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Poll suggests public isn’t sold on Big Brother’s save-the-planet pleas

“People aren’t stupid,” Marc Morano, of Climate Depot, says of the public’s skepticism of electric cars and the climate-obsessed federal government that is pushing them.

According to Morano, the AP and climate researchers would be surprised to learn many Americans know an EV is not even an “earth-friendly” invention to help the planet.

“It takes half a million pounds of dug-up materials from the earth to make one 1,000-pound, average-size Tesla battery,” Morano says. “And they know that all of that material is coming from China. They know it’s coming from the lowest environmental standards.”

“I don’t think the Associated Press is capable of understanding this: people are very suspicious when something is mandated, when something is forced on you for your own good, or for the alleged good of the planet,” Morano tells AFN.

Watermelon Communism: Meta AI Excuses ‘Degrowth Communism’ as Tool to Fight Climate Change

Climate Depot Founder Marc Morano told MRC Free Speech America that he had to “give Meta AI credit. It has a great tone that sounds very unbiased and analytical as it spews pure propaganda.” 

Morano repudiated Meta AI for “cherry-picking science to support the idea that climate is in crisis, and we need to act on it and that there’s some kind of consensus.” But, as Morano observed, “the consensus and the climate cases are about as real as AI is. The real irony here is that the power usage needed to power Big Tech’s goal of AI becoming dominant is going to destroy and derail the green agenda because it lays the fact that solar and wind and renewable energy cannot possibly power the AI-powered demands, let alone modern society.” 

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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on how ‘green’ Olympics went bust & how ‘We, the peasants, are going to be massively restricted in our movement’

Fox News Channel – Fox & Friends – Broadcast June 8, 2024 publisher Marc Morano discusses athletes bringing portable AC units to the Olympic games despite its push to go green and warns of the restrictions on transportation by the climate agenda. Climate expert warns of ‘new era that’s being descended’ Wash Post declares […]

Watch: Morano on Fox on cutting down 100-Year-Old Joshua Trees: ‘Green energy will continue to destroy the environment in the name of somehow saving it’

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Watch: Morano on OAN TV: Are You Ready For Degrowth Communism?

    Are You Ready for Degrowth Communism?#TippingPoint @OANN #OAN #OneAmericaNews #OneAmericaNewsNetwork@Nefertari_25 @ClimateDepot WATCH: — Tipping Point with Kara McKinney (@tippingpointoan) May 31, 2024

The Atlantic Justified ‘Degrowth Communism’ to Fight Climate Change … Yes, You Read That Right

Climate Depot founder Marc Morano at least credited The Atlantic for saying “the quiet part out loud” in comments to MRC Business. “Net zero in the climate agenda is really nothing short of Soviet-style central planning. Every sector of our economy is subject to long range planning to meet net zero goals.” 

Morano saw right through The Atlantic’s ploy to mainstream psychotic climate change fanaticism and underscored what the real agenda is:

“Every sector of our economy is subject to long range planning to meet net zero goals. This agenda is nothing short of the rationing of energy food and transportation in order to create chaos and give the government more Covid lockdown like controls. After all, what was a Covid lockdown but the governments’ attempt at forcing degrowth on the world. We have truly entered the era of climate communism.”

Watch: Morano on Fox on Sec. Pete’s claim that airline turbulence is linked to ‘climate change’ – ‘This is unscientific claptrap’


Fox Business – The Bottom Line – Broadcast May 28, 2024

Marc Morano: What Secretary Pete is doing here is continuing this absurd tradition at the Department of Transportation during the Obama administration. They did a study saying that fatal car crashes were rising due to climate change or they’re worried climate change is going to impact that. What he’s saying about airline turbulence is insane. He quoted some 15% rise in turbulence, the only data the only study that anyone can claim is one study looking at 20 years, and it was based on climate models of one spot and the North Atlantic. The actual data from 30 years of airline turbulence clearly shows that even though flights of increased number of passengers have increased, there’s been no change in the reported actual physical reports of turbulence. So they’re using a computer model to try to scare people claiming that they’re up. This is the height of absurdity.

I’m surprised he didn’t blame the failure of the EV charging stations on climate change, but why not? … This is just unscientific claptrap that Secretary Pete is talking about airlines linking it to climate change with turbulence.