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Reuters warns 3 lightning deaths in DC are a ‘climate warning’ — But ignores massive decline in lightning deaths over past 100 years & studies predicting less lightning in warmer world

‘Scientists say climate change increasing likelihood of lightning strikes’ in U.S. – But wait! ‘Scientists’ also predict ‘lightning strikes could drop’ as temps go up Washington DC lightning strike that killed three offers climate warning (Reuters) – Scientists say that climate change is increasing the likelihood of lightning strikes across the […]

Predict both outcomes & you are never wrong! Climate studies predict LESS & MORE lightning strikes

New study: UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH: Lightning storms less likely in a warming planet & Via: Lightning strikes could drop by 15% as climate change causes global temperatures to soar by 5°C in 2100 February 12, 2018 Scientists looked at the movement of ice particles that form within clouds  Electrical charges build up in these particles and are discharged […]