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The Billionaire Class Is Fueling The War Against Abundant American Energy BY DAVID BLACKMON It has been an open secret for years now that big foundations funded by billionaire families like the Gates, Getty, and Rockefeller clans have played a big role in funding the various climate alarmist campaigns to vilify so-called “fossil fuels.” Lesser known until recently is the role these billionaire foundations play […]

Report details how billionaire George Soros is ‘battling the climate crisis’ with his money By Joseph Vazquez Excerpts: Billionaire George Soros said he is working to “bend” the arc of history “in the right direction.” In Soros’ case, that direction is far to the left. To do it, he donated over $32 billion to his Open Society Foundations since 1984, to further leftist ideology and activism well beyond his own lifetime. […]

Gates/Soros/Ford Foundation-funded Professor floats idea of ‘climate lockdown’ with bans on red meat, ‘extreme’ energy limits By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Monday, September 28, 2020 The novel coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions are slowly being lifted in most areas, but already warnings of a “climate shutdown” have begun reverberating on the environmental left. Mariana Mazzucato, a University College London economics professor, said it last week with an article called “Avoiding a Climate […]

Soros/Gates Funded Progressives Planning ‘Climate lockdown’ – ‘The world may need to resort to lockdowns again – this time to tackle a climate emergency’

OPINION: We may need climate lockdowns to halt climate change, Mariana Mazzucato writes. That might mean governments limiting private vehicle use, banning consumption of red meat, etc. We must do capitalism differently to avoid that. — MarketWatch (@MarketWatch) September 24, 2020 ‘Avoiding a Climate Lockdown’ We need to act boldly now if we […]

Soros/Gates Funded $6.5 million to group now warning world may need ‘climate lockdown’ Soros/Gates-Funded Org ($6.5M): World May Need ‘Climate Lockdown’ By Joseph Vazquez Liberal billionaire George Soros had said the pandemic was providing a “revolutionary moment.” Now Project Syndicate (PS), a group both Soros and fellow liberal billionaire Bill Gates fund, is peddling a tyrannical proposal. Specifically, the group is pushing an eco-extremist idea that the world […]

George Soros pushes Chinese propaganda – Wants U.S. to work with China on climate change & coronavirus

George Soros pushes Chinese propaganda, wants U.S. to work with them on climate change (as the CCP ramps up coal plant projects) — Climate Dispatch (@ccdeditor) May 12, 2020 By Joseph Vazquez | May 11, 2020 6:10 PM EDT After remaining relatively quiet this election cycle, the liberal billionaire globalist George Soros broke his […]

Exposed? Soros on List of Mega-Rich Extinction Rebellion Backers James Delingpole An anonymous source claims to have extracted lots of documents from Extinction Rebellion’s computer database and has put them up online. The documents, if genuine, seem to have been exposed through carelessness on the part of Extinction Rebellion, not a computer hack. Anyway, Paul Homewood has been filleting some of the best […]