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Doctors’ Group Condemns ‘Green New Deal’ – Select President Trump for ‘Defense of Freedom’ Award


An organization of physicians that has praised President Donald Trump for withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Accord is granting him its highest honor: the award for Defense of Freedom.

Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (DDP), a group based in Tucson, Arizona, will honor the president at its annual meeting July 19-21.

The organization, which has condemned the Green New Deal, global warming, human-caused climate change, the banning of DDT, and other “environmental scares,” states its Edward Teller Award for the Defense of Freedom recognizes “extensive, selfless, and effective work in defense of our nation.”


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In a letter to Trump, dated June 25, DDP President Dr. Jane Orient led the doctors in praising Trump for his “many accomplishments,” among them his work in “opposing the failed hypothesis of human-caused climate change,” his “withdrawal from the Paris ‘accord’” and his “accomplishments and proposals regarding hydrocarbon and nuclear energy.”

In honoring Trump, the doctors wrote, “Your election has already proved to be the greatest political gift to our nation in more than a century.”

DDP was founded 37 years ago with the primary mission of promoting nuclear civil and strategic defense, and planning a medical response in the event of man-made or natural disasters, including terrorism or war.

“We now also work vigorously, entirely upon sound scientific grounds, to make sure our nation has abundant hydrocarbon energy in the present and abundant nuclear energy in the nuclear era that will soon come,” the doctors continued in their letter to the president.

In a press release, DDP noted its meetings have featured topics such as “civilian mass casualty care, emerging infectious diseases, radiation monitoring, chemical and biological warfare, accurate assessment of environmental hazards, terrorist events, climate modeling and weather forecasting, and nuclear energy.”

“Our presenters have included top experts in civil and strategic defense as well as top experts in many fields of science and medicine,” the doctors observed.


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DDP’s most recent articles include: “Should You Cancel Your July 4 Barbecue to Save the Planet?” “What Happens to Single-Family Homes Under the Green New Deal?” and “Who Should Be Prosecuted for the ‘Climate Crisis?’”

The group also published a “Climate Change IQ Test” and “Climate Change Questions for Democratic Presidential Candidates.”


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