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Delingpole: UN Climate Summit Tragically ‘Postponed’ Because of Coronavirus

The United Nations’ next big climate conference COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland has been ‘postponed’ for a year.


UN Climate Summit In Glasgow Postponed For A Year 

UN Climate Summit In Glasgow Postponed For A Year – The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

The UN summit on tackling climate change meant to be held in Britain this winter has been postponed because of coronavirus. The gathering of world leaders – known as COP26 – was due to be the biggest…

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This is, perhaps, the best piece of news to emerge so far from the otherwise miserable coronavirus pandemic.

It’s good for the planet: 30,000 or more freeloading ‘delegates’ will no longer be converging on Glasgow this December and racking up enough air miles to wipe out entire families of cute baby polar bears.

It’s good for Boris Johnson’s government: no longer does it have to go through the motions of pretending to a sceptical electorate that ‘climate change’ is the biggest threat to the planet.

It’s also an acknowledgement of the growing difficulties that the green movement is going to face in a post-coronavirus world where there will simply be no spare cash to spend on imaginary problems which exist only in the realm of dubious computer models.


Have you noticed: As climate hysteria is dying a slow death from Coronavirus and the public is no longer captured, green lobbyists are frantically reassuring their clients that the pandemic will be good for the climate industrial complex.

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Already, diplomats in the European Union are privately admitting that coronavirus means game over for the European Commission’s Green Deal.

According to a Reuters report quoted by the Global Warming Policy Foundation:

Some diplomats in Brussels have signalled the need to rethink climate plans because of the economic turmoil.

“We simply don’t have the money to do everything,” an EU diplomat said, referring to the risk that the bloc’s Green Deal was at risk because of the economic impact of the virus….

The bloc had hoped to win support from all 27 member states for its 2050 goal at a June summit, although that meeting could now be overtaken by the coronavirus fallout.

“Maybe it will be less on Green Deal but more on trying to restart the economies,” a senior EU diplomat said. “We cannot just continue with the plans and programmes we had so far. They were developed for a world without coronavirus.”

Oh dear. How sad. Never mind…