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It’s Time To Consider The Dark Connections Of The EPA With Modern Radical Extremism

It’s Time To Consider The Dark Connections Of The EPA With Modern Radical Extremism by Conor Coughlin Few Americans realize the dark history behind the Environmental Protection Agency, created under President Richard Nixon in 1970. Starting with the fact that the EPA’s first director was a Dept. of Justice employee named William Ruckelshaus, who held that position until […]

Automakers finally blast Biden EPA plan to hike fuel efficiency rules – Would ‘boost avg vehicle price by $3,000…with absolutely no environmental or fuel savings benefits’

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) proposal was unreasonable and requested significant revisions.

The industry group argued the plan would boost average vehicle prices by $3,000 by 2032 because of penalties automakers would face for not being in compliance, adding the figure “exceeds reason and will increase costs to the American consumer with absolutely no environmental or fuel savings benefits.”

Dept of Energy’s UN linked ‘Energy Star’ program exposed as ‘a massive Pay-To-Play scheme’ with ‘Public/Private partnerships’ full of private-sector investors with ‘conflicts of interest for Energy Dept’ By Conor Coughlin Are Revenues Evaporating As Globalists Wake Up To The Myth Of US Green Science? Electricity has real value, but the concept that the EPA invented a valuable electrical commodity known as “certified” energy efficiency is a total myth. The specific charade has played a critical role in the Global Warming myth […]

Watch: Fox host Stuart Varney challenges Morano over heatwave-climate link publisher Marc Morano argues mainstream media is skewing temperature data to make it an issue on climate change on ‘Varney & Co.’ Fox Business – Varney & Co. – Broadcast July 19, 2023    Stuart Varney: Marc Morano from the Climate Depot joins me now. We just heard in Phoenix, they had 19 straight […]

Morano on Fox: Gas Car Cancellation Is Intended to End Private Transport BY CATHERINE SALGADO Soon after a World Economic Forum partner was caught calling for an “end” to private car ownership, a climate expert is warning that the push to cancel gas-powered cars is just a ploy to end private transport. The climate crisis is a hoax, but it’s such a darn useful hoax for authoritarian […]

U.S. automaker Group Urges EPA to ‘Ease Up’ on Vehicle Emissions Rules Due to Mandates Benefiting China The head of a trade group representing nearly all major automakers urged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to “ease up” on its aggressive proposal to sharply cut vehicle emissions through 2032, saying it could benefit China. Alliance for Automotive Innovation CEO John Bozzella said Monday in a blog post the “EPA should ease up […]

Watch: Morano on Jesse Watters on Fox News smoking cigar & talks ‘weaponizing’ Canadian smoke: ‘We will have to go without gas stoves, vehicles, & eating meat because these fires are allegedly caused by ‘climate change’

Jesse Watters Primetime – Fox News Channel – Broadcast June 7, 2023   Jesse Watters: Marc Morano is the Climate Depot publisher and author of The Great Reset. There you go. You went camping in Canada, didn’t you? Marc Morano: No, I’m just pointing out that it is probably healthier right now to smoke a cigar […]

Are GHG emissions & air pollution correlated? ‘Countries with highest cumulative GHG emissions from 1970-2021 have cleanest air — while those with lowest cumulative GHG emissions have the dirtiest air’ DR. MATTHEW WIELICKI Are GHG emissions and air pollution correlated? With a couple of exceptions, countries with the highest cumulative GHG emissions from 1970-2021 have the cleanest air, while those with the lowest cumulative GHG emissions have the dirtiest air. Primary air pollutants… The primary air pollutants are a group of substances released into […]

Watch: Morano on Fox News on climate flight bans: ‘You will go nowhere & be happy’ – ‘Flying is going to be a venue only for the rich’ & they are ‘intentionally creating car shortages’ – ’15-minute cities’ like E. Germany

Fox News Channel – Fox News Tonight – w/ Joey Jones  – Broadcast June 1, 2023 .    Marc Morano Appears on ‘Fox News Tonight’ To Discuss France Banning Short Flights RUSH TRANSCRIPT: Joey Jones: Thank you. All right, climate extremists are determined to ban everything from cars, cows and gas stoves to save the […]