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Warmist Andrew Dessler: Leave Fracking Alone! (Joe Biden splits the climate alarmists)

Andrew Dessler: Leave Fracking Alone! (Joe Biden splits the climate alarmists)

“Fracking is such a money-losing enterprise that it’s in the process of banning itself. Please stop applying a purity test about whether a candidate will ban it or not.”

It came as a surprise to see this climate alarmist extraordinaire (aka Angry Andy) demote fracking as a burning climate issue. What gives?!

The answer is Joe Biden, who recently reversed course to support fracking in such swing states as Ohio and Pennsylvania. Presumably Joe would want New York State to open itself up to this new drilling technology if asked by the media.

Well, banning fracking is a huge issue for climate activists in the United States. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for a nationwide ban on fracking because of climate concerns, as did Kamala Harris. Booker, Gabbard, Inslee, and Steyer, Williamson–they were banners too.

Back to climate scientist/activist Andrew Dessler, long a target here at MasterResource. He might as well have blessed all drilling since as a peak-supply believer, fossil fuels would run out on their own accord. Dessler stated as much in mid-2008.

The era of cheap energy is over. We will never again see cheap gas, and we can expect the price of electricity to rise inexorably.

Fracking is a technology that continues to improve. And as costs go down with selling prices of oil and natural gas, drilling becomes an in-the-money game for a new breed of drillers. Peak-supply not.

If Dessler is bootlicking Joe Biden, it comes at a price. Believing that fracking is dead because of bad economics is naive. Dessler, no doubt, is covering for Joe and longs for a plum Biden Administration job in Washington, DC where he can work to regulate the rest of us.

But just maybe it will be four more years–in College Station, Texas, an oil and gas intellectual center of the United States.

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