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Shellenberger: Biden falsely claims he’s been ‘doing everything in my power to reduce gas prices’


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Biden just now said he’s been “doing everything in my power to reduce gas prices,” but that’s false. He
– slashed acreage for oil/gas production
– killed the re-opening of a major oil refinery
– repressed private investment in oil/gas production by flooding market with SPR oil


If Biden and his aides are going to keep demanding that Big Tech firms censor “misinformation,” they should start by censoring his claim that he has “done everything in my power to reduce gas prices.” He obviously hasn’t.

The reason prices are high is because there isn’t enough supply both of oil and gasoline, due to lack of oil refinery capacity, as I testified to Congress

Biden and his allies have been blocking oil refinery capacity for decades, as I document here, and then gas-lighting the public about it

Biden says his promise to re-fill the SPR when oil prices drop to $70/BBL will be an incentive for oil companies to produce.

Another lie. Oil is currently $83.54. If firms don’t feel secure investing now, given Biden’s promise to shut them down, they won’t at $70. 

“If you were an oil company, why would you invest hundreds of millions of dollars into expanding refining capacity if you thought the federal government or investors would shut you down in the next few years? The narrative coming from the administration is absolutely insane.”Image

– Biden just now offered to buy oil from American oil producers at $70/BBL.

– Biden aides last month offered OPEC $80/BBL

– In 2020, Democrats blocked Trump’s proposal to buy American oil at $24/BBL

Those are facts. Draw your own conclusions: