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Why does ‘climate change’ spare California’s private forests? – ‘Private forests are not burning down because they are properly managed’

Via California Policy Center Climate change spares private forests:  Katy Grimes, editor of the California Globe, points out that the disparate impact of climate change on public and private forests suggests another factor is at play, namely the lack of proper forest management in government-run forests: For decades, traditional forest management was scientific and successful, […]

Study Claims Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Eggs ‘Bad for the Environment’

  By Craig Bannister | March 30, 2018 | 3:24 PM EDT Chocolate bunnies: bad for the environment? (Screenshot) On Friday, two days before Easter, an academic journal published a study claiming that chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs are harmful to the environment. The study, published in Food Research International, finds offense in everything about the Easter […]