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NY Times columnist – Racist homes?! ‘The single-family home is out of step with the future…single-family zoning has a history in segregation’ The communists are coming for our homes — which are unsustainable and racist. "The single-family home is out of step with the future… a big house with a backyard should be a rarity… single-family zoning has a history in segregation." — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) February 6, 2020 Let’s Quit Fetishizing the Single-Family Home […]

Andrew Yang: I’ll Cut Beef Consumption By Making It ‘More Expensive’ to change ‘consumption patterns’

Andrew Yang: I’ll Cut Beef Consumption By Making It More Expensive — Video by Joe Newby And Jeff Dunetz | Sep 20, 2019 | Climate, Constitution   Well, It looks like Andrew Yang is against some cuts but wants to encourage others.  The Democratic Presidential candidate who aligns himself with those who oppose circumcision and intends to include the position into public policy, […]

Dems Who Claim Eating Meat Destroys Planet, Campaign At Iowa Steak Fry By Joe Newby And Jeff Dunetz | Sep 22, 2019 | Climate, Politics 617SHARES Share Tweet Scratch a liberal, find a hypocrite.  Democrat White House candidates who want to curb your consumption of meat because it allegedly contributes to climate change are actually seeking support at — wait for it — the Iowa Steak Fry. Seriously. CBS News reported: Trending: Ukraine […]

Watch: ‘Hannity’ Fox News Panel Deconstructs Climate Change ‘Lunacy’ – Morano: Climate claims have reached ‘Absurd Medieval Witchcraft’ level By Scott Morefield Friday night “Hannity” panel that included former presidential candidate Herman Cain and Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano reacted to news of people in major cities across the world demonstrating for action on climate change. Before introducing his guests, Fox News host Sean Hannity ran a clip of Democratic presidential candidates putting […]