The science is settled but we just found 19,000 new volcanoes By Jo Nova What would we know? Underwater seamounts are one to four kilometer high mountains that mostly used to be a volcano. But under a kilometer of water they are hard to see, holy smoke, and we know more about the moon than the bottom of the Mariana, and it’s only 11km “away”. […]

CBS Mornings co-host Nate Burleson Ties Massive Volcano, Tsunami to ‘Climate Change’ By Curtis Houck CBS Mornings co-host and former NFL player Nate Burleson took the climate change narrative to a whole new level as, during Wednesday’s show, he cited the “harsh reality” of climate change and the need for all of us “to do our part” as it relates to the January 14 volcanic eruption and tsunami that hit […]

Rain Caused Volcano to Erupt… Because Climate Change? by David Middleton Hat tip to Ted… Message: Please find a qualified geologist to take on this nonsense. They cite “the conversation” as their authority. Today is Tuesday. Welcome to Equilibrium, a newsletter that tracks the growing global battle over the future of sustainability. Subscribe here: Thunderous rains were responsible for the deadly […]

Both Greenland & Antarctic Ice Sheets Melting from Below Due to Volcanic Activity Both Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets Melting from Below By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander Amidst all the hype over melting from above of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets due to global warming, little attention has been paid to melting from below due to the earth’s volcanic activity. But the two major ice sheets […]

Geologic Heat Linked To East Coast Ocean Warming Trend BY JAMES KAMIS, GUEST POST ON FEB 27, 2020. A well-defined ocean warming trend originating off the United States East Coast is likely from super-heated and methane-enriched fluids emitted from numerous seafloor hydrothermal vents/hot springs (see figure 1 after the jump). Supporting evidence: This trend has shown up on shallow Sea Surface (SST) maps since their advent in […]

BBC Accused Of Misleading Reporting About Melting Antarctic Glacier By Paul Homewood   The International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration is performing some magnificent science conducting the most ambitious fieldwork ever undertaken at the tip of what is one of the most significant glaciers on Earth. Its melting already contributes 4% of global sea level rise and there are fears that it could become unstable and contribute […]

New Paper: Volcanism Can Cool Earth For Centuries, Lead To More Natural Disasters, Pandemics, Economic Recession New Paper: Volcanism Can Cool Earth For Centuries, Lead To More Natural Disasters, Pandemics, Economic Recession NoTricksZone: Not here to worship what i… / by Kenneth Richard / 1d Scientists (Bragato and Holzhauser, 2019) find natural catastrophes like tornadoes and earthquakes and pandemics like plague, cholera, and influenza “concentrate in the periods of ice […]

New evidence suggests volcanoes caused biggest mass extinction ever

New evidence suggests volcanoes caused biggest mass extinction ever Mercury found in ancient rock around the world supports theory that eruptions caused ‘Great Dying’ 252 million years ago. From the University of Cincinnati: Researchers say mercury buried in ancient rock provides the strongest evidence yet that volcanoes caused the biggest mass extinction in the […]

Time for a volcano tax to stop ‘global warming’?! Subglacial volcanoes ‘may be major emitters of carbon dioxide’ – The ‘global volcanic CO2 budget may have been underestimated’ Volcano in Iceland Is One of the Largest Sources of Volcanic CO2 High-precision airborne measurements, in combination with atmospheric modeling, suggest that the Katla subglacial caldera may be one of the planet’s biggest sources of volcanic carbon dioxide. SOURCE: Geophysical Research Letters An airborne view of the massive glacier (600 square kilometers and up to […]