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Listen: Morano on Joe Piscopo Show on climate activists defacing Stonehenge: ‘They are funded by & speaking for the world’s billionaires, millionaires, international foundations, academia & the corporate world’ – ‘They are not taking it to the man — they are literally the spokesman for the man!’

The Joe Piscopo Show – Broadcast June 20, 2024 

Morano: This is the shocking part. Most people if you look at social media, don’t understand this. These moronic, Just Stop Oil, Climate Emergency protesters we see out there — these are not against the establishment avant-garde young activists out there. A lot of them are deluded, and they’re part of the climate cult, but the most important about this: They are doing the bidding, they are funded by & speaking for the world’s billionaires, millionaires, international foundations, academia and the corporate world. What do I mean? Hollywood director Adam McKay has given $4 million to these groups, the Climate Emergency Fund.

Eileen Getty of the oil family, the Getty Foundation has funded these groups like Just Stop Oil and other groups just like these that throw paint on Van Gogh paintings, disrupt traffic.

So, in other words, these young morons actually think they’re out there: ‘I’m against the establishment. I’m avant-garde, I’m protesting, I’m taking it to the man.’ But they are literally the spokesman for the man!  Everything they’re saying is all the same stuff you hear from Klaus Schwab, from John Kerry, our climate envoy. It’s all the same crap. You hear the same from the UN Secretary General. It’s the same crap you can hear from any random college professor.

This is the horse bleep that they want us to believe that somehow these are against the establishment. They are the establishment! And the whole point of what they’re doing is to create chaos, disruption and for society and lead society so that a few people at the top will have top-down control of society. That’s all these little idiots are out there. And the saddest part is they actually think that they’re taking it to the system when the system is funding them, supporting them, and promoting them in every way possible.

Joe Piscopo: Well said, they’re  useful idiots. Marc Morano, You gotta check out Marc and the Great Reset book. It is a vital read.



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