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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends: ‘We’ve reached peak climate insanity’ as Sen. Manchin kills Biden’s bill – ‘Completely unhinged’ activists claim a pork barrel fed spending bill will alter Earth’s geologic history!

d   Climate activists are ‘completely unhinged’ after Manchin decision: Climate publisher – Fox News Channel – Broadcast July 16, 2022 publisher Marc Morano praises Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., for rejecting a climate spending bill and slams climate activists for pushing ‘necessary bitter medicine’ solutions to the climate. Rough Transcript: Will Cain: Climate spending […]

Watch: Build Back Better 2.0: global elites rebrand to ‘Rules-Based World Order’’More Hubris. Less Freedom’ – ‘More Hubris. Less Freedom’ By Jordan Schachtel The “free world” is a troublesome slogan, as basic freedoms have become a radical concept in the year 2022. The western ruling class, which used to defend the idea of unalienable rights, has decided that such a term carries too many troublesome […]

U.S. Senator Manchin could back climate provisions in slimmer spending bill, sources say (Reuters) – Key Senate Democrats are working to revive U.S. President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda with a current focus on energy, environment, climate and tax reform rather than the social safety net, according to three people familiar with the matter. Plans to revive the “Build Back Better” legislation now revolve around talks between Senate […]

House Democrats call on Biden to use climate crisis as ‘building block’ to restart social spending bill Dozens of House Democrats signed a letter addressed to US President Joe Biden asking that the climate crisis be the “building block to restart negotiations” on the Build Back Better social spending bill. To resuscitate the stalled bill, the 89 Democrats underscored in their letter on Monday how the $555bn (£426.3bn) in funding set aside for climate resilience and clean energy would be a “key starting […]

Top Ten Build Back Blunders: Joe Biden’s Disastrous First Year — Climate & Energy Edition By Steve Milloy Joe Biden has been President for one year. It’s been quite eventful, and not just because of COVID, Afghanistan, inflation, supply chain and more. Biden campaigned for the presidency against fossil fuels — and he has lived up to that from Day 1. He has initiated and overseen a series of […]

Climatologist: ‘Manchin’s blocking of the BBB is climatically inconsequential’ Manchin’s Not The Climate Problem By Patrick J. Michaels, Senior Fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the CO2 Coalition. Senator Joe Manchin, who killed Biden’s Build Back Better plan live on Fox News, is being vilified throughout the legacy press because BBB’s climate plans are now similarly moribund. Somehow, the story goes, Biden’s plan […]

Sen. Joe Manchin Does Right; BBB Dead – For Now By Peter Murphy The proponents of the socialistic Build Back Better legislation, which was the centerpiece of President Biden’s legislative agenda, were (and remain) apoplectic over U.S. Senator Joe Manchin’s refusal to support its passage. Sen. Manchin did the right thing for the right reasons – which is a breath of fresh air in the often fetid world of […]

Politico Editor On Manchin’s No To Biden’s BBB: ‘Objectively devastating for the planet. The last best chance at climate change legislation is gone’ BY TIM GRAHAM Brian Flood at Fox News on Monday reported that Politico White House Editor and MSNBC contributor Sam Stein demonstrated a stunning lack of objectivity on Sen. Joe Manchin’s declaration on Sunday that he couldn’t back Biden’s massive socialist spending scheme, the one Biden calls “Build Back Better.” “A lot to process on the Manchin news […]

Cheers! Biden’s climate agenda collapses: Dem Sen Manchin kills Build Back BANKRUPT bill – Manchin accused of altering Earth’s ‘geologic record’ Net Zero Samizdat Xtra It’s all over for Joe Biden’s climate agenda Joe Manchin kills Build Back Better bill on Fox News It’s all over: Manchin says he ‘cannot vote’ for Build Back Better Fox News, 19 December 2021 ‘I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation,’ he said Sen. Joe Manchin, […]