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Watch: Morano on Ingraham on Fox: EV mandates ‘making freedom of movement more difficult’ to ‘force us into mass transit, subways, buses’ – Plus Gore in Davos claims Net Zero will stop global warming COLD

The Ingraham Angle – Fox News Channel – Broadcast January 17, 2024 

Morano on cold temps stopping EVs: I would argue this is a feature, not a bug. I mean, this is part of making travel, freedom of movement more difficult — the more we’re stuck with cars that don’t work, cars that take a long time to charge, the more they think they’ll force us into mass transit, subways, buses, and the Earth will smile. This is what the ideologues that Davos are pushing. This is what the Biden Administration is pushing.

Morano China’s auto dominance: It was Trump’s 2013 tweet about global warming being invented to help China. China is now passing Japan as the number one Global exporter of cars. There is an invasion of Chinese cars. It’s because they have a monopoly on EVs. As I say, EVS dig the Earth, and that’s why China has a monopoly.

Morano on Gore: Al Gore at the Davos meeting is now saying once we achieve the political goal of Net Zero — which was essentially pulled out of thin air,  according to a top UN scientist — the Earth’s temperature will stop rising almost immediately within 3 years. Gore’s pulling a COVID tactic, like wear your mask, do the lockdown, get the vax and everything will be better very quickly. They’re literally pushing this now — three years and we will stop global warming, and it’s over. We never have to hear about it again according to what we’re hearing from Davos.

WATCH: Al Gore in Davos claims government policies can change Earth’s temps in 3 years! Gore: ‘Once we get to true Net Zero & stop adding, the temps will stop going up almost immediately, with a lag of as little as 3 years’

Weather prognosticator @algore: "The good news is that once we get to true net zero and stop adding, the temperatures will stop going up almost immediately, with a lag of as little as three years." — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) January 15, 2024 Gore sourced Michael Mann for his claim?! Morano on Gore’s climate astrology […]

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‘We need to start listening to the science’: Greta Thunberg slams Davos elites on climate as Trump takes stage DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — Young climate activists including Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg told business and political elites gathered Tuesday at the World Economic Forum that they aren’t doing enough to tackle the climate emergency and warned them that time was running out. At a panel in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, climate campaigners expressed hope […]