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Alex Epstein: US Democrats are engaging in epic denial on oil & gasoline prices By Alex Epstein US Democrats are trying everything imaginable to lower oil/gasoline prices except the thing that would actually work: STOP THREATENING THE EXISTENCE OF THE OIL INDUSTRY. Instead of acknowledging their key role in increasing oil prices, Dems are engaging in epic denial tactics. For 15+ years Democratic politicians, including Joe Biden, have relentlessly attacked oil […]

Biden’s plan to starve America of fossil fuels – ‘A Green New Deal would make America almost totally reliant on China’ By Paul Driessen  Presidential candidate Joe Biden repeatedly promised to end fossil fuels in America. There’ll be “no more drilling, including offshore,” he said. “No ability for the oil industry to drill. No more pipelines.” Shortly after reaching the White House, President Biden ended Keystone XL pipeline construction and began working with congressional Democrats, regulators and […]

Biden irresponsibly drains Strategic Petroleum Reserve by 1/3 By Craig Rucker  President Biden announced that he will tap into America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) and will consume one third of it in an attempt to control rising gas prices. This is as irresponsible as it is dangerous. Following the Arab oil embargo of the 1970’s, the SPR was built in salt caverns in […]

Biden’s Electric Car Plans Support the World’s Worst Humanitarian Abuses – ‘Violate basic environmental justice principles’ By Tom Harris In his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, President Joe Biden promoted electric vehicles (EVs), trumpeting his plans to establish “a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations.” In so doing, Biden is unwittingly supporting the worst humanitarian abuses in the world. This is because of the way in which […]