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Watch: Morano on Fox News: ‘This is a good development’ that California can’t spend massive influx of ‘federal climate cash’ to ‘advance climate action’ – Plus Google’s EV bus crash

Fox News – The Bottom Line – w/ Dagen & Duffy – Broadcast November 9, 2023 

Report: California needs more staff to “capitalize on the historic influx of federal climate cash” – University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy, & the Environment report:

Morano: “They need more money because they don’t have enough people to spend the money. This is the actual report from Berkeley Center for Law and Environment, it actually calls it ‘federal climate cash’ — like get your hands on ‘climate cash’.

This reminded me of the TV show Breaking Bad. There was a scene when the drug dealer finally has so much money in his storage shed that he literally can’t spend it, and he doesn’t know what to do with it. It’s just piles of cash.

Scene from Breaking Bad TV show – Season 5 – ‘How Much is Enough?’

Morano: “We’ve reached peak insanity now in the United States with the climate agenda led by California. This federal climate cash is sitting in the state with nowhere to go, no one to spend it, and here’s the thing as weird as it is, this is a good thing, right? Because the last thing you want to do is spend the money because they’ve already said they’re going look for ways to reduce emissions to meet the governor’s ‘climate neutrality’ Net Zero rule. And if they do that, it’s going to make Californians even poorer and pay for more expensive energy. So this is a good development, you don’t want them to spend it. Let the money pile up just like in the TV show with nowhere to be spent because spending it impoverishes Californians.”

Analysis: California’s climate/energy policies are a ‘National Security Risk for America’ – State ‘has increased crude oil imports from foreign countries from 5% in 1992 to more than 75% today’

Ronald Stein:  Historically, California has been successfully reducing in-state oil production over the decades and has increased crude oil imports from foreign countries from 5 percent in 1992 to more than 75 percent today to meet the California consumption demand.  Governor Gavin Newsom, by continually seeking further decreases of in-state oil production, Newsom’s emissions policies continue to force California, the 4th largest economy in the world, to be the only state in contiguous America that imports most of its crude oil feedstock to in-state refineries from foreign countries. …

California has more than 140 airports with huge fuel demands of more than 13 billion gallons of aviation fuel per year that includes these major airports:

  • 9 International airports
  • 41 Military airports

In addition, California has three of the largest shipping ports in America, with #1 Los Angeles. #2 Long Beach, and #7 Oakland. Ships arriving and departing from the shipping ports up and down the coast from San Diego to San Francisco require massive amounts of lower grade bunker fuels. … 

The California Air Quality Management District (AQMD) policies have the potential to further reduce in-state refinery capacity, so the State can be more dependent on Asia for the fuels and petrochemical demands of the State. …

With more in-state refinery closures imminent under Newsom’s watch, California can look toward Asia’s 88 new refineries for the manufactured fuels used by California’s 9 International airports, 41 Military airports, and 3 of the largest shipping terminals in America for manufactured oil derivatives that are the basis of most products in our materialistic society,

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