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‘It’s like having a vegan cat’ – Wash Post: ‘Why you should consider bunnies as your next pet’ – Rabbits have ‘minimal pawprint’ while ‘cats & dogs have an outsize carbon footprint’

WaPo’s ‘Climate Advice Columnist’ – February 20, 2024:

WaPo Excerpt: Cats and dogs have an outsize carbon footprint, mostly because of their carnivorous diet. If the pet food industry, which mainly feeds dogs and cats, were a country, it would rank as the 60th-highest greenhouse gas emitter, equivalent to the Philippines.

Rabbits, by contrast, leave a minimal pawprint. They eat small amounts of hay and otherwise discarded vegetables. Their waste can be used as fertilizer in gardens. … In contrast, most cat and dog kibble is roughly 50 percent animal protein, accounting for around 1.5 percent of global agricultural emissions, according to a 2020 study in Global Environmental Change.

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