Eco-zealots wreak havoc on Boston as they slash 43 tires on luxury SUVs due to ‘climate emergency’ – Leave leaflet on cars saying ‘your gas guzzler kills’ An eco-mob dubbed the ‘Tyre Extinguishers’ has returned to the United States  The group deflates the tires on SUVs because they are ‘more likely to kill people’ The climate zealots previously claimed they will ‘never be caught’ after vandalizing New York and striking nine countries in one night  Eco-zealots have dramatically returned to the US to wreak […]

Former spokeswoman for Extinction Rebellion turns on group: ‘Climate activism has a cult problem…I used to be one of them’ – ‘I watched people brainwashed’

By Zion Lights Maybe you saw Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” smeared with two cans of tomato soup. Or the 20-year-old man who set fire to his arm at a tennis tournament, wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words “End UK Private Jets.” Or the traffic on London’s M25 highway blocked by protesters for days. One 24-year-old girl, […]

Extinction Rebellion barricades Esso Oil Terminal site near Heathrow airport Environmental protesters from Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil caused mayhem for the fourth day in a row this morning as a group of 30 blockaded an oil terminal in London with two bamboo structures. The demonstrators gathered outside the Esso West London Oil Terminal near Heathrow Airport from the early hours of today as they continued to […]