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MILLOY: Earth Day — Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off – ‘Environmentalism has become totally unhinged as it is all in for climate hysteria’ By STEVE MILLOY The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970. At the time, our environment was somewhat of a mess — too often featuring thick urban smog, burning rivers and lakes, unmanaged and leaking waste dumps and other unsafe or unpleasant environmental conditions.  But it is no longer 1970. It’s time to move […]

AP: Climate progress remains elusive for Biden on Earth Day SEATTLE (AP) — With a backdrop of flowering trees, it was a setting fit for the signing of major environmental legislation. Even Seattle’s notorious clouds parted as President Joe Biden stepped up to speak Friday. But when he sat down at a small desk with the presidential seal that had been set up for […]

Geologist: Cancel Earth Day, celebrate Earth By Gregory Wrightstone As a fourteen-year-old student in south-central Pennsylvania at the time of the first Earth Day in April 1970, I recognized the need for a real cleanup of what was a horribly abused environment. When I went off to study geology at college, I embraced the environmentalist movement as my own. In my […]

Happy Earth Day – Real Air Pollution issues solved, CO2 a benefit not a danger It is perfectly reasonable to work to ensure clean air and water and towards conservation of our resources. I have always considered myself a conservationist and environmentalist. In the post war boom, we had problems with air pollution from factories, coal plants, cars, inefficient home heating systems and incinerators in apartments. We had air […]

Earth Day: FIFTY YEARS OF ENVIRONMENTALIST LIES By Thomas J. DiLorenzo First pollution would cause a new ice age unless we destroyed capitalism and replaced it with socialism and central planning. That didn’t work out, so then we were told that capitalism was causing global warming and therefore must be destroyed and replaced with socialism and central planning. That didn’t work […]

Earth Day 2022: Stop Media Climate Disinformation – We need to ‘build herd immunity against the nonsense’ By Ron Clutz Climate hysteria is like a seasonal sickness.  Each year a contagion of anxiety and fear is created by disinformation going viral in both legacy and social media in the run up to the autumnal COP, most recently Glasgow last November.  Now that climatists have put themselves at the controls of the […]

Earth Day 2022: Gladness Expels Gloom – ‘Our planet gets greener as we get wealthier’ by Ron Clutz Cameron English explains in his ACSH article Earth Day 2022: Doomsday Isn’t Around The Corner.  Excerpts in italics with my bolds and added images. As earth day approaches, activist groups have amplified their predictions of an impending environmental disaster. A brief survey of the evidence shows that the situation isn’t nearly as dire as […]

‘Trash, Human Waste & Needles’: Biden Ignores The REAL Environmental Crisis Facing Seattle During Earth Day Visit By HARRY WILMERDING President Joe Biden neglected to mention the rampant homelessness plaguing Seattle while speaking about Earth Day while visiting the liberal city Friday. “Every time I get a little down … I just turn on the television or take a look at all the young people,” Biden said at Seward Park, according ABC News. […]

Listen: Morano talks on The Joe Piscopo Show on Earth Day on how electric cars help the USA to rely more on China

🔊 Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) gave @JrzyJoePiscopo the truth about #EarthDay Full Interview: — The Joe Piscopo Show (@JoePiscopoShow) April 22, 2022 ‘Environmental disaster’: Electric cars have a dirty little recycling problem — batteries But electric cars have their own dirty little secret: Every electric vehicle, and most hybrid vehicles, rely on large lithium-ion […]