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Will enviros stay silent?! Billionaires Gates, Bezos & Bloomberg team up to drill for rare earth metals in Greenland needed for electric car batteries – Seek to obtain $1.4 trillion worth of rare natural resources COPENHAGEN, Aug 9 (Reuters) – Mineral exploration company KoBold Metals, backed by billionaires including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, has signed an agreement with London-listed Bluejay Mining (JAY.L) to search in Greenland for critical materials used in electric vehicles. KoBold, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to hunt for raw materials, will pay $15 […]

Michael Bloomberg, UN climate envoy, shuns commercial travel for private jets Like U.S. climate envoy John Kerry, the billionaire and former NYC mayor eschews commercial travel for his emissions-heavy private jet By Morgan Phillips | Fox News Video Bloomberg spending millions on last-minute Ohio ad push for Biden Rep. Tim Ryan tells ‘Your World’ why the Democratic nominee will win Ohio with his stay-at-home strategy Michael Bloomberg will […]

UN chief reappoints billionaire Bloomberg as ‘climate envoy’ – Will ‘mobilize stronger & more ambitious climate action’ Michael Bloomberg, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action, speaks during the plenary session of the Global Action Climate Summit, in San Francisco. The United Nations says American billionaire Michael Bloomberg has been reappointed as a special envoy to engage governments and businesses in tackling the threat of global warming. Bloomberg was first […]

Bloomberg climate group dumps $2.5 million into North Carolina – So residents can pay higher electricity prices — ‘but the weather will remain the same’

.@MikeBloomberg climate group dumps $2.5 million into North Carolina Lt. Governor race so that North Carolinians can pay higher electricity prices. The weather will remain the same. #FoxNews — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) October 15, 2020 Bloomberg group aiming to ‘elect champions of climate action all over the country’ Mike Bloomberg’s climate change group is dumping […]

Fact Check: Michael Bloomberg Claim That China’s CO2 Emissions Are ‘Slowing Down’ is FALSE CHARLIE SPIERING 19 Feb 2020720 1 Claim: Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg claimed that China’s carbon emissions have “slowed down.” Verdict: False. China’s carbon emissions have steadily increased, according to, and are projected to keep rising. China is also rapidly building coal power plants, signaling that the country has no intention of ending its status as the […]

Democratic candidates engage in lengthy debate over ‘climate change’ BY REBECCA BEITSCH Democratic presidential candidates discussed climate change at length on the debate stage Wednesday night, addressing energy sources ranging from natural gas to lithium batteries. White House hopefuls fielded questions on the topic for 15 minutes, dwarfing the amount of time devoted to environmental issues at earlier debates. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) slightly walked […]

Sanders and Bloomberg split over banning fracking By Ben Geman Tonight’s Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas laid bare the candidates’ differences over fracking as Bernie Sanders defended his push for an outright ban and challenged concerns that it could hurt Democrats politically. Driving the news: NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Sanders what he would tell workers in Pennsylvania, a swing state where […]

Bloomberg Has Been Funding Climate Lawyers Inside Liberal State AG Offices to ‘pursue climate-based litigation’ By  Ashe Schow Presidential candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has been funding climate lawyers inside liberal state attorney general offices to push his climate agenda. Fox News reported that a program funded by Bloomberg pays the salaries of these attorneys to “pursue climate-based litigation.” “The arrangement, which currently pays the salaries of Special Assistant Attorneys General […]

Bloomberg’s Climate Lawyers Quietly Promote Green Agenda In State Govt.’s Bloomberg’s Climate Lawyers Quietly Promote Green Agenda In State Govt.’s Climate Change Dispatch / by Valerie Richardson / 1d Other Democratic presidential primary contenders may push the Green New Deal, but Michael R. Bloomberg is advancing his climate change agenda behind the scenes with the help of one Democratic state attorney general at a […]

Tom Steyer, Hypocrite preaching Green By Ronald Stein |January 28th, 2020|Environment|6 Comments If you don’t know who Tom Steyer is, you should. He’s the guy riding in the internal combustion powered limousine that drops Al Gore off at his speaking engagements. Mr. Steyer, a billionaire former hedge fund manager, who has become the most influential environmentalist in American politics, made his billions […]