a huge fan of Obamacare.

  • Steven

    To declare any opposing view based on data in any field of science “stupid” is just ignorant of the nature of science. We look at data and develop hypothesis and then more data can prove our hypothesis questionable as with the now disproved hypothesis of man’s influence on the climate, which seems now to be minimal. The 400,000 year core from Antarctica tells the story of global climate change and not politicos devoted to the radical green religion

  • Martin Luther 2013

    Mr Clooney makes his living by pretending to be, BY PRETENDING to be, someone else. Pretending to be wise, pretending to be heroic, pretending to be.. He is not a doctor, but he did play one on TV. I would not go to him for medical advice and I would not go to him for advice on the climate. Has he EVEN pretended to be a climate scientist yet? :-))) For money, I mean.

  • froggy546

    I find this man to be boring, stupid, arrogant, demeaning to women, obnoxious, and just all around jacka$$. Who does he think he is anyway. He is not much of an actor and even if some think he is what contribution to the world does he make. For crying out loud he is an actor-the world can do just fine with out any of them. They are total drains on society and the mind. To think that they think that because they can read a few lines and act out a scene makes them experts on anything. The sooner California and all these “actor” fall into the sea the better.

  • Albert8184

    Well, I guess a totalitarian global government ruled by elites who get to hoard all the energy and luxuries for themselves while the peasants live highly regulated lives of regimentation and dehumanizing blandness is the only way to save the planet.

    I’m so glad the Left cares about me.

  • redheart

    Always trust a Hollywood loon for you science information.

  • Albert8184

    And here’s the thing about it. No matter how many people KNOW this is all a hoax…. the government is going to go through with it’s agenda ANYWAY.

    YOU DON’T COUNT TO THEM. You’re just a wallet and a source of revenue. Nothing else. You are NOTHING to them.

  • Sam Huston

    I have had enough of the lunatic left.

  • bb_959

    Someone else I can chalk off not to watch from the HollyWierd elite know it alls. Yeah cLooney, you are as intelligent as Al Gorzeera, internet creator. Jim Carrey, move over you’ve got company. Both make as much sense as a pet rock.
    Anything to establish a carbon tax, anything. I never believed these snake oil salesmen, they just get free air time to vomit whatever comes out of their mouth for believers to consume.

    So much for the lies of empirical data, right HollyWeird?

  • stonehillady

    Hollywood & the Main Stream Media are BIG Corporate & Government Shrills to TAX you & make you Pay for things that are AGAINST our interest……in other words they are PARASITES.

  • Whocares

    Clooney who? Is he a TV weatherman or something?

  • fgbvzdf

    I have ore scientific training that George Clooney; he is stupid and ridiculous!!!

  • DoctorJNB

    If Clooney wants to see stupid and ridiculous, he should simply look in the mirror. And he should leave scientific matters to scientists – at least 50% of which do not believe in anthropogenic causes of global warming.

  • Hopsaregood

    Thought Clooney was a pretty face that the silly swooned over. I did not know that he was a scientist or climatologist. Wow, a science based Hollywood celebrity. Maybe he should be at MIT. George, just because you can act like a smart knowledgeable man does not mean you are one.

  • Mogumbo Gono


    99% of ‘doctors’ are NOT telling us that global warming is caused by human activities: more than 30,000 American scientists and engineers have co-signed a statement saying that CO2 is “harmless” and “beneficial” to the biosphere. More is better. Who should we believe? Thirty thousand scientists and engineers? Or George Clooney?

    Clooney is an ACTOR. What does he know about science??


  • Matilda Tripp

  • mardec

    LOL…he has no idea how utterly STUPID he sounds!

  • bluemongoose

    I find that most actors have very simple minds…one might say stupid, or ridiculous.

  • Barbara Harris Whitfield

    Clowny knows how to act (barely!). He should keep his unsophisticated opinions to himself!

  • Mike E. Cooney

    This moron was reading something another imbecile told him to read. This jackasses brain has soured from too much dope, too much booze, and too many whores with STD’s.

    • Johnrambo1

      If hollyweird needed an actor to play syphilis it would be George Cloony.

  • Jasper

    Like most of Hollyweird, Clooney doesn’t have 2 brains cells to rub together…..

  • AlCarn

    Gotta love how a man who makes a living playing ‘pretend’ believes he is qualified to judge the intelligence of others.

  • aircraftmech

    The more Clooney and the rest of the dicktards in Hollywood speak aloud trying to tell the rest of the world what’s best for us, the more they and Hollywood will continue to lose money at the box office because of their ignorance and arrogance.

  • Snooper1

    Because Clooney is so well educated … not. This entertainer needs to stick to flying in his private jet to Lake Cuomo Italy every weekend while putting as much co2 into the atmosphere as some small countries. Stupid hypocrite scumbag.

  • John

    Where did this Moron get his numbers from The Un and or Al Gore ( Mr GREED himself. Many Scientist are opposing this and you as a Dumb A&& should know better. I know better than to spend money on any film you are associated with or any product you endorse.
    Get you head out of Gores Arse PERIOD.. I hope you understand what period Means Obama seems not too know and he even admits he Knows nothing most of the time..

  • Jim

    Never have been a fan, I guess I never will be; another silver spoon stuck in the wrong place. He just wants to be popular in all the wrong places.

  • Native_New_Yorker

    And just how does he know? The majority of scientist have totally debunked global warming. I guess reading and research are not his strong suits. I am sick of Hollywood liberals and their opinions, based on Obama-love. Disgusting and insulting.

  • BigBadFish

    George Clooney: “I’m not a scientist, but I play one on TV…”

  • Dan Egan

    What a dope.

  • Johnrambo1

    Boycott his movies. No more of this crap.

  • Jon Stilwell

    Is that the best he has got? Evidently that is all the “global warmers” have got is name calling.

  • JGTheMan

    What, is he a scientist now too? What a buffoon. I have no idea why anyone listens to Hollywood stars about anything.

  • Imnotsigningin

    People who are hyper-supportive of the notion of human caused climate change, like Clooney, are as ridiculous as those who unwaveringly deny the the tie between the two. There are way too many variables to ever know for sure. What we can do is protect the planet without being environmental fascists. It doesn’t help to be douchey Mr. Clooney.

  • ralphie44

    welcome to the jew world order.

    here is what has happened to america.

    • Johnrambo1

      Please leave troll.

      • ralphie44

        here, learn something.

        g00gle joel stein hollywood cmon
        g00gle time israel jews media control
        all mainstream, from them
        here is last line of the one from LA Times…
        “But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

        Every movie youve ever seen.. every tv show… every textbook you ever read… every book… comes through, comes via “organized jewish power”. left, right, all of it.

    • Trust no one

      Even dumber than Clooney.

      • ralphie44

        you call yourself “trust no one”? LOL..
        but you trust “the enemy of all mankind” (paul said that)

      • Guest


        • Trust no one

          Seriously? That’s all you’ve got?

    • Stephen Schmengle

      Go jump off a high bridge troll not helpful Alchada boy!

      • ralphie44

        Al…. what?

        Taxing the air we breathe is very important to the jew world order

        • Stephen Schmengle

          ‘Al Qaeda ‘ boy I meant to say the spell check did it and misinformed parents did you prejudiced person. Go back to hating yourself being a hater.

          • ralphie44

            oh the “hate”… “sob…sniff… sniff”

            what makes you think emotionally rather than logically? who trained you to do that?

            (hint.. top picture)

            ps – our jewbot govt supports al queda in syria, arms them… while they make videos of cannibalism… cut off the heads of christians.. etc…

          • Stephen Schmengle

            It hard to argue with a blind Racist! You hate Jews- gotcha brainwashed Arab boy!

          • ralphie44


            and there you go again with that caveman thought processing

            If I dont bow before Isntreal, I must therefor be an arab?

            here, take a look at real brainwashing (not the bs kind you watch on bolshevision) – take a look at some articles describing the real thing instead of the fake thing youve been taught to reference.

            g00gle joel stein hollywood cmon
            g00gle time israel jews media control
            all mainstream, from them
            here is last line of the one from LA Times…
            “But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

            google biden jews influence gay

          • Stephen Schmengle

            I don’t watch or listen to main stream media. I listen to bbc , RT and others to. They have their slant too. You have this Jew thing going on. Did you lose in business because of Jews or something? They are good business people. You hate Jews. I get it. Stand in line with the other anti semiotics , your nothing new Arab boy.

          • Stephen Schmengle

            Your a hater Arab boy. I watch RT and BBC and read. I don’t take in mainstream. Your a Jew hater antisemite type person. You wear it well and boldly. Still makes you an A Hole. Are you with the KKK still? A Jewish businessman must have given you a spanking in your life

        • Stephen Schmengle

          Al Qaeda boy dispelled check let me down racist clown

  • libertyredline

    Another out of touch feleb

  • JiminGA

    I’ll bet Clooney doesn’t drive a Prius.

  • Quickledo

    Being one of the Elite must make one stupid!

  • koedo

    George Clooney didn’t even finish college. In fact, he dropped out from journalism studies which does not have a robust scientific requirement. However, he’s acted in several roles that had something to do with science and may have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

    Leave science to the people who know. Otherwise, you end up looking like George Clooney.

  • hugochavezelloco

    This jerk is in partnership with Dumbo Gore, and are worried about their stock in the Useless green energy companies.

  • sister7

    …says the uneducated man, who can read a Hollywood script.

  • Matilda Tripp

    And listening to an aging crytozionist Christian hater is somehow, “cool”?

  • helpthelofo

    Why would he qualify himself to have an have an opinion?

  • Sickenedbytheleft

    “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” He says.
    Talk about a low info historian, Tyrants and despots in control of every aspect of your life, this is just another step toward the leftists Utopian dream world.

  • Trust no one

    Colonel is looney and no one with a brain cares what he says. Doesn’t he know it’s Climate Change these days? And Global Cooling has been happening over the last decade. So we see who the dumb one really is!

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    And I care what he says because…?

  • Lucas Austin

    Hey Boy George, hate to break the news to you, it’s called The Wheather.. Shall we blame this horrific hurricane season here in the US on global warming as well?

    But remember, it is pretty simple to pander to the moron vote.

  • Salvador_Chromo

    … off course this is coming from a man that received a noble price in climatology and is a well renowned scientist on the issue. Oops no, this is a liberal actor who considers others who disagree with him stupid. How tolerant of him.