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Claim: Climate skeptics ‘have lost the argument’ – Media has ‘gaslighted the world into believing that there was never an argument in the first place’

By James Delinpole

“Britain’s weather is getting wilder,” claimed the BBC on a Panorama documentary this week.

This is actually untrue — as we’ll see below — but the BBC knows it can get away with blatant lies about climate change these days. Partly, this is because the sensible people who might object stopped watching the BBC long ago. And partly because there is no one left in the mainstream media left to criticize it.

As the Telegraph‘s economics commentator Jeremy Warner wrote this week: “Whatever the merits of their case, climate change skeptics have lost the argument.”
James Delingpole: I deplore the triumphalism of his tone but cannot dispute the premise. The only thing I’d add is that it isn’t shortage of facts or evidence which has caused climate change skeptics to lose the argument. It’s quite simply that the mainstream media — led by the BBC — has become such an uncritical propaganda mouthpiece for the Climate Industrial Complex that it has effectively gaslighted the world into believing that there was never an argument in the first place. That is, the skeptical case against “man-made climate change”, though overwhelming, is aired almost nowhere these days outside the fringes of the internet. The MSM has shut down the story by refusing to give it any coverage.

A decade ago I can think of at least four conservative newspapers and one conservative magazine which would have had a field day exposing this nonsense — perhaps with a plea at the end for the BBC’s special, licence-fee-funded monopoly status to be revoked.

Not one of those publications would do so today. They’ve all been bought and paid for by the green blob. It’s why we’re in the mess we’re in. Our media is no longer holding the enemies of truth and freedom to account. Instead, it’s acting as their mouthpiece.