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It’s not about the climate: Jane Fonda discusses ‘racial justice’, ‘climate justice’ & ‘intersectionality & identity within the climate movement’



Identity politics invades climate change debate

NASA scientist Dr. Kate Marvel links ‘climate change’ to ‘white supremacy’ – ‘We’ll never head off climate catastrophe without dismantling white supremacy’ – Calls for climate & racial ‘justice’

Teen Vogue Op-Ed: ‘Coronavirus Response Should Be a Model for How We Address Climate Change’

Jane Fonda Demands Coronavirus Recovery Money Be Used to Fight Climate Change

Jane Fonda Recycles Old Gown for Oscars to Fight ‘Climate Change’

Jane Fonda Calls for Prosecution of Climate Deniers – Urges skeptics ‘should be put on trial’ to fight ‘climate emergency’ – Jane Fonda: “Now, because of the fossil fuel industry, it’s too late for moderation,” she bellowed. “And given the emergency, it’s those who believe in moderation, in pre-Trump business as usual, who are truly delusional. And those who lie and continue to lie about what they’re doing to the environment should be put on trial, not awarded tax cuts and made secretaries of state.”

Jane Fonda Arrested Fifth Time While Protesting in Washington, D.C.

‘I get so worked up I can’t sleep’ – Jane Fonda Slams GOP, Praises Green New Deal in Press Club Speech – Laments what ‘the fossil fuel industry has done to us’

Jane Fonda Goes After Climate Criminal Trump In CNN Rant

Jane Fonda protest USA’s energy, but ignores Vietnam’s coal & oil

Jane Fonda supports ‘Nuremberg trials’ for ‘climate criminal’ energy executives & politicians – Now, she wants energy executives and their political allies to be treated like Nazis and face a “Nuremberg” style trial similar to German dictator Adolf Hitler’s henchmen, who were often given the death penalty at the post-World War II trials.

Back to Hanoi for Jane Fonda!? Vietnam can’t build coal plants fast enough as economy booms – Fonda urged to take her DC climate protest to Hanoi instead – Climate Depot’s Marc Morano: “Jane Fonda moved to DC so she could get arrested every Friday at the U.S. Capitol to protest U.S. energy policy and lobby for the Green New Deal. The question looms: Will Jane Fonda return to Hanoi to protest Vietnam’s rapid acceleration of coal and oil to cloth and feed its population?! If coal and oil use allegedly threaten a ‘climate emergency’, why isn’t Fonda heading back to Hanoi to protest the Vietnamese government’s fossil fuel use?”