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Scientists declare meat should have cigarette-style climate warning labels: Proposed label: ‘Warning: Eating meat contributes to climate change’

<p>One of the cigarette pack-style warning labels suggested for meat-based meals</p>

UK Independent: Adding graphic, cigarette pack-style warnings to meat-based meals had a significant impact on people’s decisions to choose them, according to new research. Scientists from Durham University in the UK came up with the novel approach to cutting meat consumption which, alongside dairy, accounts for about one-seventh of global emissions.

The scientists took a group of 1,000 meat-eating adults and split them into four groups. The participants were then shown pictures of hot meals tagged with a climate, health or pandemic warning, or no label.

The participants found the climate warning labels to be the “most credible”. These labels showed fire-charred landscapes and read: “Warning: Eating meat contributes to climate change.”

“As warning labels have already been shown to reduce smoking as well as drinking of sugary drinks and alcohol, using a warning label on meat-containing products could help us achieve this if introduced as national policy,” said Jack Hughes, the study’s lead author.


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