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Watch: UN fashion police’s ‘Runway to Net Zero’ event – UN’s keynote speaker says ‘It depends’ when asked if ‘clothing should be limited to 3 new items per person’ to fight climate, Dec 5 (Reuters) – DUBAI, Dec 6 (Climate Depot) – UN COP28 – Climate summit event on December 5, 2023 – “Pathway to Paris goals: Runway to net zero in the fashion industry” December 5, 2023, Dubai interview COP 28: UN fashion police – Watch Marc Morano’s exclusive interview with fashionista Dame Ellen MacArthur.  […]

Morano on Fox: Gas Car Cancellation Is Intended to End Private Transport BY CATHERINE SALGADO Soon after a World Economic Forum partner was caught calling for an “end” to private car ownership, a climate expert is warning that the push to cancel gas-powered cars is just a ploy to end private transport. The climate crisis is a hoax, but it’s such a darn useful hoax for authoritarian […]

Biden’s ‘social cost of carbon’ delusion By Craig Rucker The Biden Administration is foolishly determined to eradicate carbon-based fuels from America’s energy mix. They claim the nation can easily go from one that gets 80% of its energy from fossil fuels today to one that is 80% “carbon-free” by 2030 – or 100% by 2050. To facilitate their […]