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In one month of jet travel, Trudeau used enough fuel to power a trucker convoy In July, as calculated by the National Post’s Bryan Passifiume, there were only 11 days where Trudeau was not travelling aboard the official prime ministerial jet. In 20 trips — almost all of which were for photo ops or goodwill visits — Trudeau logged 26,238 kilometres of jet travel. This included a 5,500-km flight to spend […]

Justin Trudeau & the dangers of eco-posturing: The Western elites’ war on modern farming is a menace to humankind By BRENDAN O’NEILL Justin Trudeau has joined the mad war on farmers. The king of virtue-signalling is insisting that nitrous oxide emissions be cut by 30 per cent by 2030. It’s all about Canada doing its bit for the planet, he says. But such a severe reduction in nitrogen-use would be disastrous for the planet. It […]