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Activist Doctors’ Group Falsely Claims Climate Change Making Health Worse BY H. STERLING BURNETT A story run by Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) today claims climate change poses a threat to human health. Disease and mortality data show this is false. During the recent period of modest warming, deaths resulting from extreme heat and weather have declined sharply, and research indicates climate change is not contributing […]

Climate change saved over half a million people in England & Wales alone

Climate change saved over half a million people in England and Wales alone Nebelspalter, 1 February 2022 By Alex Reichmuth If climate change has saved half a million lives in England and Wales alone in the last two decades, it can be deduced that it must be many millions in temperate countries. British authorities estimate that […]

UN Climate Envoy Mark Carney: Climate crisis deaths ‘will be worse than Covid’ – ‘It will be the equivalent of a coronavirus crisis every year’ BBC News The world is heading for mortality rates equivalent to the Covid crisis every year by mid-century unless action is taken, according to Mark Carney. The former central banker said the investment needed to avert millions of deaths was double current rates. But with governments ploughing billions into keeping economies afloat, a question […]