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Analysis: Eugenics and global warming BY YEN MAKABENTA FILIPINOS should not dismiss outright the connection that scientists and scholars have drawn between the theories of global warming and eugenics, a subject which I briefly discussed in my column, “Catastrophe: Green New Deal crashes in US Senate” (Manila Times, March 31, 2019). “The White Man’s Burden,” the infamous poem of […]

A Few Facts For Climate Alarmists Waging War Against Astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon

In February of 2015, Greenpeace agent Kert Davies, a vocal critic since 1997, falsely accused Dr. Soon of wrongfully taking fossil-fuel company grants by failing to disclose “conflicts of interest” to an academic journal. The journal’s editors and the Smithsonian Institution found no violation of their disclosure or conflict of interest rules. However, the Greenpeace […]