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Watch: Morano on Varney on Fox: ‘The Net Zero agenda is very similar–to Soviet-style central planning & Denmark’s cow fart tax is designed to ‘force people to eat plant-based or lab-grown, & even insects’

Varney & Co. – w/ Stuart Varney – Fox Business Channel – Broadcast June 27, 2024


Morano: China is leading the way with these massive increases in the use of fossil fuels. Some of the estimates are one to two coal plants per week that they’re building. Globally, we spent almost $2 trillion in 2023 alone on green energy.

The idea of transitioning energy to solar and wind, getting us off fossil fuels, and lowering emissions — is a non-starter. It’s been a non-starter for decades, Stuart. I’ve been to these UN climate summits, 19 out of the last 21 summits all over the world. You can also look at CO2 charts that show that CO2 emissions continue to increase no matter what year of the United Nations Summit, whether it’s the Paris Agreement or the Kyoto Accord. We have flushed trillions of dollars down the drain for an energy transition that isn’t happening.

And here’s the kicker: It’s probably easier to transition your gender than it is to transition your energy from fossil fuels to solar and wind. It’s just very difficult to do from central planning.

Morano on Denmark’s cow, sheep & pic fart tax:

Morano: The whole net zero agenda is very similar– you could argue to Soviet style central planning. It is the intentional rationing of energy, your freedom of movement going after cars, and higher airline costs, but when it comes to food, they’re trying to ration not only the nitrogen-based fertilizers and go after high-yield crops, but they’ve coming after animal agriculture. This is one of the reasons that the Netherlands farmers revolted and formed their own political party. They’re coming after methane. So Denmark is now taxing livestock.

But here’s the real reason. They’re doing it to transition everyone to plant-based meat. The government is doing it to try to make real meat more expensive. So you tax cows, pigs, and sheep, you’re gonna raise the cost, just like airline taxes and climate compliance are raising travel costs. They’re coming after our cheap and readily available meat to force people to eat this plant-based or lab grown, and even eat insects. (See: Denmark’s fart tax on cows & pigs related to their ‘government-led action plan’ to push fake meat (‘plant-based’ foods)

Stuart Varney: Marc Morano. Thanks very much indeed.