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Why Was $66 Billion Spent On Renewables Before The Texas Blackouts? Why Was $66 Billion Spent On Renewables Before The Texas Blackouts?Climate Change Dispatch / 6hwind farmThe oldest maxim in politics is “follow the money.” That maxim also applies to electric grids. Following the billions of dollars that have been spent on the Texas grid explains why the state continues to have electricity shortages. On […]

Time to get serious about China’s energy blackmail: 25% of electricity generation in Texas ‘comes from wind, much of it made in China’ By Tom Basile – Blackouts last month in Texas and parts of the Midwest should have been a snowball to the face of policymakers still complacent about the collective vulnerability of our energy infrastructure. They opted instead to debate de-icing windmills. In its quest for global communist hegemony, China has learned from its junior […]

Countries Need to Invest $55 Trillion to Reach Net-Zero Emissions Target – ‘Building renewable power plants will take up a bulk of the estimated’ cost (Bloomberg) — Global economies will need to invest as much as $55 trillion through the middle of the century to meet an emissions goal and contain warming of the planet, according to a report by a group of executives from energy-intensive companies including ArcelorMittal SA, BP Plc and Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Reaching net-zero […]

New Documentary Film, ‘Juice,’ Challenges Elitism Of Anti-Growth Environmentalism By Michael Shellenberger The root cause of climate change, say many activist leaders, is economic growth. “How dare you!” Greta Thunberg told the United Nations last September “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth!” And yet it was economic […]