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Reality Check: Wrong, WEF, Climate Change Is Not Threatening Lizards, Wine, Coffee or Air Turbulence – By Linnea Lueken

Another assertion that the WEF makes is that air turbulence is getting worse because of climate change. However, as previously explained in Climate Realism herehere, and here, available data refutes this claim. According to a report from the International Civil Aviation Organization, there has been no increase in the accidents or injuries due to turbulence that one would expect if air conditions were worsening. (See figure below)

What the data shows, in fact, is that although air traffic and the number of passengers has increased dramatically, there has been no upward trend in increasing turbulence related accidents over the past 30 years.

While the WEF claim’s “clear air turbulence” is already increasing, the link provided by the WEF to support this claim provides no evidence to support it. Rather than providing real world data as proof for the claim, the study relies on projections from computer model simulations. Whereas the WEF claims that wind shear is stronger in the jet stream due to climate change, other climate research indicates the exact opposite has occurred. In either case, turbulence data shows no growing threat.


Meteorologist Anthony Watts: Airplane Turbulence has Nothing to Do With Climate Change – That claimed linkage between climate change, severe weather, and increased air turbulence has no factual basis. –

Previously, Climate Realism took CNN to task on the same claim in the story CNN Falsely Claims Airline Turbulence Will Increase due to Climate Change.

As Climate Realism noted at the time, a 2021 report by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) plotted accident data related to turbulence, finding no statistically significant increase since 1989, despite a tremendous increase in passengers and miles flown.

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