Watch: Danish Broadcasting Corp TV features Morano as ‘Fast-talking debater – ‘I believe you should crush your opponent’!/

Video of segment here & here. & The Campaign against the Climate on Aljazeera

Morano: ‘I’m not a researcher, but every now and then I play one on TV’

This is the story of a group of men who for decades have been trying to make all of us doubt the effects of climate change.

Fast-talking debaters

That uncertainty has been created by the oil companies, among other things, with the help of fast-talking and convincing debaters from conservative think tanks .

One of them is Marc Morano. He is head of communications at the think tank CFACT. For many years he has been involved in the climate debate, although he answers the question of whether he has a research and climate background:

– I’m not a researcher, but I occasionally appear as one on television.

Meet Marc Morano and get the full story of the campaign against the climate in the video above.


Climate Depot Note: This is the same old “Merchants of Doubt” argument on Danish TV. Rebuttals here:

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