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Report: Power Companies Could Remotely Switch Off EV Chargers To Reduce Grid Stress BY TYLER DURDEN Authored by Daniel Yeng via The Epoch Times, Energy providers could have the option to switch off home EV charging stations remotely to reduce pressure on Queensland’s electricity grid. The proposal is part of the Australian state’s Queensland Electricity Connection Manual (QECM), which provides a framework for the grid’s operation. Section […]

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on Biden admin attempts to block the sun in fight against climate change – ‘Radical, risky, unproven’ & talks gas-car bans

Fox & Friends – Fox News Channel – Broadcast July 2, 2023 – Joey Jones publisher Marc Morano reacts to a White House report signaling the openness to block sunlight in the fight against climate change and Americans opposing the phase-out of gas cars amid Biden’s EV push. #foxnews   Rough Transcript:  Marc Morano: […]

Limitations on mining for electricity: ‘More than 3 billion tons of metals & minerals’ needed over next 3 decades Just for electricity from EV batteries and the electricity occasionally generated from wind turbines and solar panels, the World Bank estimates that more than three billion tons of metals and minerals could be required over the next three decades to power the technologies for a global electricity transition. The transition to electricity and its […]

California’s emissions regulatory death spiral By Ronald Stein  I just got back from a 2-hour lunch with one of the guys who serves on working groups and committees of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), and he shared his frustrations working with these agencies. The frustration stems from the devastating impact […]

Watch: Morano on Fox News on climate flight bans: ‘You will go nowhere & be happy’ – ‘Flying is going to be a venue only for the rich’ & they are ‘intentionally creating car shortages’ – ’15-minute cities’ like E. Germany

Fox News Channel – Fox News Tonight – w/ Joey Jones  – Broadcast June 1, 2023 .    Marc Morano Appears on ‘Fox News Tonight’ To Discuss France Banning Short Flights RUSH TRANSCRIPT: Joey Jones: Thank you. All right, climate extremists are determined to ban everything from cars, cows and gas stoves to save the […]

CNBC: 90% of ‘end-of-life’ solar panels end up in landfills – Wind turbines ‘end up being thrown away’ – ‘Renewable energy…will soon generate tons of waste’ As the Biden administration pushes for more wind power and solar energy, renewable energy industries will soon generate tons of waste. A wind turbine is recyclable, from the steel tower to the composite blades, typically 170 feet long, but most ends up being thrown away, a waste total that will reach a cumulative mass […]