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FRANCE ANNOUNCES ‘ECO-TAX’ FOR ALL FLIGHTS LEAVING COUNTRY – ‘AMID AN ESCALATING PLANETARY CLIMATE EMERGENCY’ By Tom Embury-Dennis France will introduce an “eco-tax” of up to 18 euros on tickets for all flights leaving France, the government has said. “We have decided to put in place an eco-tax on all flights from France,” transport minister Elisabeth Borne said during a news conference on Tuesday. She added the tax, which is […]

Green Guilt in Motor City: GM ‘has the brilliant idea of begging the U.S. govt to cause its profits to plummet’ By Anton Wahlman Summary In a major surprise move, GM comes out in favor of having the U.S. government dictating what cars it must sell. This is the most shareholder-unfriendly move imaginable, given that it by necessity will suppress GM’s profits. GM also would anger 98.6% of its customers, as it would raise prices […]

Europe’s Electric Cars Fiasco: Sales fell for the fourth month in a row

Sales of battery electric vehicles in Western Europe fell for the fourth month in a row, an analysis of a respected European industry publication says. In August, a month in which the overall Western European new car market climbed 8%, sales of BEVs in the world’ second largest EV market behind China dropped 1.2% compared […]


According to Department for Transport statistics, between April and June 4,200 plug-in cars were sold – the lowest for two years. The government announced last year that it would extend grants for electric cars for a further two years but halved the payments to £2,500. Around 17,500 cars were registered in the first three months […]