NOAA chief scientist — ‘who questions the seriousness of global warming’ — moves to White House to oversee climate report NOAA chief scientist Ryan Maue joins climate skeptic David Legates By Andrew Freedman, Juliet Eilperin and Jason SamenowNovember 13, 2020 at 8:09 p.m. EST A second Trump Administration political appointee who questions the seriousness of global warming has been assigned a key role in the program that oversees the federal government’s definitive report on climate change.Follow the latest […]

Top NOAA scientist is removed from his position after he asked new Trump-appointed staff to adhere to the agency’s integrity policy that bans changing research data to fit political agenda   NOAA acting chief scientist Craig McLean was removed from his position in September McLean was forced to step down from his role after emailing new Trump appointees about the agency’s ethics policy, according to a NYT report The NOAA scientific integrity policy prohibits fabrication, falsification, or the manipulation of research data to fit a political agenda […]