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NYT: Will electric cars become an environmental catastrophe? – ‘Electric cars & renewable energy may not be as green as they appear’ BY ED MORRISSEY Answer: Of course they will, with mining being among the many other issues in pushing to eliminate internal-combustion engines in favor of an all-electric fleet. No one who has studied the composition of the energy-storage systems in electric cars could possibly miss the environmental dangers of such a transformation. The most interesting […]

2018: The spiralling environmental cost of our lithium battery addiction that powers computers, phones & electric cars By AMIT KATWALA Here’s a thoroughly modern riddle: what links the battery in your smartphone with a dead yak floating down a Tibetan river? The answer is lithium – the reactive alkali metal that powers our phones, tablets, laptops and electric cars. In May 2016, hundreds of protestors threw dead fish onto the streets […]

Biden should help clean up the developing world’s exotic mining tragedy – ‘Environmental degradation & humanity atrocities’ to support wind, solar, and EV batteries The enormous amounts of money being allocated for solar and wind — and the never-ending extensions of the tax credits for them — shows that energy policies in Washington and California continues to support the environmental degradation and humanity atrocities in the foreign countries that are supplying the exotic minerals and metals to support […]