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Joe Bastardi: The Glory of God vs the Folly of Man in Climate & Why the Weather is Being Weaponized

Special to Climate Depot 

By Joe Bastardi

Aristotle argues, in Book 8 of the Physics and Book 12 of the Metaphysics, “that there must be an immortal, unchanging being, ultimately responsible for all wholeness and orderliness in the sensible world”.[4]

The weather and climate are always examples of this, What we refer to as source regions are unmoved movers, but there is always something behind it. The weather you see today began long ago through a series of events that in totality may be the unmoved mover. Weather and Climate are spiritual affirmations to me, and I think of it that way. They are not my Gods, they are evidence of God, So I see God’s hand in them each day. From Horizon to Horizon with my limited vision, but an increasing realm due to the advancement of science in the total aspect. After all an infinite God implies the creation of a infinite set of possibilities. Man in his finite mind is foolish to think he knows enough to be able to counter God’s design.  All of these in the design of nature are laid out for man to search for and hopefully see God’s hand in them and turn to them. Nothing that you see today has been created anew. All was nere before. As men, we have used these materials to advance ourselves which is what a mighty and merciful God wants. Once one sees the glory of God in a matter, the gratitude develops and the bond with God strengthens. A little more of the unmoved mover is revealed. Such is the spiritual nature of weather and climate, and when one thinks about it all the challenges we face, they are there by design, to coax us into striving toward this higher being. But not to think we are the higher being. which is where the folly of man comes in

In seeking to control, not make use of, the natural gifts bestowed upon us for the reasons above ( the advancement of man) one has to answer the question of what is pollution. There is no raw material on earth that was not in some form here from the beginning. What is now here, that was not, are the products of that raw material. As stewards of the planet, we are charged with taking care of the planet. So polluting the planet is the opposite of that.

What people pushing the CAGW agenda have done is successfully in many cases, use distortion, deception, and delusion (a subject of this blog. )  in what borderlines on sociopathic behavior, to convince people with good intentions that CO2 is a pollutant. A pollutant is NOT ESSENTIAL FOR LIFE ON THE PLANET. For instance, when littered, a product like paper is a form of pollution. Paper is not water, Paper is not air. Paper is not food. You could not survive without those items. Take away CO2, no life survives. Less CO2 stops life from thriving. More CO2 enhances life. The co2 has always been here part of a cycle initiated by the unmoved mover. CAGW pushers USE God as a means to achieve their end. (CO2 is a pollutant, God does not want you to pollute, therefore get rid of CO2 for the good of the planet and to please your God). Since we are taught we are to be instruments of God, and God uses us for his purpose, then the opposite involves playing God. Which I think is behind a lot of this. If not directly,  then indirectly, the idea of control of a system that you can not control.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Since there is a spark of goodness in all men, a lot of this is because one wants to do good. It is natural out of chaos, to strive for order, for unto all good there must be opposition, lest how would righteousness be known? But in the battle of good and evil, evil will do anything to stop the good. Again Deception, distortion, and delusion. Use the very design of the system, which allows evil to exist so people will realize their hope is truly with God, to try to overwhelm God. It is like using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.  Why is there bad? Again a realization of this allows you to reach for something to counter it that is spiritual.  If there is so much evil you are not strong enough to stand against it, then you must find the opposite of it to fortify yourself.  This is an age-old idea. So where do you turn? THE UMMOVED MOVER. If there were no God, there would be no good anywhere, and evil would triumph.  Taking God out of the equation, no matter what it is, leads to what you are seeing.

This is why weather is weaponized with no regard for the total picture.  It’s to convince people things are getting worse.  Classic is the idea that tropical cyclones are worse today because of climate change.  Yet a look at the top 36 disasters reveals only  One has happened this century. 2/3 of them are around the Indian Ocean. Many of those in the economically deprived areas near where Cyclone Mocha hit. Yet climate policies being pushed would keep these people vulnerable.  I was showing people this storm was coming publicly and on our site from 5 days out. Just like Ian was 9 days out.   It’s NOT CLIMATE CHANGE these storms do this, textbook cases for development.  In the case of both Mocha and Ian, the initial intensity forecasts were under what we were publicly saying.  Which puzzled me.  And of course predictably when they got stronger, the deception, distortion, and delusion to push their agenda comes to the front

So again, if the truth is a Godly trait, what is hiding the truth or just a one-sided presentation, The very missive of the Catastrophic Climate change agenda reveals the folly of man in hiding the whole truth.  That folly seeks to deny the glory of God simply by equating man to or greater than God in the control of the creation.  Hence the spiritual aspect.

Most people do not think about that.  There is so much going on today, it is nearly impossible to be still and know there is God. The relentless pursuit of the climate change agenda is an example. Every day, another article on some disaster is being played up.

Over the years you have seen me give countless examples of the lack of a total picture, ( the magnitude of that totality reveals God’s hand. not man, is in control). And when I do, it’s met with the predictable attempt at distraction and destruction of that picture.  But it’s there.  I know people who say, Joe Stick to the weather.  But how does one do that when linkage to all one sees is in front of them?   My contention is the hiding of the total picture is evil since it does not confront the only thing that truly matters, the truth, and what is needed to advance with that.  So let’s take fentanyl.  This is killing young people which is almost starting to equal the Spanish Flu in that age group. Put that in perspective.  Covid since it killed people much older may have just been a regular flu in 1918.  But we scream and yell at the Cartels and the Chinese that are doing this,  Why do they do it? Because we let them.  I am not talking about going in with troops here. I am talking about why there is a demand they will naturally supply.  THE DEMAND COMES FROM US. How did this happen? The breakdown of the culture and social norms.  Who pushes the distortions of norms and order?   People interested in causing the results you see.  What kept the culture together?  The nation’s spiritual core, for whatever faults it had was at least attempting to reach for God.  When Joe Biden talks of the soul of the nation, he never refers to the founding principles, but leaves it some open-ended subjective matter that allows for absolutes to be prostituted.

But drug issues and all the other stuff we see pale to the idea that man can control a vast infinite system by limiting that very substance that aids in the advancement of man.  Every single one of these DENIERS  of the natural order would never even have a platform if not for the advances made possible by the gift of fossil fuel.  Again let’s be clear.  Fossil fuel products can cause pollution   Since almost everything made or used involves the use of fossil fuels, that waste is pollution. But the fossil fuel itself is not, no more than water, air, or sunshine. That it is portrayed that way is to deny the glory of God’s hand in matters related, chief among them the climate change agenda.  The folly of man is evident if one looks at the total picture.   And it is destroying the soul of this country.