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Climate Anarchy Spreads Across Germany As Protesters Attempt To Disrupt, Block Airports

Climate Anarchy Spreads Across Germany As Protesters Attempt To Disrupt, Block Airports

German libertarian site Die Freie Welt reports that German Extinction Rebellion activists protested against short-haul flights at several German airports earlier this week.

Lübeck / Munich

In Lübeck, 10 people tried to glue themselves to the runway with superglue, but the police were able to prevent the action. In Munich, people chained themselves to luggage trolleys.Even political figures took part, for example Lorenz Gösta Beutin, climate policy spokesman of Die Linke (The Left) accompanied the protests in Lübeck, reports Freie Welt. “100 to 150 additional demonstrators protested outside the airport building.”


In Dusseldorf, one person even managed to get through security and onto a plane for Hamburg. The protester claimed to be a climate saver and shouted: “Please stop this plane. I am not prepared to fly. I want to get off. I am not prepared to sit down again.”

Many annoyed passengers reacted angrily. One passenger shouted, “Hey you arse—, sit back down”. The activist claimed to represent everyone and that the issue was not about him.

“The earth is getting hot”, he declared, “Our mother nature is going to hell.”

According to witnesses, the activist tried to continue reading his speech, which he had written down, and stammered about “the end of the dear world”. The pilot was forced to to return the aircraft to the parking position so that the passenger could get off.


In Berlin another activist made her way onto a plane and demanded passengers “disembark and stay on the ground” in order to keep domestic German flights from heating up the planet. “We are all threatened by an ecological collapse.”

The Freie Welt refuted the claims made by the Düsseldorf protestor, writing: