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Nearly half of all young voters won’t pay more than $10 per month to fight climate change creating potential issue for President Biden campaigning on the ‘existential threat’


  • President Joe Biden called climate change an ‘existential threat’ last week
  • Despite U.S. facing nuclear threat from Putin, Biden said climate is top concern
  • Poll found over half of young voters would not pay more than $10 a month on climate
  • And 20% of 18 to 24 year olds say they would pay nothing on climate change

Nearly half of all young voters are not willing to pay more than $10 a month to fight climate change, despite Joe Biden claiming it’s an ‘existential threat’ and making it the center of his re-election campaign.

Less than half (45%) of the youngest crop of voters aged 18-34 would be willing to spend $10 or less per month to combat climate change, according to a recent survey by CRC Research for 85 Fund obtained exclusively by

And one out of five (20%) in the same age bracket responded that they would not pay anything at all, according to the poll results.

The results were similar among voters aged 25-34, which may be a wake-up call for President Joe Biden who continues to call climate change the most pressing threat facing America today.

The findings are surprising considering younger voters site climate change as a top political issue and it is expected to be a key motivator heading into the 2024 elections.

President Biden is putting climate change at the center of his re-election campaign – calling it the ‘last existential threat’ to a small group of donors at a California fundraiser last week.

‘We have a crazy SOB like that guy Putin and others and we always have to worry about nuclear conflict, but the existential threat to humanity is climate,’ he said.

The Biden administration has worked to position itself as a champion of climate initiatives since day one – which generally appeals to younger voters.

But the CRC Research poll shows that although younger voters may be passionate about the topic, they don’t want to spend their own money to fix it.

‘Despite claims they are leading the charge on climate change, it turns out young people are actually just sheep in wolves clothing. They demand ‘climate action’, but demand someone else pay for it,’ said Steve Milloy, a lawyer who briefly served at Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency.

‘They disguise their rank hypocrisy by posturing as ‘climate activists.’ Their refusal to put their money where their mouths are just underscores how unserious they are as citizens and voters,’ he told

The CRC Research survey also found that 26 percent of 25 to 35 year old voters would not be willing to pay anything to combat climate change.

But the number increases when factoring in older voters.

When combining all ages, 42 percent said they would pay nothing to fight climate change, while 18 percent said they would spend up to $10 per month.

But only seven percent of the 1,600 total respondents in the online survey would be willing to commit more than $100 a month to combat climate change.

‘With 60% of Americans unwilling to spend more than $0 to $10 per month to reduce the impact of climate change, these results should serve as a wake-up call,’ CEO of American Energy Institute Jason Isaac said in a statement to

‘The American people are sending a clear message: they don’t want to foot the bill for Biden’s kooky and costly climate policies.’