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If Biden’s federal climate report sounded like it was written by climate activists — it’s because it was! National Climate Assessment authored by left-wing climate groups – ‘Advocacy Capture’



Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: “I took a close look at the authors of the US National Climate Assessment Center for American Progress The Nature Conservancy Environmental Defense Fund The Club of Rome Project Drawdown Ocean Conservancy Union of Concerned Scientists and more and more … Advocacy capture 101.” 

Biden’s National Climate Assessment Links Climate Change To Pandemics & Pathogens

Climate expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: Biden admin new National Climate Assessment is ‘about political promotion not scientific assessment’ – Report ‘carefully cherrypicks peer-reviewed climate research to construct a political narrative’

Media Ignores Reality – Goes Bonkers Over the Fifth National Climate Assessment Report

Biden Admin’s New Climate Report Touts Use Of ‘Indigenous Knowledge’

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. slams Biden climate report: It ‘pours fuel on the pathological politicization of climate science’ – ‘More a glossy promotional brochure’ than ‘a careful assessment of the scientific literature’

Biden’s National Climate Assessment Report ‘acknowledges that LGBTQ+ people are more vulnerable to the climate crisis’

Biden’s National Climate Assessment Is The Climate Scare On Steroids – ‘Our overlords are doubling down on end-of-day climate propaganda’

The Fifth National Climate Assessment Report is Driven by Government Deception & Climate Alarmist Politics