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No, Trump’s Immigrant Grandfather Wasn’t A ‘Climate Change Refugee’

No, Trump’s Immigrant Grandfather Wasn’t A ‘Climate Change Refugee’ The media wants to shame Trump on global warming …Setting aside the debate over whether bad weather in individual years constitutes “climate change,” Glaser’s study itself provides little evidence that climate change forced Trump’s grandfather out of Germany. Trump’s grandfather hailed from what’s now the […]

Claim: Trump’s Grandfather Was Likely ‘a Climate Change Refugee’ By Stephen Leahy Climate was a major reason why people bearing some of Americaʼs most famous family names, including Trump, Pfizer, and Heinz, emigrated from southwest Germany in the 19th century, a new study reveals. Over 5 million Germans moved to North America from 1816 to 1886, mainly to the US, which is why […]

LA Times: ‘America’s climate refugee crisis has already begun’

In the small town of Newtok, Alaska, a Yupik village of about 350 people, children once played on endless fields of frozen permafrost. Now, they splash in salt water pools and teeter on boardwalks as the permafrost below thaws and the Ninglick River chips away at the community. Soon even the boards will be swallowed […]