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Which is it?! Obesity causes ‘global warming’ — BUT ‘Global warming’ also causes starvation! – Problem solved?!

Here we go again. The latest round of climate change scare studies once again claims that “obesity” causes “global warming.” But previous studies have claimed that “global warming” will cause starvation. Perhaps the obesity causing climate change concerns will be solved by global warming causing starvation.

The latest round of contradictory climate claims resurfaced again this week.

WebMD: Obesity Epidemic May Contribute to Climate Change – 2019

Dec. 20, 2019  — Rising obesity rates worldwide may be contributing to the climate crisis, researchers report…Obese people produce more carbon dioxide than those of normal weight, the researchers said. Also, obese people consume greater quantities of food and beverages that need to be produced and transported to them, and transportation of obese people requires more consumption of fossil fuels. This means higher carbon dioxide emissions related to food production and transportation for obese people, the study authors explained. The researchers estimated that obesity contributes to an extra 700 megatons of carbon dioxide emissions per year worldwide, or about 1.6% of all human-caused emissions. Overall, being obese is associated with about 20% more greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide) than being a normal weight, according to the study published online Dec. 20 in the journal Obesity.

UK Times: Obesity is bad for climate change, study shows – 2019

UK Times: Research shows obese people are each responsible for more than a tonne of extra CO2 emissions a year. If you can’t stay slim for yourself, maybe you should lose weight for the planet. A new study has calculated that obese people are each responsible for more than a tonne of extra carbon dioxide emissions a year, roughly equivalent to going on a transatlantic flight. The research, published in the journal Obesity, finds that in total the extra food consumed by the world’s 600 million obese people has a carbon footprint on a par with that of the UK. Their increased metabolism also means that every year they breathe out extra CO2 equivalent to Sweden’s annual output.


But the same global warming causes just about everything industry also claims that “global warming” will cause starvation. See below:

2013: UK Guardian: ‘Millions face starvation as world warms, say scientists’ — UN urges: ‘We must act quickly’ – ‘America’s agricultural economy is set to undergo dramatic changes over the next three decades, as warmer temperatures devastate crops, according to a US government report. The draft US National Climate Assessment report predicts that a gradually warming climate and unpredictable severe weather’

2018: UN Warns Climate Change Is Driving Global Hunger –  Climate Change is among the leading causes of rising global hunger according to a new report released by the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) this week. Pointing to extreme weather events, land degradation and desertification, water scarcity and rising sea levels, the authors show how climate change already undermines global efforts to eradicate hunger. Overall, the number of hungry people grew for the third year in row in 2017, reaching a total of 821 million worldwide. The paper warns that this number will continue to rise if countries fail to tackle climate change and to build resilience to its unavoidable impacts.

2012: We are done for! Greenie George Monbiot: ‘If extreme weather becomes the norm, starvation awaits’

2019: WEATHER CHANNEL hypes study claiming ‘climate change’ causes both starvation & obesity! ‘Exploring the Intricate Link between Climate Change and Obesity’ – “Climate change will increase under-nutrition through increased food insecurity from extreme weather events, droughts, and shifts in agriculture. Climate change also affects the prices of basic food commodities, especially fruits and vegetables, potentially increasing consumption of processed foods.” “Under-nutrition in early life increases the risk of adult obesity.”

“Global warming” may also cause you to exercise more, which should help battle obesity. 

2017 Study in Nature: 21 climate models find climate change ‘may increase net recreational physical activity in U.S.’ by 2099


These new studies are recycling many past studies claiming that obesity is linked to global warming. 

2013 report: Obesity promotes global warming — ‘The more each individual eats – the more he or she will contribute to rising emissions’ – ‘A peculiar new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology some researchers actually proposed such a bizarre linkage. According to these scientists, since growing and transporting food generates about a fifth of all manmade greenhouse gases, then the more each individual eats – the more he or she will contribute to rising emissions. The obvious implication, of course, is that since fat people eat more than lean ones, then they pose more of a threat to the climate’

2011: Researchers Suggest Link Between Obesity & Global Warming: ‘Global weight loss would result in a drop in the production of the major greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide’

2011: Scientist: Farming Causes Obesity, Mental Illness, Overpopulation and Global Warming – Says Eugenics ‘Inevitable’

Scientist claims humanity’s invention of agriculture ’caused dire medical disorders, infectious diseases, obesity , mental illnesses’ – ‘The shift from a hunter-gathering lifestyle to an agricultural way of life…has caused some of dire medical disorders, from infectious diseases and obesity to the mental illnesses that are rampant in modern, urban living’

Doctors: ‘Exertion-free living’ spawning two great threats — obesity and global warming

Claim: ‘Obesity epidemic is contributing to global warming’ — ‘Obese People Create an Extra Billion Tons of CO2 Each Year, Warn Experts’

Beaten out by ‘humane treatment of farm animals’ and ‘obesity in America’ — global warming finishes last in yet another poll

Claim: ‘Globesity: How climate change and obesity draw from the same roots’