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Pope Francis rebukes ‘irresponsible’ USA on climate change compared to China, says world’s at ‘breaking point’ By Danielle Wallace Fox News Pope Francis issued a new call for climate change action on Wednesday, when he slammed the United Stated in particular as “irresponsible” on emissions compared to China. “The world in which we live is collapsing and may be nearing the breaking point,” the pope wrote in the 12-page “Laudate Deum,” which means […]

Analysis: Biden’s billion-dollar oil mistake: Biden hamstrung his country from Day One – ‘Aggressive support for ESG’ – ‘Proxy war against Russia’ & ‘Sabre-rattling approach to China’

ASHLEY RINDSBERG: “What has landed us here is a combination of three of the Biden administration’s signature policies — its aggressive support for ESG, its proxy war against Russia, and its sabre-rattling approach to China. The result is that the US is now in an energy chokehold right when the country needs as many options as possible.” …

“The causes of surging oil prices trace back to structural changes Biden made to the economy, combined with now intractable foreign policy commitments, which, this late in the game, cannot be easily undone.” … 

“Those decisions go back to Biden’s very first day in office. On 20 January 2021, the new president signed an executive order revoking a permit required for the Keystone XL, an extension of an existing pipeline that would have transported an extra 830,000 barrels per day from Canadian oil fields to refineries in Texas. The move had its roots in Biden’s campaign strategy, which positioned Biden as a “climate change pioneer”. According to the text of Biden’s executive order: “The United States and the world face a climate crisis. That crisis must be met with action on a scale and at a speed commensurate with the need to avoid setting the world on a dangerous, potentially catastrophic, climate trajectory.” The Keystone XL pipeline “disserves” American interests, Biden said.

‘Red tape all over the place’: German Finance Minister calls on European Union to pause Net Zero regulations

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner slammed politicians in Brussels for seeking to enact stricter clean energy rules for buildings, warning that such plans could spark a dangerous voter backlash and fuel the rise of the far right.

Speaking to POLITICO during an interview in the garden of the finance ministry in Berlin on Monday, Lindner argued that Europeans are suffering from overregulation — or “red tape all over the place.” He urged European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to “pause” new EU legislation aimed at curtailing greenhouse gas emissions during a time of economic stagnation wrought in part by high energy costs.

You Will Build Nothing & Be Happy: UN report urges ‘massive emission cuts in construction sector’ by using ‘gov’t regs & enforcement’ to achieve ‘Net Zero’ – Replace ‘concrete & steel’ with ‘stone, timber, & bamboo’

UN Environment Program Press Release of new study with Yale Center for Ecosystems & Agriculture: “Rapid urbanization worldwide means every five days, the world adds buildings equivalent to the size of Paris, with the built environment sector already responsible for 37 percent of global emissions. A report published today by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Yale Center for Ecosystems + Architecture (Yale CEA), under the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC), offers solutions to decarbonize the buildings and construction sector and reduce the waste it generates.” …

“Until recently, most buildings were constructed using locally sourced earth, stone, timber, and bamboo. Yet modern materials such as concrete and steel often give only the illusion of durability, usually ending up in landfills and contributing to the growing climate crisis,” said Sheila Aggarwal-Khan, Director of UNEP’s Industry and Economy Division. “Net zero in the building and construction sector is achievable by 2050, as long as governments put in place the right policy, incentives and regulation to bring a shift the industry action,” UNEP’s Aggarwal-Khan added.

Government regulation and enforcement is also required across all phases of the building life cycle – from extraction through end-of-use – to ensure transparency in labeling, effective international building codes, and certification schemes…“The decarbonization of the buildings and construction sector is essential for the achievement of the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

‘Vampire charging’: Electric Vehicle Charges Grid: ‘EVs can feed excess power back to the grid during peak demand, helping to prevent blackouts’ – ‘Vehicle-to-grid charging’

black vehicle

Terence West reported Wednesday for EnergyPortal that‚”PG&E, is exploring the potential of electric vehicles (EVs) to support the state’s fragile power grid.” What that means in practice is that CEO Patti Poppe wants a future where, “EVs can feed excess power back to the grid during peak demand, helping to prevent blackouts.” …

The concept, known as ‚”vehicle-to-grid‚” charging, involves sending power from an EV’s battery back to the grid while the car is parked and plugged in. This technology is still in its early stages and faces significant costs, hindering widespread adoption. However, EVs could play a crucial role in ensuring grid stability during periods of high energy demand and solar power shortages. …

Then there’s the matter of cost. “To encourage drivers to participate in bidirectional charging,” West conceded in his report, “utilities may need to offer incentives such as monetary compensation for the kilowatt hours contributed.”

Ford’s losses on electronic vehicles are now projected to hit $4.5 billion in 2023 By Sara Higdon he Ford Motor Company revealed in its second-quarter financial results on Thursday that a $4.5 billion loss has been projected for its line of electric vehicles (EVs). Almost twice as much as its $2.1 billion loss on its Model E division in 2022. Despite the losses in EVs, Ford posted a $1.9 billion net income bringing in $45 billion […]

Greenpeace Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Moore: ‘The reason oil & gas companies are rolling in $$ is the Net-Zero fantasy that has restricted fossil fuels & made a windfall for the fossil fuel companies, all at our expense’

This is the greatest irony. The reason the oil & gas companies are rolling in $$ is the Net-Zero fantasy that has restricted fossil fuels and made a windfall for the fossil fuel companies, all at our expense, due to Greenhouse etc. policies. Wake up citizens, you’ve been conned. — Patrick Moore (@EcoSenseNow) July […]

Fill Er Up – If You Can Afford It – U.S. gas prices $1.30 higher per gallon than when Trump left Office – Under Biden, Avg U.S. driver paying $20 more per tank Fill Er Up – If You Can Afford It Biden keeps saying he’s lowered gas prices. He’s right that they’ve fallen from the peak of above $5 a gallon in his financially disastrous first 18 months in office. But they just rose this week to the still high price of $3.69 a gallon – […]