Watch: Morano on Mark Steyn’s UK TV show – 2 Live Segments on The Great Reset: Morano: ‘Decisions are being made by fewer & fewer people, it’s a concentration of power at the top’

First Live Interview – Broadcast September 28, 2022 – (Also watch the below segment here: ) Mark Steyn interviews author Marc Morano on his book Great Reset which reveals some uncomfortable truths about what ‘the elites’ have in store for us. Second Live Interview Segment – Broadcast September 29, 2022 – Watch Below – Morano […]

Climate Death Certificates are Coming – Watch New Morano Minute Climate Death Certificates are Coming – Watch New Morano Minute By CFACT |June 30th, 2021|Morano Minute, Videos|106 Comments Are climate change death certificates coming to a mortuary near you? Well, according to Marc Morano, they very well could be. CNN may be plastering climate deaths across television screens to scare the public in the future. Marc […]

Climate activist Michael Mann’s new book trailer claims skeptics ‘can no longer deny the climate crisis’ & features Morano looking like a zombie

Fraudster @MichaelEMann now has a trailer for his new climate scam book! At 0:40, Mann claims climate skeptics "can no longer deny the climate crisis". Morano looks like a demon in Mann's portrayal! @ClimateDepot @JunkScience — Tom Nelson (@tan123) December 17, 2020 Michael Mann on How to Win the Climate War and Avoid […]

Morano: Bernie Sanders, AOC ghostwriters of Biden’s energy plan| By Chris Woodward ( Joe Biden has released a $2 trillion energy plan – but one critic says Biden is just a figurehead who has relinquished control of that policy area to some left-leaning members of the Democratic Party. According to The Associated Press, the former VP’s plan reflects ideas embraced by some of his […]

Climate activists say Joe Biden is an ’empty vessel’ — & they like it! – AOC set to have huge influence on Biden campaign By Scott Wheeler Last Wednesday presumptive Democrat Party presidential candidate Joe Biden joined forces with his primary rival, socialist Bernie Sanders, to form a “joint task force” to promote party unity. Biden sees this as an opportunity to appeal to the socialist wing of the Democratic Party, and the socialists see Biden as an […]

Climate skeptic Morano picks fight at Congressional hearing – ‘Verbally attacks the credibility of one of the UN scientists’ Climate skeptic picks fight at hearing: Rep.Jared Huffman, D-Calif, who served as chairman at the hearing, had to cut off testimony when one of the climate skeptics testifying began to verbally attack the credibility of one of the U.N. scientists. UN Scientist Bob Watson reacts to Morano’s testmony Marc Morano, a critic of the […]

Obama Judge Blocks Oil Exploration for “Climate Change.” Seriously. Climate skeptic Marc Morano, who edits, placed some of the blame for this ruling on Republicans — including on the Bush and Trump administrations. “This is inevitable — and what I mean by that is the George W. Bush administration did not push back or try to change anything,” he told OneNewsNow. “They […]

Watch: Morano on Fox News on media’s false spin about removing White House tree

  Marc Morano Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Risk and Reward’ To Discuss Newsweek, White House Cutting Tree – Broadcast December 27, 2017  RUSH TRANSCRIPT: Adam: I probably heard about this, Newsweek, Slate and CNN are coming under fire for what could be considered misleading headlines of Melania Trump accusing her of chopping down an historic […]