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‘Intersectional climate scientist’ goes on rant against ‘White men,’ compares pollution to ‘the fart of a dog’

By Joshua Q. Nelson | Fox News

An “intersectional climate scientist” compared pollution to the “fart of a dog” when explaining her approach to thinking about climate change.

A TikToker named Dr. Chandler Puritty who claims to be an “intersectional climate scientist” used a metaphor from the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which includes a three-headed dog guarding a trap door.

I am a climate scientist, and I’m here to explain to you why we are definitely going to get this thing under control and why a lot of the narratives that we see predominantly from white men and professionals are so doom and gloom,” the TikToker said.

She proceeded to state that the three-headed dog Fluffy from the Harry Potter series represents capitalism, colonialism, and white supremacy–all three of which she argued are barriers to solving the climate change issue.

“Okay, so you have this three-legged dog. The three-head dog. Now the heart of this dog is CO2. Okay. Carbon dioxide. White scientists are telling us that the reason that every time we send someone in to get the Sorcerer’s Stone, the cure to climate change, from under the trapdoor is to make the room smell less like farts instead of to get rid of the dog entirely,” Dr. Puritty said. “Take it as you will.”

The video on Puritty’s TikTok account has over 180,000 views, which have also been shared on Libs of TikTok.

The Puritty previously made another video claiming that science was subjective.

According to another outlet, Puritty is a former Ph.D. candidate in UC San Diego’s biology department and had obtained a teaching position there. ( Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

“I would often be called out for my takeaways and my ideas saying that I am being subjective. When in reality the fact is we are all being subjective. But white men get to ignore the fact that they are being subjective because they are normal, the baseline–because their subjectivity is normalized,” she said.

According to another report, Puritty is a former Ph.D. candidate in UC San Diego’s biology department and had obtained a teaching position there. In a separate video, Puritty said she didn’t grade her students and just gave them all A’s.

“So, since I’m not grading them – I’m just giving them ‘A’s’ – like, how do I know that they’re doing anything, and how do I know that they’re learning anything?” Puritty asked in the video. “I run a discussion style classroom, so my students and I have equal part when it comes to bringing information to the table. We all sit together and share what we’re talking about, and they get to use their critical thinking skills to apply the things they learned in all their other classes.”

Puritty eventually quit that position, she said in a previous video.

Fox News Digital reached out to Puritty but didn’t receive a response.