Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry: ‘Re-evaluating the manufacture of the climate consensus’ Re-evaluating the manufacture of the climate consensus Climate Etc. / by curryja / 4h by Judith Curry A new book by Oppenheimer, Oreskes et al. entitled ‘Discerning Experts: The Practices of Scientific Assessment for Environmental Policy‘ makes a case against consensus seeking in climate science assessments. I have long railed against the consensus-seeking process […]

Which is it?! ‘Global warming’ causes more illegal immigration — BUT Illegal Immigration causes less ‘global warming’

As official Washington battles over the issue of illegal immigration and how to respond to, climate activists are promoting very confusing contradictions when it comes to immigration and climate change. See: Sen. Bernie Sanders declares biggest threat facing the US was climate change, not immigration – warns Earth may become “uninhabitable in the not-so-distant future.” […]

Climate Skeptics turn tables on ‘attribution’ studies – Ask: Is ‘global warming’ causing a decrease in ‘extreme weather’ events?

Washington DC — Despite the fact that the climate data clearly shows declining or no trends in many major indicators of “extreme weather” like tornadoes, hurricanes, rainfall, droughts and heatwaves, climate activists are once again seemingly trying to link every storm to “global warming.” Man-made global warming proponents are touting yet another study claiming to […]

Streisand v. Inhofe – Outrage over Inhofe singling out singer’s role in promoting ‘global warming’ – But Streisand admitted: ‘I, and others have spent countless millions on this issue’ – She funded UN IPCC Lead Author to tune of $250,000

Actress Barbra Streisand is taking to Twitter to express her outrage that the incoming GOP chairman of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee (Sen. James Inhofe) singled her out as a key player in global warming promotion. See: The Hill: Barbra Streisand blasts Sen. Inhofe on climate change Streisand tweeted on December 2, “This would be hilarious […]

Barbra Streisand blasts Sen. Inhofe on climate change – But Inhofe is Correct!

In an interview with Mother Jones back in 2009, Inhofe said “Hollywood liberals and extreme environmentalists” engineered the hoax that he calls climate change. When pressed on who in Hollywood specifically did it, Inhofe said: “Barbra Streisand.” Streisand tweeted the Mother Jones article late Tuesday, and then proceeded to blast Inhofe.  “This wld be hilarious if it weren’t so frightening. I […]