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The New Yorker Cites Depot on French flight ban: ‘This is what a climate lockdown looks like,’ Morano said. ‘The climate agenda demands you give up airline travel, car travel, cheap reliable energy, & plentiful food’ To Save the Planet, Should We Really Be Moving Slower? The degrowth movement makes a comeback. By Bill McKibben July 5, 2023 Excerpt: The populist Yellow Vest movement, initially ignited in the provinces by a rise in gas prices and a green tax on diesel, has become a major force in French politics. And […]

French Farmers Stage Mass Tractor Protest in Paris Against EU Green Diktats Thousands of French farmers accompanied by hundreds of tractors descended upon the capital of Paris in response to the government’s adoption of the latest EU green agenda diktat. In what is reported to be the largest farmer demonstration in France since 2019, some 500 tractors and thousands more people converged on Paris on Wednesday […]

NYT; Forget the Carbon Tax for Now…Huge Victory for Real Science and Conservatives

NYT; Forget the Carbon Tax for Now…Huge Victory for Real Science and Conservatives You gotta love the “for now” qualifier. Liberals never let complete support of a bid idea stand in the way of “progress” and blindly executing their strategy. Progressives won’t stop until they get open borders and turn America into the next […]

Warmist fmr. NYT reporter Justin Gillis: ‘Forget the Carbon Tax for Now… It’s politically toxic’ – French protests, tell us… it’s going to run into a buzz saw of opposition’ By Justin Gillis Mr. Gillis is a former New York Times environmental reporter and a contributing opinion writer. PARIS — The angry graffiti have been blasted off the Arc de Triomphe with water jets, leaving unnaturally white patches scarring the base of France’s national monument. The husks of incinerated cars have been cleared from […]

Media burnout: Warmist reporter laments UN climate ‘bubble’, cites France – ‘It is going to be very difficult…to make energy costs more expensive…another conference won’t achieve that’

Axios reporter Amy Harder on CBS News on December 17, 2018: Harder excerpts from interview: I think it is going to be difficult to acknowledge, In order to address climate change, you need to make fossil fuels more expensive and there appears to be this disconnect between that reality and what countries are willing to […]

The UN Paris Climate Discord – Not in my wallet BY ABE GREENWALD Global-warming activists predicted that Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate change would claim innocent lives. Trump pulled out over a year ago, and the death toll from the American snub stands at zero. In France, however, violent protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to mitigate climate change have […]

Paris burns as France faces protests over Carbon Tax on fuel   By Reuters Unrest also targets Macron’s unpopular economic policies * About 30,000 demonstrators expected in Paris on Saturday * 3,000 French police mobilised for security * Hundreds of protesters on the Champs Elysees, near Elysee (Adds clashes in Paris) By Dominique Vidalon and Emmanuel Jarry PARIS, Nov 24 (Reuters) – Police fired tear […]