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Papa Pete Demands We Quit Clinging to Our ‘Religion’ By Duggan Flanakin April 09, 2024 Remember the American love for the open road? That paean to American freedom built on the automobile, but made possible by highways that also enabled trucks to deliver goods to just about any location quickly and safely? Hot cars are still popular today, as evidenced by the fact […]

Congress Spent $7.5 Billion on E.V. Chargers. After 2 Years, None Are Built

Congress Spent $7.5 Billion on E.V. Chargers. After 2 Years, None Are Built. By JOE LANCASTER More than $2 billion has been distributed, but only two states have even broken ground and most states haven’t even submitted proposals. President Joe Biden has made a transition to electric vehicles (E.V.s) a key part of his presidency, […]

‘ALL CARS ARE BAD’: Pete Buttigieg’s Equity Advisers Want You To Stop Driving – ‘Vehicles have wreaked havoc on the environment & communities’

Free Beacon: Buttigieg, in August 2023, appointed 24 new members to his Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity, an Obama-era body that Buttigieg is reviving after the Trump administration scrapped it. Included on the committee is Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, a “spatial policy scholar” who says “ALL CARS ARE BAD” given that they cause “a myriad of environmental issues and conditions.” Another Buttigieg appointee, self-described “transportation nerd” Veronica Davis, argued in an August essay that cars perpetuate “systemic racism” and are therefore “the problem” in America’s transportation system.

Marpillero-Colomina told the Washington Free Beacon that she is not “advocating for a complete erasure” of cars but intends to push Buttigieg to move America away from its reliance on private motor vehicles.

“My interest in being on the [equity committee] is to raise the question and push the Department of Transportation to really think about: What are some equitable, environmentally sustainable, economically beneficial, and feasible alternatives to policy that is car-centric?” she said in an interview. “How can we reimagine streets to prioritize people instead of cars? How can we create streets that are inclusive of modes other than cars?”

“If we just replace all the gas-powered cars with EVs, we’re going to have many of the same problems that we have with gas-powered cars,” equity committee member Marpillero-Colomina, told the Free Beacon.

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on Biden admin attempts to block the sun in fight against climate change – ‘Radical, risky, unproven’ & talks gas-car bans

Fox & Friends – Fox News Channel – Broadcast July 2, 2023 – Joey Jones publisher Marc Morano reacts to a White House report signaling the openness to block sunlight in the fight against climate change and Americans opposing the phase-out of gas cars amid Biden’s EV push. #foxnews   Rough Transcript:  Marc Morano: […]

Trans Sec. Pete Buttigieg consulted China-tied group pushing gas stove bans, electric vehicle mandates By Thomas Catenacci | Fox News Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg met privately last year with the head of Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), a non-profit dedicated to electrifying the U.S. economy from transportation to home appliances like stovetops. According to his internal agency calendar obtained via information request by government watchdog group Americans for Public Trust (APT), Buttigieg met […]

Watch: Dem Congresswoman praises Sec. Buttigieg for placing ‘female dummies’ in vehicle crash tests ‘to fight the gender inequity’ in crash test dummies

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) highlights the vital work that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is doing to ensure that "female dummies" are used in vehicle crash testing "to fight the gender inequity among…crash victims." — (@townhallcom) April 20, 2023 Watch: House Dem Praises ‘Gender Equity’ for Crash Test Dummies, Makes Joe Biden Look […]

Listen: Morano: ‘The govt is finally acknowledging the first injury in East Palestine’ Unfortunately it is only an injury to Gov DeWine who tripped and is now wearing an ankle boot – The Joe Piscopo Show The Joe Piscopo Show – Broadcast Feb. 28, 2023 Morano: “We’ve actually had now the government is finally acknowledging the first related injury in East Palestine Ohio and this is huge progress, Joe. The governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, is now wearing a boot on his foot because he injured himself on one of […]

Watch: Trans Sec. Buttigieg reveals he seeks climate legacy: ‘Dealing with climate change is one of the biggest things that people like me…will be remembered for’

This is the robotic, sanctimonious voice of a climate lunatic who would gladly make you poor, weak, and miserable to achieve climate reductions that are both immeasurable and worthless — Buck Sexton (@BuckSexton) February 28, 2023 Biden Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg: “Climate is not nonsense. Dealing with climate change is one of the biggest […]