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Media Matters declares Morano ‘a key driver of the climate components of the Great Reset conspiracy theory’ – ‘The Great Reset conspiracy theory is a hotbed of climate denial’ A key driver of the climate components of the Great Reset conspiracy theory is longtime right-wing media darling and climate denier Marc Morano. … Notorious climate denier Marc Morano was pushing this idea as early as 2020, when he stated on the December 21 edition of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight that the Biden administration will “go from COVID lockdowns to climate lockdowns.” …  Morano returned to it on the June 19, 2022, edition of Newsmax’s Gorka Reality Check, where he railed against Green New Deal policies and stated that Bill Gates and George Soros “love this idea of lockdowns. …That is their path to the Great Reset, emergency declaration gives them more power.” One such narrative-shaper is Morano, a longtime climate denier and frequent Fox News guest who recently wrote a book titled “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown.” In addition to various Newsmax appearances, Morano appeared on two separate OAN shows on September 16 to discuss the Great ResetIn July, his book was promoted on Tucker Carlson Tonight. On October 8, he appeared on Fox News’ Unfiltered with Dan Bongino and said the Great Reset is about “collapsing our energy, food, transportation, and our free speech rights. He’s also been doing right-wing radio interviews promoting his Great Reset conspiracy theory book.

Global groups used COVID to ‘retool the world with a host of proposals – this was known as The Great Reset’ By Justin Hart 💣 Truth bomb time. Here’s what really happened with Covid: 🎩Global elites ramped up significant efforts to reshape the world and address a host of inequalities and imagined boogeymen like climate change. /1  ﹩⚕️ These global elites were bolstered by a host of corrupt institutions which included the WHO (“World Health Organization”), big pharma companies, and world wealth and health players like Bill Gates and the WEF. /2  🦠With the emergence of a new virus these groups pounced at the vulnerable moment to put their plans into action and retool the world with a host of proposals – this was known as The Great Reset. The Coronavirus response was just the first sortie in this plan. /3  😨 Govts across the world, under the threat of serious mortality (real or imagined), caved to the plan of action which utilized cram downs on individual rights, massive expenses, and enhanced authority overhauls to set the stage for a shift of power. /4  🤬Free speech, right to assembly, right to bodily autonomy, representative government all fell within months of the first COVID-19 cases announced in almost every country. /5  😵 This newfound power and framework allowed this movement to latch on the decaying carcass of fragile democracies, societal empathies, and eggshell-walking politicos anxious about upcoming elections. /6  🔒Unprecedented global lockdowns of populations disrupted the entire flow of commerce and relationships. /7  💸Trillions of tax dollars flowed into the coffers of every connected and corrupt institution under the guise of “protecting” the global populace from this apocalyptic pathogen. /8  🏦Disrupted businesses were bought off with zero-cost loans and grants to keep employees onboard and keep the money flowing so as not to destroy the economies all at once. /9  🧪A massive global testing regime was set up to catch the widest number of COVID-19 infections possible. The chosen test array (the PCR test) could pick up remnants of a virus at 5 days after infection or even 75 days. /10  🏥 Hospitals were designated as the first (and last) point of care ensuring a massive wave of anxiety and alarming centralization of power still felt today. /11  ☠️Deaths were counted with the widest-possible latitude ensuring a prominent psychological impact at every turn prompting policies mirroring population concerns. /12  🤑Governments bought and paid off new entities to ensure compliance. Threats of fines and operational shutdowns were made if new agencies failed to meet expectations. /13  💉A global deterrence was crafted to ward off any pre-hospitalization treatments. The endgame was focused on the ultimate prize: a “revolutionary” vaccination framework thought to be the next generation in global medicine and health. /14  🤝An unprecedented wave of funding and government collusion was established to roll out a vaccine across the world. /15  🚔Government mandates ranged from coercive inconvenience to full-on house arrest. You could lose your job, your bank account, and your freedom in one fell swoop. /16  😷 Simplistic mechanisms of mask wearing were instituted as an outward sign of faith in the “new normal.” Politicians could then wipe their hands of outcomes by pointing to lack-of-use of such procedures. /17  👦🏻Children were targeted for ripe propagandist approaches ensuring that most vulnerable parts of our society were utilized as a bludgeon against anyone going against the grain. /18  🦠Wave after wave of virus variants proved a great excuse when vaccines didn’t perform as expected. /19  🙈Strategic gaslighting was employed by health officials to distract from their massive failures. /20  ⚠️War and economic collapse followed to cover up the disaster. From • • •

Buy Today: The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown at CFACT book store GET THE BOOK THE LEFT IS CRYING TEARS OVER! In The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown, bestselling author and publisher, Marc Morano, unveils the origins of the Great Reset, who is behind it, how it is being implemented, and how COVID-19 and the alleged “climate emergency” accelerated its imposition on the United States. The Left is mad. In fact, they’ve written 6 hit pieces on Morano’s book since July. Find out why when you read this damning expose of the Left’s plans to reset society. Get it on sale today. In The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown, bestselling author and publisher, Marc Morano, unveils the origins of the Great Reset, who is behind it, how it is being implemented, and how COVID-19 and the alleged “climate emergency” accelerated its imposition on the United States. # The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown Watch: CSPAN’s Book-TV will feature Morano’s 1 Hour presentation about The Great Reset on October 16 @ 6pm EDT (Repeats Oct. 17) Collapse of energy, food, transportation systems prompt calls for government nationalization of industries – Echoes 1930s push for Great Reset style reforms Great Reset By Marc Morano – Chapter 12 Excerpt: ‘COVID Lockdowns Morph to Climate Lockdowns’ Watch: Morano on Tucker Carlson on energy & food chaos: ‘This is a war against modern civilization’ – World Economic Forum & UN seek ‘controlling humans’

Watch: CSPAN’s Book-TV will feature Morano’s 1 Hour presentation about The Great Reset on October 16 @ 6pm EDT (Repeats Oct. 17)   & The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown # Flashback: Morano on CSPAN Book-TV on JULY 21, 2021 Green Fraud: Why The Green New Deal is Even Worse Than You Think Marc Morano, publisher of, argued that the science on climate change is not settled and legislation… # Collapse of energy, food, transportation systems prompt calls for government nationalization of industries – Echoes 1930s push for Great Reset style reforms Great Reset By Marc Morano – Chapter 12 Excerpt: ‘COVID Lockdowns Morph to Climate Lockdowns’ Watch: Morano on Tucker Carlson on energy & food chaos: ‘This is a war against modern civilization’ – World Economic Forum & UN seek ‘controlling humans’ Watch: Morano talks new Great Reset book on Sebastian Gorka Sebastian and Climate Depot founder Marc Morano talk about how the insidious COVID-19 lockdowns led to the broader globalist plot known as “The Great Reset,” as detailed in Marc’s new book of the same name. Watch: Morano on Fox News on the Great Food Reset: China & Bill Gates buying up U.S. farmland – Pushing fake meat & bugs – ‘Unfiltered w/ Dan Bongino’

Listen: Morano talks his new book, The Great Reset, on the Federalist Radio Hour Hosted by Emily Jashinsky   October 5, 2022 On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot and former senior staff member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, joins Federalist Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his new book, “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown.” You can find more about Morano’s book and Climate Depot here:

Watch: Morano on Mark Steyn’s UK TV show – 2 Live Segments on The Great Reset: Morano: ‘Decisions are being made by fewer & fewer people, it’s a concentration of power at the top’

First Live Interview – Broadcast September 28, 2022 – (Also watch the below segment here: ) Mark Steyn interviews author Marc Morano on his book Great Reset which reveals some uncomfortable truths about what ‘the elites’ have in store for us. Second Live Interview Segment – Broadcast September 29, 2022 – Watch Below – Morano segment beings at 13:00 minutes in (Also available here.) – ‘Informed consent was turned on its head’ | Marc Morano on his book, ’The Great Reset’ GBNews – Sep 29, 2022 ‘The whole idea of informed consent was turned on its head.’ Marc Morano joins Mark Steyn to discuss his book ‘The Great Reset,’ which he claims is underway. Watch on TV: Virgin 604, Freesat 216, Sky 515, Freeview 236, YouView 236 Listen on DAB+ Radio The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown – By Marc Morano Rough Transcript Excerpts:  Mark Steyn: Marc Morano is a best-selling author and his latest book is called the Great Reset: Global Elites and these are the words to bear in mind Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown. Morano: if you go back decades New York Times, Tom Freeman praising China’s one party rule. Justin Trudeau saying he has great admiration for China’s basic dictatorship. The U.N climate Chief you Christina Figueres. The Obama administration officials praising China. So what happens? COVID comes along, the World Health Organization sends a sham committee to China and after two or three days they come back and say ‘If you want to know how to stop a virus follow China. Do what China is doing. So, the whole world like Lemmings jumping off a cliff. And the West started copying the most insane authoritarian response of literally of nailing people in their home while they’re wearing hazmat suits that’s what the once free West emulated.  … Morano: “If Hillary Clinton were president and she had pushed the ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ in the United States, I think there would have been a huge rebellion. I think we now know that Donald Trump was literally duped by his White House COVID advisor Deborah Birx, by Anthony Fauci. They now admit it. Deborah Birx is going around boasting and swindled the president and they knew it was never going to be ’15 days.’ So Donald Trump got into that, but had it been Hillary Clinton, I think you would have had much greater rebellion in our country from people who accepted lockdowns, because they thought okay we have this under control but unfortunately, once you started that two weeks it was almost impossible to get out of it. We had an unprecedented situation this is in human history once free West overnight shut churches, gyms, schools, businesses, curfews, stay at home orders, weddings, funerals, — but hey Walmart was open. And and big Tech profit skyrocketed. We created a new billionaire every 30 hours. It was the greatest transfer of wealth from poor and middle class to the wealthy.  We’re still under a  9 11 emergency power act that led to the creation of the Patriot Act which gave us the surveillance State against our own citizens. Then you have COVID added we’re still under the COVID emergency.  Joe Biden keeps extending it. Joe Biden now wants to add a climate emergency declaration according to Associated Press that would give him 130 new executive powers. The Scottish government has been trying to make the pandemic powers permanent and we now have medical associations ensuring doctors can’t even do research or recommendations that are contrary to Public Health. Doctors can’t present data if it contradicts with public health. They’re trying to pass this in California. They’ve passed it in Australia. And so it’s an idea that this is going to be a new normal where the decisions are being made by fewer and fewer people it’s a concentration of power at the top. And it’s about controlling the narrative on every aspect so we are now facing thermostat controls, gas powered car bans. And here’s the key, they’re intentionally collapsing our energy our food our transportation and our free speech and once they collapse it that creates chaos then they claim the free market failed and now there’s a whole movement afoot to nationalize everything I just mentioned, food, energy, transportation, seeking a government takeover. … Morano: No one voted for gas car bans. Gov. Gavin Newsom in California issued an executive order. The California Air Resources Board, an unelected unaccountable bureaucracy, came up with the timetable the 2035 and with strict limits going up to that year. 17 States, including my home state of Virginia, have a trigger law to follow California. Biden’s transportation secretary loves the gas car ban so much they’re now looking at it as a federal mandate. The World Bank’s former president Nicholas Stern says we have to look at timetables for ending gas cars. So the World Bank is telling automakers that gas cars are ending. A bank in Australia won’t even give you a car loan if you want to buy a gas-powered car. We didn’t vote for this. They’re taking away our meat our gas-powered cars our free speech and our agriculture, forcing us to eat insects. We didn’t vote for any of this. We didn’t vote for lockdowns. We didn’t vote for mask mandates, these were all done through emergency decree, through unelected bureaucracy, that is what the Great Reset is. Think back to China One party rule,  they don’t want any stinking democracy. # Segment 2:  Mark Steyn: Marc Morano is back for more on the Great Reset…Marc Morano is the author of this terrific new book The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown and he is back with us. Marc, we were talking about the requirement for vaccines. Morano: All those emergency powers are what enables governments to do this to their citizens. Yes to answer your question directly. How did this happen? Why is this vaccine allowed to be here with all these with a disproportionate adverse reaction: It’s very simple. Emergency use authorization, emergency powers. You can bypass all traditional vaccine requirements and tests. They’re doing this with all of the updates with children,  it’s all a way to bypass not only democracy, but traditional medical safety because we’re in an emergency here. And you could also say Donald Trump, president Trump’s whole idea to rush a vaccine to market was misguided.  I know he was a private businessman who came to fame and getting things done under budget. But maybe an untested vaccine on the mass population that would later be used to mandate and force people and threaten them with their jobs — was the wrong thing to rush through. That’s something we have to look at because in the future we don’t want to be like ‘Let’s ram this thing in as fast as we can.’ You mentioned informed consent. They’re not giving you the information and you don’t have the consent that’s what they tried to take away. So that whole idea was turned on its head. Once again the premise and it goes back to what I said about emergency powers with COVID, with terrorism, with climate coming up, they want to bypass traditional procedures democracy, medical safety, and this is the method in which they do it. They say ‘we have to do this this, it is an urgent because it’s a Public Health Crisis and it becomes a permanent crisis.  Mark Steyn: You see across the continent these seriously collapsing fertility rates then you have reports that are now acknowledged in peer-reviewed journals, particularly in terms of women’s health that the vaccines change their periods and and have impacts on breast milk, and all the rest of it  just as a general proposition they don’t seem worried about that because they’re not into large families. Marc Morano: No it’s if anything it’s a side benefit that they didn’t promote or think about. This is a benefit to those who worry about overpopulation, but you not only have women’s menstrual cycles being affected and — by the way that was considered misinformation you would be de-platformed, canceled, taken off all social media, no one was allowed to say that, but now it’s in the New York Times, The Washington Post, in peer-review journals —  but you have women’s cycles being interrupted but you also have men’s sperm counts dropping with the vaccine and with the boosters. So combine those two and you’re going to have lower fertility rates. Now they claim it’s a temporary effect on male fertility but again we don’t have long-term tests to know what’s temporary because this is emergency use we don’t have time. Remember, Greta Thunberg said ‘I want you to panic,’ because when you panic you do incredibly stupid, dangerous things and you play with people’s lives. But to your point, we’ve dealt with this before, this idea of affecting feritliy, with Paul Ehrlich. A 1969 New York Times headline read, sterility drug hinted at in our water and food supply and it goes on to talk about in both Africa and the United States they wanted to add a sterility agent drug that would suppress US population growth and create less fertility, less reproduction. This was Paul Ehrlich. And then you have Jacques Cousteau, actually saying at one point we need to lose 350 000 people per day in order to bring the Earth’s population down to a reasonable level, that Earth can handle.  #

Watch: COVID was just the beginning: Climate lockdowns are the next stage of the Great Reset agenda – Morano says Pro-freedom activist and author Marc Morano explains how COVID lockdowns were a mere precursor to the climate lockdowns now being discussed by our elites. Morano also suggests practical ways to fight the ongoing implementation of the Great Reset agenda. THE JOHN-HENRY WESTEN SHOW – SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

Bill Gates buys the media: ‘Pumps out tens of millions of dollars annually to pay for positive media’ – Morano’s The Great Reset book excerpt

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 12 of The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown – By Marc Morano Chapter 2 – The Origins of the Great Reset Page 59 – Excerpt:  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pumps out tens of millions of dollars annually to pay for positive media. Media partnerships and sponsorships essentially buy slick public relations for Gates and his foundations. Gates influences coverage of global health and development issues as a “top 10 donor” to BBC’s Media Action organization. In the United Kingdom, he also funds The Guardian’s Global Development website. And Gates funds NPR’s global-health coverage. He also provides funding to the key “Our World in Data” website that bills itself as providing “daily updated research and data” on the “coronavirus pandemic.” Gates funds world-health coverage on ABC News—with cash grants. Even the New York Times was taken aback by Gates paying ABC News. “ABC News has entered into an unusual financial agreement with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to back a yearlong project investigating global health problems and their potential solutions,” the Times reported in 2010. The paper quoted ABC News admitting that the network “had never accepted a cash grant before.” When the PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer was given a $3.5 million Gates Foundation grant to set up a special reporting division “to expand global health coverage,” the funding essentially brought Gates’s vision and philosophy to the reporting. “NewsHour correspondents will travel worldwide to produce forty to fifty documentary-style reports on global health issues” reported Philanthropy News Digest in 2008. Gates’s money did not just buy coverage, it turned “reporters” for PBS into paid lobbyists for Gates’s global-health mission. “The NewsHour will also launch an outreach effort to put the coverage in front of policymakers, scientists, medical professionals, and others in the global health community.” During the height of COVID-19 fears, Gates appeared regularly on NewsHour and could always count on softball questions from his paid crew at PBS. An April 2020 “news-segment” interview with Gates by anchor Judy Woodruff revealed the extent of the journalistic rot at the Gates-funded show. Woodruff opened the interview with Gates by gushing, “One of the best-informed voices is that of businessman and philanthropist Bill Gates. The co-founder of Microsoft has spent the last few decades focused through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on improving global health, including reducing the spread of infectious diseases.” She said, “You were one of the prescient few years ago who said that an infectious disease outbreak was coming that could kill millions of people”—neglecting to mention that warning cries of the possibility of another Spanish flu hitting someday had been ubiquitous in global health since the time of the original Spanish flu. But Woodruff was not finished performing for Gates’s bought-and-paid-for PR. “Well, Bill Gates, we thank you very much for spending the time with us, for talking with us today. Thank you and we wish you and what you are doing at the Foundation the very best,” Woodruff concluded. In response to concerns that the journalistic integrity of PBS NewsHour was being compromised by the millions in Gates funding, communications chief Rob Flynn defended the show by suggesting that “there are not a heck of a lot of things you could touch in global health these days that would not have some kind of Gates tentacle.” BOX: “The Final Solution” Bill Gates appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in April 2020 to discuss the “return to normal” from COVID-19. Gates: And then the final solution—which is a year to two years off—is the vaccine. So we’ve got to go full-speed ahead on all three fronts. Colbert: Just to head off the conspiracy theorists, maybe we shouldn’t call the vaccine “the final solution.” Gates: Good point. Colbert: Maybe just “the best solution.” Gates: (laughing) Yeah, the return-to-normal solution. Investigative journalist James Corbett has explained the stranglehold Gates has on public health. “It comes as no surprise, then, that—far beyond the $250 million that the Gates Foundation has pledged to the ‘fight’ against coronavirus—every aspect of the current coronavirus pandemic involves organizations, groups and individuals with direct ties to Gates funding,” Corbett reported. The Lancet expressed serious concerns about the Gates Foundation’s influence on public health. “Apart from questions over its investments, the Gates Foundation has received little external scrutiny,” The Lancet said in a May 2009 editorial noting Gates’s $3 billion annual spending at the time. The medical journal reported: Last year, Devi Sridhar and Rajaie Batniji reported that the Foundation gave most of its grants to organizations in high-income countries…. Their study shows even more robustly that the grants made by the Foundation do not reflect the burden of disease endured by those in deepest poverty. In an accompanying Comment, Robert Black and colleagues discuss the alarm- ingly poor correlation between the Foundation’s funding and childhood disease priorities. The concern expressed to us by many scientists who have long worked in low-income settings is that important health programs are being distorted by large grants from the Gates Foundation. . . . There is also serious anxiety about the transparency of the Foundation’s operation…. The first guiding principle of the Foundation is that it is “driven by the interests and passions of the Gates family.” An annual letter from Bill Gates summarizes those passions, referring to newspaper articles, books, and chance events that have shaped the Foundation’s strategy. For such a large and influential investor in global health, is such a whimsical governance principle good enough? Gates quite literally rules media, academia, government officials around the world, and the WHO. # … “Control over the Fates of Billions” Fauci has many close ties to both Bill Gates and the WHO, including funding and joint projects. Fauci was chosen to be part of the Leadership Council of the Gates-founded “Decade of Vaccines” project. “The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have announced a collaboration to increase coordination across the international vaccine community and create a Global Vaccine Action Plan,” read the 2010 WHO press release. Gates committed $10 billion to the project. And in October 2019 it was announced: “NIH, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation collaborate to develop gene-based HIV treatment.” The Gates Foundation pledged to contribute $100 million to the National Institute of Health to support Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases research into HIV. Gates is a key player in the Great Reset. Klaus Schwab praised Gates in 2008 at the Davos annual meeting: “If in the twenty-second century a book will be written about the entrepreneur of the twenty-first century…. I’m sure that the person who will foremost come to the mind of those historians is certainly Bill Gates.” “Gates’ unimaginable wealth has been used to gain control over every corner of the fields of public health, medical research, and vaccine development. And now that we are presented with the very problem that Gates has been talking about for years, we will soon find that this software developer with no medical training is going to leverage that wealth into control over the fates of billions of people,” investigative journalist James Corbett explained. The World Health Organization, also a key player in the Great Reset, utilized COVID-19 to promote lockdowns and advance the goals of the World Economic Forum. The World Health Organization’s second-largest donor, behind the United States government, is (drumroll, please) . . . the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. According to the 2018 WHO financial report, while the U.S. government’s contribution was in the amount of more than $281 million, the Gates Foundation came in at over $228 million—out of the total $2.2 billion that made up the WHO annual budget. (Gates gave over $324 million to WHO in 2017.) The Gates Foundation contributed more to the WHO than many developed nations. Gates played a key role in the COVID-19 lockdowns, mandates, and vaccines. “Bars and restaurants in most of the country will be closed as we go into this wave. And I think, sadly, that’s appropriate,” Gates told CNN in December 2020. Gates helped push massive coronavirus hysteria and lockdowns as the only solution. In August of 2020, Gates praised China for its strict lockdowns. Gates said that the Chinese “in their typical fairly authoritarian way, they did a very good job of suppressing the virus. There may have been a lot of individual rights that were violated there, but the overall macro effect that they achieved is kind of amazing.” He added that China “kept the virus numbers to very low levels compared to most countries.” Gates also personally praised the most authoritarian COVID lock- downs anywhere on the planet. He lauded Australia’s militarization response as the model for the United States to follow. Gates called for a “very different regimen so all countries can get on top of cases very quickly and be more like Australia than Europe or the U.S. ended up being.” Gates said this in August 2021, as Victoria in Australia moved into its sixth lockdown after just eight cases of COVID were reported. “Bill Gates is no public health expert. He is not a doctor, an epidemiologist or an infectious disease researcher. Yet somehow he has become a central figure in the lives of billions of people, presuming to dictate the medical actions that will be required for the world to go ‘back to normal,” Corbett stated. How did Gates go from a computer geek peddling a mediocre operating system to dictating international public health policy to the adulation of the media? Money, money, money. “Gates has surpassed Rockefeller’s legacy with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation long having eclipsed The Rockefeller Foundation as the largest private foundation in the world, with $46.8 billion of assets on its books that it wields in its stated program areas of global health and development, global growth, and global policy advocacy,” Corbett reported. End excerpt  # Related Links: Checkbook Journalism: Bought & Paid for Climate ‘News’: NPR Announces Facebook’s Zuckerberg & Rockefeller Foundation Will Be funding NPR’s ‘Climate Desk’ # Jimmy Dore on Bill Gates: September 9, 2022: “Bill Gates was a hated billionaire in the late 90s and he was getting pied in the face, right in public people, were throwing pies in his face. And so what he decided to do was take hundreds of millions of dollars and give it to news organizations around the world — invent news training center schools, journalism schools. So with all his money, all those journalism, and all those news outlets, they’re all beholden to him. So that’s why, when if you think he’s a nice guy or a good person — which he’s neither of those things.”  “He’s a monopolist who screws other people out of competition and he’s buying up farmland and he’s the guy who pushed for the COVID lockdowns and the vaccine mandates. He’s an evil oligarch. And the reason why you don’t know that is because he bought the media.” # Related Links:  Via: Tim Hinchliffe of Sociable in Sept 2022: Moderating last week’s “Tackling Disinformation” panel was WEF managing director Adrian Monck, who in recent months has been name-calling critics of the WEF and components of its great reset agenda as white supremacists and anti-Semites engaged in far-right disinformation campaigns.When addressing CNN’s Rachel Smolkin, Monck said that CNN was part of a political war strategy to “own the narrative.” “CNN is both an organization that’s trying to make sense of the world and trying to establish the facts; it’s also part of a political war on who owns the narrative,” he said. According to MintPress News, CNN received $3.6 million in donations from none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — the same organization that’s been heavily invested in the WHO. The investigation revealed that Gates had also donated a whopping $319 million to many of the biggest and most influential corporate news outlets in the world. Politico: How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global Covid response — with little oversight – September 2022: Four health organizations, working closely together, spent almost $10 billion on responding to Covid across the world. But they lacked the scrutiny of governments, and fell short of their own goals, a POLITICO and WELT investigation found.   Then Covid-19 struck, the governments of the world weren’t prepared. From America to Europe to Asia, they veered from minimizing the threat to closing their borders in ill-fated attempts to quell a viral spread that soon enveloped the world. While the most powerful nations looked inward, four non-governmental global health organizations began making plans for a life-or-death struggle against a virus that would know no boundaries.  What followed was a steady, almost inexorable shift in power from the overwhelmed governments to a group of non-governmental organizations, according to a seven-month investigation by POLITICO journalists based in the U.S. and Europe and the German newspaper WELT. Armed with expertise, bolstered by contacts at the highest levels of Western nations and empowered by well-grooved relationships with drug makers, the four organizations took on roles often played by governments — but without the accountability of governments. POLITICO and WELT examined meeting minutes as well as thousands of pages of financial disclosures and tax documents, which revealed that the groups have spent nearly $10 billion since 2020 — the same amount as the leading U.S. agency charged with fighting Covid abroad. It is one of the first comprehensive accountings of expenditures by global health organizations on the global fight against the pandemic. While nations were still debating the seriousness of the pandemic, the groups identified potential vaccine makers and targeted investments in the development of tests, treatments and shots. And they used their clout with the World Health Organization to help create an ambitious worldwide distribution plan for the dissemination of those Covid tools to needy nations, though it would ultimately fail to live up to its original promises. The four organizations had worked together in the past, and three of them shared a common history. The largest and most powerful was the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the largest philanthropies in the world. Then there was Gavi, the global vaccine organization that Gates helped to found to inoculate people in low-income nations, and the Wellcome Trust, a British research foundation with a multibillion dollar endowment that had worked with the Gates Foundation in previous years. Finally, there was the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, or CEPI, the international vaccine research and development group that Gates and Wellcome both helped to create in 2017. # Watch: Morano on Fox and Friends on Bill Gates private jet & COVID lockdown hypocrisy – ‘Gates is #1 carbon footprint of all celebrity climate activists’ – $30k a month electricity bill at his home Fox and Friends – Fox News Channel –  Broadcast January 10, 2021 Morano: “Bill Gates was listed in 2019 as the number one carbon footprint of all the celebrities. He beat Al Gore, Jennifer Lopez. He beat Bernie Sanders and a bunch of others that have, Harrison Ford. He came out number one, Bill Gates. He has a new book coming out about the climate crisis what we can all do. He spoke to the World Economic Forum and claimed we have to change every aspect of our lives to fight global warming but Bill Gates is not willing to do it. The last estimate in 2010 he paid $30,000 a month in his electricity bill at his home. Since he is now recently bought a 43 million-dollar oceanfront property, not very worried about sea-level rise apparently.” …  “Gates just said we need to continue lockdowns on bars, restaurants, small businesses. Meanwhile, the billionaire class is reaping benefits of lockdowns — his pals from Amazon, Walmart, all other big box stores. What is interesting climate activists are calling for flying only when it is ‘morally justifiable’ as the new normal post-pandemic. Bill Gates is in on that. He is saying, well business travel he expects a 50% reduction. So now if you want to fly commercial, if you’re not Bill Gates or Leonardo DiCaprio or Al Gore, you need to come up with a ‘morally justifiable’ reason. This is what the climate activists are doing. Crushing the airline industry, by boosting private planes. They’re living one way for themselves and imposing whole another set of austerity on the rest of us.” Bill Gates private jet hypocrisy: Seeks to buy ‘world’s largest private jet operator’ – One month before he releases book preaching about climate change & he pushes continued lockdowns UK Daily Mail: “The Microsoft boss’s company Cascade Investment entered the bidding war for British private jet servicing company Signature Aviation Friday Cascade teamed up with Blackstone Group to make a $4.3 billion bid  In February, Gates will release his book ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need’ In it he sets out his plans for how the world can reach zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to prevent a climate crisis This comes months after he published a blog post lecturing the public that climate change ‘could be worse’ than the coronavirus pandemic Signature Aviation handles 1.6 million private jet flights every year A private jet flight emits up to 40 times as much carbon per passenger as regular commercial flights, according to research” Dec 2020: Bill Gates, Worth Nearly $120 Billion, Advocates For Keeping Small Businesses Closed Due To COVID – “Bars and restaurants in most of the country will be closed as we go into this wave. And I think, sadly, that’s appropriate. Flashback Nov. 2020: Bill Gates says more than 50% of business travel will disappear in post-coronavirus world – Gates: “My prediction would be that over 50% of business travel and over 30% of days in the office will go away.” Moving forward, Gates predicted that there will be a “very high threshold” for conducting business trips and there will always be a way to work from home. Get ready: In a declared ‘climate emergency,’ you can’t fly commercial unless it is ‘morally justifiable’ – Activist Holthaus sets rules for the ‘use for luxury aviation emissions in a climate emergency’ Climate Depot’s Morano: “Decimating the Commerical airline industry with endless COVID lockdown policies won’t impact people like Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio — They will continue to fly on (and own) private jets & private jet companies. CNBC: Private Jets? Multiple Mansions? Mega-yachts? Not to worry! Billionaires like Bill Gates & Jeff Bezos ‘buy carbon offsets’ Climate activists Bill Gates & Jeff Bezos (& others) fly on private jets to Sun Valley to attend exclusive ‘billionaire summer camp’ The Great Food Reset has arrived: Expect ‘real’ food shortages, Biden declares – Meanwhile, Bill Gates & China buy up U.S. farmland Climate Depot’s Morano: “If the Davos crowd of the World Economic Forum were looking for a better global environment on which to enact their central planning vision of a Great Reset, it would be hard to imagine a more conducive chaotic time than right now.”  See: Watch video: World Economic Forum’s utopian Great Reset vision of 2030 – ‘You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy’ – ‘Whatever you want you’ll rent & it’ll be delivered by drone’ – Meat will be ‘an occasional treat’ .  Morano: “The vision of transforming the world into unelected bureaucrats taking even more control of everyday life, has now all the ingredients to push it along. The last 2 years have seen endless emergency declarations, wars, massive government spending, debt, runaway inflation, supply chain issues, food shortages, no privacy from big-brother style government snooping of your movements, skyrocketing energy prices, chipping away at car and homeownership, climate lockdowns, oppressive censorship and crushing of dissent, limits on freedom of travel, and physical autonomy. The chaos is music to the ears of those who don’t like the idea or the messiness of human freedom. The World Economic Forum’s vision is to crowd us all in cities, they want to have us own nothing, they want to regulate literally every aspect of our lives. Food shortages are a great way to collapse the current system and install a Great Reset.” See: “When there is food on the table there are many problems. When there is no food on the table there is one problem.” — Chinese proverb. Also see:‘Americans May Have to Say Goodbye to Steak & Burgers as Beef Costs Rise’ as inflation soars – Just what the climate activists always wanted! Biden: ‘The weather may be beyond our control — for now’ – Biden joins Bill Gates & China in seeking to control the weather President Joe Biden in Kentucky talking about floods: “It’s not like it’s beyond our control. The weather may be beyond our control for now, but it’s not beyond our control.” Biden, Bill Gates & China now seeking to control the weather! Don’t like the weather & climate?! Pass a law or push a pork barrel spending bill to alter the weather! SCIENCE! Bill Gates’ Savior Complex: Funds Sun-Dimming Plan To Save the Human Race Watch: Morano on Fox and Friends rips efforts to block the sun with geoengineering to stop ‘global warming’ Watch: World Economic Forum touts China’s efforts ‘to control the weather’ with ‘cloud seeding’ to create ’55 billion tons of artificial rain’ – ‘Weather Modification Department’ Fauci: ‘I represent science’ “So it’s easy to criticize, but they’re really criticizing science, because I represent science,” he said. “That’s dangerous.” Fauci: ‘Attacks On Me, Quite Frankly, Are Attacks On Science’  

Prince Charles transitions into King Charles III – The Great Reset King ascends to the British throne The WEF King ascends to the British throne Charles is a king for our times, in the worst way imaginable. By Jordan Schachtel With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, humanity, and in particular, western civilization, has lost an absolute giant. She was a remarkable person from a remarkable era. She will be missed. Her successor, on the other hand, can best be understood as the WEF (World Economic Forum) king. King Charles is truly a king for our times, in the worst possible way imaginable. He is a perfect representation of the western ruling class and its pernicious agenda. Charles, to put it bluntly, is an anti-human reprobate, who has lived a life of disgrace, hypocrisy, and corruption. But his lifestyle is the least of the issues at hand. Charles is a king who has embraced and promoted the most destructive causes of our times. Most notably, Charles is both a climate catastrophist and an advocate for the depopulation agenda. Last year, he demanded a “war-like footing,” in calling for the sabotage of reliable energy resources to tackle the so-called climate crisis. Charles’s initiatives, and his promotion of the destructive Paris Climate Accords and the U.N.’s Climate Change Conference objectives, has helped position the U.K. on the precipice of energy disaster. EIT Climate-KIC @ClimateKIC Prince Charles opens Paris climate talks and calls on world leaders to act now @guardian November 30th 2015 6 Retweets2 Likes The newly minted king is also an avowed proponent of depopulation, having on multiple occasions called for population control of broader civilization. Michael @HegKong Prince Charles: “Prince of Wales calls for population control in developing world.” Prince of Wales calls for population control in developing worldThe Prince of Wales has called for greater population control in the developing world and hailed the success of “family planning services” in some July 7th 2022 30 Retweets43 Likes At the onset of COVID Mania, Charles sat down with World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab, in which the pair excitedly championed a “Great Reset” to “solve the climate crisis and restore the natural world.” In a podcast with Schwab, Charles advocated “carbon pricing” of goods and a “net zero” agenda, which, of course, would result in mass human suffering. Obviously, none of these demands apply to the British royal family, who are free to deploy infinite tons of carbon into the atmosphere, unlike the peasants who did not inherit castles and other forms of enormous wealth. Charles doesn’t actually care about the environment. It serves as window dressing for his true aims. His advocacy for the “green” agenda, through Davos talking points, is part of a campaign to usurp more power for the “elite” circles that he travels within. Charles has spent the last several years dedicating lots of time and energy to promoting the ESG agenda, which acts to cartelize industry and create financial monopolies in the name of the environment. Finally, I can get a sense of what it feels like to be a Patriot in the time of the American Revolution. Charles is a king worthy of our disdain. He has embraced the evil ideologies of our times. He represents a series of radical movements that seek to impose ruin upon the masses, to the benefit of the ruling class. Charles is no king of the people. He is the WEF king.

Excerpt of Morano’s Great Reset book: Chapter 13: The Great Reject—Mass Defiance Can Defeat the Great Reset By Marc Morano Editor’s Note: This is an exclusive excerpt adapted from “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown,” released on August 30, 2022.  Former Czech president Václav Klaus, who lived under communism most of his life, compared the dystopian locked-down world of the past few years to the old Soviet system and offered advice on how to fight to regain freedom. “The communist system really wanted to separate us.It was not called socially distancing, but practically it was the same idea and the same logic. Not to let us go together and to talk to and potentially to prepare a revolution to destroy communism,” Klaus explained in the Planet Lockdown documentary. “People should oppose all kinds of government restrictions. This is the only—the only lesson which we have learned from the history and especially which we have learned from our communist era.” But if we don’t resist it, the Great Reset could soon be unstoppable: limited holidays; restricted weddings; reduced family celebrations; regulated live music; restrictions on live sports, nights out, cinema, and theatre; no bustling bars; and no buzzing restaurants. The COVID lockdowns were just a practice run. This time, the elites’ tyranny over every aspect of our lives—and our enslavement to them—will be permanent. In the post-COVID world, the agenda of the Great Reset is advancing unfettered in the halls of governments around the globe. The greatest challenge in battling the Great Reset is that much of the sinister agenda is hidden from public view, coursing through the veins of obscure policy mandates and arcane banking and financial regulations, hiding in plain sight from a clueless public—who may not realize until it’s too late that their liberties are being chipped away by an administrative state that has mastered deception and lack of accountability. As energy prices and shortages increase and blackouts become routine, how many people will identify the root cause—the preplanned curtailment of their lives to force them to behave as they “should,” that is, according to the Great Reset’s preplanned vision? As politicians and unelected public health officials warn of new virus variants, necessitating prolonged emergency declarations and more restrictions on freedom of movement and association and speech, how many of the general public will call BULLSH*T? As Bill Gates and BlackRock buy up farmland and single-family homes, driving up food prices and turning more and more citizens into renters, who will realize the root causes of the higher cost of living? Will the public just accept the goal of the Great Reset: “You will own nothing and you will be happy”? As vaccine passports and Chinese Communist Party–style social-credit systems are put in place, and surveillance of our lives continues to expand, who will realize this was all set up by the forces of the Great Reset? How many people in once-free nations will recognize that their rights—not just to free speech but to independent thoughts—are being stripped away at a rapid pace? It’s Not Inevitable Remember when “Defund the Police” seemed to have unstoppable momentum? And yet less than two years after George Floyd’s death and the rioting in major cities that led seemingly every Democratic politician to pledge to defund and hamstring urban police departments, the movement is now almost moribund. On the floor of the United States Congress for his 2022 State of the Union address, President Biden declared, “The answer is not to defund the police. It’s to fund the police.” This line was met with a standing ovation from his fellow Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris. “Fund them. Fund them. Fund them with resources and training. Resources and training they need to protect their communities,” Biden emphasized, plunging a dagger into the heart of what was once the progressives’ top-tier political issue. It was easy to be for defunding the police until we saw the consequences in every major city: massive crime spikes and chaos. The virtue signaling about defunding the police had consequences; it ran into reality in a span of less than two years. The narrative changed when the public realized the real-world consequences of the rhetoric. In the same way, we can hope that as the Great Reset is implemented, the consequences will be so palpable and unpleasant that the public will not tolerate these incursions on our freedom. Much like defunding the police, the Great Reset agenda to take away human dignity and freedom can face a serious reckoning. If the Great Reset can awaken the sleeping bear of the great middle in America, the apparently irresistible force of central planning will have met with an immovable object. We must expose how wannabe authoritarians have infiltrated every level of our government, from the school board to the executive branch, and are working furiously below the radar to expand their iron grip on all levels of government—and the whole of society. 

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